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    Slot Weijenaard

    A magnificent creation DNL. I really like that you have built your castle almost entirely out of brown bricks, so that it looks like it is made out clay bricks. Your castle has a nice entrance, with a great bridge. Good luck in the contest at CC! the Inventor
  2. the Inventor

    Dangerous low tide!

    Great creation, Captain Blackmoor. I really like your ship, and I love some of the details, for example the lanterns and those black and blue detailing on the house. Also it's a nice little story. the Inventor
  3. the Inventor

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Here is my entry. Santa, Watch out! the Inventor
  4. the Inventor

    Carats 4 Carrots

    Awesome creation , I Scream Clone. I really like that temple, and of course the tree and the canoe. This is a real spectacular entry for the PVT2. the Inventor
  5. the Inventor

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    Excellent, review I'm really looking forward to purchase one of those, its a great ship. the Inventor
  6. the Inventor

    Castle Sets 2010

    Hoping for a white flag , did you see some kind of shield, If so did it look something like this: Link the Inventor
  7. the Inventor

    [MOC] Techno Union Tri-droid

    I must say a really great Moc pedro. I really like your designe of the sphere. A shame it can't stand by itself. the Inventor
  8. the Inventor

    MOC: Minifig scale London Routemaster bus

    Great bus, I really like your design of a mini figure scale bus. Its nice to see that your bus is only seven wide, but fits to mini figures next to each other. the Inventor
  9. the Inventor

    Rex V-Wing

    Well, I really like your V-Wing, and its nice to see the V2 of your Moc, inspired by my Mod. I think your original front design was better then your second, because of the gaps. I also think that dark blue is better then blue. the Inventor
  10. the Inventor

    Cheap Bulk?

    I think this should be posted in the buy, sell and trade forum. If you want to buy a large quantity, you should go to Bricklink the Inventor
  11. the Inventor

    ARTICLE: LEGO Health Care in Tabletown

    I didn't know these were the only hospitals of Lego. I sadly only own the new one , but I would really like a new better one, and not again a new fire station and/or police HQ. the Inventor
  12. the Inventor

    Atlantis 2010

    Nice story, if anybody is interested in The Secret Journal of Dr. Artimus Rhodes - 1919 here is the whole story: (pic is link) the Inventor
  13. the Inventor

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    A truly great ship, I really like your use of 1x1 headlight bricks as realistic looking grates. And to make it completely modular is great too. Awesome work. the Inventor
  14. the Inventor

    Cheese Rolling

    Great entry, I really like it, you have made a great hill with a lot of figs. I love that guy falling, which thinks he's getting shot (or is he?) and that guy sliding with that scared face. the Inventor
  15. the Inventor

    Review: 6264 Forbidden Cove

    Great review, Great set. This was my very first Islanders set and it was a long time after I got some other sets. Its a great set with four minifigs two boats and an alligator and a parrot. I still own that included poster (somewhere). the Inventor
  16. the Inventor

    Border Outpost (Castle Dio)

    Nice castle, but what a magnificent landscape. I really like your steam and waterfall, great snow effect on the mountain. the Inventor
  17. the Inventor

    Is your member number a set number?

    Lucky me, those Town Jr. sets are really awful. the Inventor
  18. the Inventor

    Is your member number a set number?

    I am a nice camper with boat. And I already have this set, now I only need to build it again. the Inventor
  19. the Inventor

    Back to the Future

    Greetings I present to you: The DeLorean from Back to the Future II Were are we going Doc? We are goinge back to the future. Doc, don't leave me I can't fly. The engine More pictures can be seen here. C&C are welcome Thanks for watching the Inventor
  20. the Inventor

    It's not your castle anymore!

    Funny, I like it. But maybe as Captain Blackmoor said, you could make the arms a bit thicker. the Inventor
  21. the Inventor

    Back to the Future

    Thanks for the replies, I know that it is maybe a bit blocky, and it could be a bit smoother but I don't have that many tiles. the Inventor
  22. the Inventor

    Block 28

    Great MOC, maybe a bit crowded but a nice overall look of it, with many colors and details. the Inventor
  23. the Inventor

    Spanish Colonial Outpost

    Nice MOC, I especially like your roof and your custom made fig and flag. A great transition in the sand colors. the Inventor
  24. the Inventor

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first Pirate set was 6232 Skeleton Crew. the Inventor
  25. the Inventor

    Fort Legoredo

    I myself find this a very good set with many minifigs and horses, I don't own the original but the re-released edition. There are many play features and some nice bricks. But there is a review on Eurobricks by TheBrickster: Part 1 Part 2 You could also look on Brickset, to read some other opinions. But if you can get this set for a reasonable price I would definitely buy it. the Inventor