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    [MOC] Fort "de Monchy"

    @Mister Phes Thank you. @AlmightyArjen Thanks, I'm also really pleased with the result. I have never put a MOC on ideas though, never really looked into it. @zinnn Thanks, I can add some (more) unedited pictures on Brickshelf. @Brickander Brickumnus and @TheBeeze Thanks.
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    [MOC/MOD] Corvette V8.R Spinner 2049

    Really nice combination of a spinner and the corvette, I like the color combination. @Eyrezeroriginally an helmet piece for some sport, ice hockey figures, but this one piece is a shoulder piece of an exo-force mech.
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Pursuit on Futuron base Alpha-5

    A Blacktron spy is being chased by the Space Police inside Alpha-5, a Futuron research outpost. Pursuit on Futuron base Alpha-5 by Ids, on Flickr Always difficult to make something fitting an existing theme, but I like how this part of a Futuron building turned out. And also using my favorite Space Police and Blacktron made this a fun build. Let me know what you think, comments and feedback is always appreciated.
  4. the Inventor

    [MOC] Pursuit on Futuron base Alpha-5

    @Feuer Zug Thanks, I see what you mean, but I tried to clearly distinguish the upper and lower sections. I try to build all my Space Police 1 MOCs with this color scheme and mix of old and new parts, see also: [MOC] Space Police Vic Viper - the Zephyr - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums and [MOC] Neo Classic Space Police - Interceptor - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums @danth Thanks, I try to mix up the standard Futuron uniform, see also here: Febrovery 11 by Ids, on Flickr and here: [MOCs] Febrovery 2021 - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] Alien landscapes and creatures

    I recently made two alien landscapes: The water horse of Talvor-VI: The water horse of Talvor-VI by Ids, on Flickr Species 5642-451, the pack animals of Talvor-VI, better known as the water horse. No civilization can do without pack animals, the native species of Talvor-VI, the Migoija, use the water horse to fulfill their needs in transportation of goods. They live in harmony with the Migoija, and are also necessary to cross the wide tundra's of the planet. And: Crab fishing on Kandor-III Crab fishing on Kandor-III by Ids, on Flickr Kandor-III is famous for it's delicious crabs, found on the red sandy beaches of the planet. Many species come here looking for the delicious crabs. Feedback always welcome and let me know what you think about these two builds.
  6. the Inventor

    [MOC] Alien landscapes and creatures

    @Feuer Zug Sadly you have to get your own crabs, the world is not yet colonized and there isn't an infrastructure yet to order the delicious crabs. @Geihlen Thanks, haven't played the game, but this was my first inspiration for Kandor-III:
  7. the Inventor

    [MOC] H Corp - Growing a healthier future together

    It was my first time collaborating on multiple builds for a contest, I think we were fairly successful in making some cohesive MOCs. Thanks @Eyrezer.
  8. the Inventor

    [MOC] Blacktron Betrayer (Renegade Remake)

    @danth Haven't commented on it yet, but I really like what you have done in comparison with the original set (the only one I'm sadly missing in my collection of Blacktron 1). And it even transforms, I really like the cockpit section, maybe you should try to build another ship where that front section can dock, like an updated Invader.
  9. the Inventor

    Blacktron Battleship "Orion's Eye.

    @Elephant Knight I'm more of a Blacktron 1 person, but I really like your dedication to Blacktron 2, and this ship and that bigger ship in the preview look really great. The outside and the exterior details are great, I like your use of all those trans panels to give shape to the ship. For the interior, would it not be nicer if you tried to add more white to give it a cleaner look?
  10. the Inventor

    [MOC] Rock Raiders Screw Transport

    @Phoxtane A weird vehicle, based on a real one. Great work and it does fit the aesthetics of the original theme, it would also fit in the game with those other vehicles what @Lyichir said, well done.
  11. the Inventor

    "THE FINN"

    Vertical ships are always special, this one is no exception, I really like the shape and the cockpit of it. The only thing I can think about improving it a little is maybe add a bit more colour to the gray areas though, a line in a bold colour, or a number/marking on the side of the ship.
  12. the Inventor

    [MOC] Mass Effect M35 Mako

    Very fond memories of crossing all those planets (and extreme stunts, driving on a mountain, etc.) with the Mako in ME1, shame it didn't appear in the sequels. You have made an excellent MOC, it looks really good, will you also create a non-digital version?
  13. the Inventor

    Elysium Research Station

    Great work, I really like the colour scheme of the build, and the landing pads of both vehicles also look very nice. I really like the rover (maybe the best part of the build for me), but the base also looks nice. I'm not so sure about the transparent bit on the left part of the base though, what is it supposed to be?
  14. the Inventor

    [MOC] The fire demon awakens

    @Peppermint_M Thanks for your comment, my Whispering Woods setting makes use of various figs, also linked in the first post, so I'm sure I will use them again for another build (nothing planned at the moment though).
  15. the Inventor

    [MOC] The fire demon awakens

    Widogast the monster hunter has tracked Surts the fire demon to an abandoned church in a lost village. The village was abandoned when the Whispering Woods started expanding the forest border and the villagers could no longer fight the invasive plants. Surts however liked the quiet place, if only he didn't burn every traveler that camped inside the abandoned village. Widogast saw a notice about strange burned body's and started to investigate the old village. Finally he tracked down the fire demon and a fight is about to start. The fire demon awakens by Ids, on Flickr I made the figs earlier and you can check them out in this topic: [MOC] Fantasy figs of the Whispering Woods - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums Thanks for looking and comments and remarks are always welcome.
  16. the Inventor

    [MOC] A Witcher figbarf

    From left to right, if you don't know: - Vernon Roche - Dandelion (or Jaskier) - Triss Merigold - Geralt of Rivia - Yennefer of Vengerberg - Shani - Zoltan Chivay Eagerly awaiting the lute of the new collectible minifigure series, this has to do for now. The Witcher by Ids, on Flickr
  17. the Inventor

    [MOC] The fire demon awakens

    Thanks all, great that you all liked it.
  18. What to do when wanting to build something for the classic-castle contest, time is running out, you’re away from your collection for a few days and the only LEGO set you brought is 21325. I present to you my alternative model of #21325, the blacksmith, hope you like it. Somethings were trickier than normally because the predefined bricks, but I liked the challenge and am fairly happy with the end result. Blacksmith Shop by Ids, on Flickr Blacksmith Shop sides by Ids, on Flickr
  19. At the lake of the windy mountains, far up north, a lone tower stands to guard the hideout of the band of the Wolf. After pillaging the villages down river, Asger looks as his men bring in the loot. The band of the Wolf hideout by Ids, on Flickr The band of the Wolf hideout - details by Ids, on Flickr And the band of the Wolf: The band of the Wolf by Ids, on Flickr A fearless band of robbers of the north, led by Asger (middle). From left to right: - Bjørnar, as strong as a bear, wielding a double bladed ax. - Karina, quick in the night, with her two daggers, she can strike down any soldier before they even see her. - Asger leader of the band of the Wolf, who is a master with his spear. - Ingólfr, right hand man of Asger, always keeping his calm, even when Asger is in battle, he always keeps an eye on him to keep him safe. - Agnar, fearless with a sword or a crossbow. This build started of course with the minifigs, then I build a boat for them because they somewhat reminded me of some Vikings (especially when I named them), thus I gave them a Viking inspired boat. The tower originally was planned as a tower in the lake, but I moved it to shore and added a docking area for the boat. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.
  20. the Inventor

    [MOC] Blacksmith Shop (alternative model of 21325)

    @NOD Thank you, I enjoyed building this alternative model.
  21. the Inventor

    [MOC] The band of the Wolf and their hideout

    @zoth33 That was the idea, thank you. @NOD Thanks.
  22. the Inventor

    [MOC] A Witcher figbarf

    @Sir Jedrus You can find them on bricklink, but the torso is a bit expensive: BrickLink - Part 973pb2661c01 : LEGO Torso Ninjago Dark Bluish Gray Armor with Wolf Head Emblem Pattern / Light Bluish Gray Arms / Black Hands [Minifigure, Torso Assembly, Decor.] - BrickLink Reference Catalog maybe look for the complete figure/set, and this is the hair: BrickLink - Part 88283 : LEGO Minifigure, Hair Mid-Length Tousled with Center Part [Minifigure, Hair] - BrickLink Reference Catalog
  23. the Inventor

    [MOC] The band of the Wolf and their hideout

    @Sir Jedrus Thanks and I agree, Wolfpack never had much sets.
  24. the Inventor

    [MOC] Time is running out

    Nice idea, and nice hourglass. If it needs filling with sand, it will never run out though.