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  1. the Inventor

    The Penguin's SW minifigures..... )

    Awesome figures The Penguin, They are all great but that tactical droid is the best of them. the Inventor
  2. the Inventor

    Mars Mission redo

    Great work I really like the recoloring of those Mars Mission sets, especially the drop-ship. the Inventor
  3. the Inventor

    The Port of Brick Royal Project

    Good luck, with your project. I'm really looking forward seeing more of your work, it will be awesome if you built that many detailed buildings. the Inventor
  4. the Inventor

    MOC: Lawn Care and Farm Machinery

    Great lawnmowers, If you have an account for flickr, you can chose the resolution you want to post. the Inventor
  5. the Inventor

    Review: 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress

    Nice review of a great set. I'm the lucky owner of two copies of the legend set. the Inventor
  6. the Inventor

    Light Fighter

    Welcome to Eurobricks, You made a great little fighter. The engine construction looks great. the Inventor
  7. the Inventor

    MOC: He Slimed Me

    Very funny, and good use of those new green pieces. the Inventor
  8. the Inventor

    Sir Isaac Newton and the color spectrum

    Great moc, it looks really like the picture. Well done. the Inventor
  9. the Inventor

    2010 Community Build

    I would like to make "32. River Trading Post" the Inventor
  10. the Inventor

    MOC: Falcon Nest and Pravcice Gate

    Great Moc Jonas I really like your moc, it's a great building. It's nice that you made the rock almost entirely with snot technique. But why are there some Harry Potter figures wandering in your moc? the Inventor
  11. the Inventor

    Cathedral and Arabian farm

    Great work DNL, if I only saw your Arabian farm I would say wow! But your Cathedral is breathtaking. Really awesome MOCs the Inventor
  12. the Inventor

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all EB-members. the Inventor
  13. the Inventor

    MOC "StarCraft"terrain battlecruiser

    Great Moc agi2007, and welcome to Eurobricks. I really like the overall look and feel of this ship. Great work. the Inventor
  14. the Inventor

    Operation Long Falcon

    Great Diorama, I really like it. Nice customs too. I believe the Kaminoians created these clones after order 66 was given, without the code to betray the masters. Those are old baseplate's from different castle sets. the Inventor
  15. the Inventor

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Great find, KimT For me too, a really long list of new figures in these sets. the Inventor
  16. the Inventor

    MOC: Oh no, they be stealing me sleigh!

    Great Moc, I really like the light effect, was it intensional to see the light trough the roof? A shame those street light don't shine. the Inventor
  17. the Inventor

    Masked Rider

    And what about this head Here. the Inventor
  18. the Inventor

    Atlantis 2010

    They look a bit to colorful when you see them like this , I also thought it would be dark red. the Inventor
  19. the Inventor

    Order 66

    What I really like in this vig is the wall, you made it look great with so many greebles. the Inventor
  20. the Inventor

    WIP Snowtrooper Imperial Base

    I really like your base, its huge. You have made a great reactor in that last building. the Inventor
  21. the Inventor

    Tide Mill

    Great MOC, I like that you have used treasure chest lits for the water wheel. And those blue chairs to simulate waves are also a nice detail. Well done. the Inventor
  22. the Inventor

    New Marvel Figs

    I really like your new Marvel figs. The best one has to be The Thing, I really like you you managed to get such a shape, those rock monster arm fits perfectly. the Inventor
  23. the Inventor


    If it would curl up into a ball, this moc would be perfect. But its an amazing moc nonetheless. the Inventor
  24. the Inventor

    Rum Smugglin' Sloop

    It´s a nice sloop, but I don´t really like those green bricks, they look a bit out of place maybe another color would look better. the Inventor