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    Eldorado Fortress, micro-scale

    That looks really great Pellaeon. You have made a well done micro version of Eldorado Fortress, with good proportions. (But where are the minifigs. ) the Inventor
  2. the Inventor

    REVIEW: 10211 Grand Emporium

    Thank, Svelte for this great review. It does indeed look much warmer than the other modular buildings. the Inventor
  3. the Inventor

    CLASSIC Review: 6930 Mission Control Centre

    Great review Rufus, This is a nice set, which I own two copy's of, but unlike your set, mine aren't that new anymore sadly. the Inventor
  4. the Inventor

    MOC: The Call of Cthulhu

    Awesome work, Primus I already saw this on Brickshelf, and now I can comment on it. It looks almost a bit organic with those rubber pieces which is great. I feel sorry for that diver, that is trying to out swim Cthulhu. the Inventor
  5. the Inventor

    lego stereo

    Do you have a link? the Inventor
  6. the Inventor

    Yavin IV Final Scene Diorama

    What an beautiful diorama, KimT And what an huge amount of figs, I really like how it looks. Great work. the Inventor
  7. the Inventor

    Venator 1 - Modules

    Great work, ACPin And an awesome door, the floor is also nice and simple. the Inventor
  8. the Inventor

    River Trading Post

    Thanks for the comments, About that missing door, well I didn't find one that looks good and fits in that place. the Inventor
  9. the Inventor

    MOC WIP // Let's go to the Fair

    Nice MOC, lego-maniac You have created this scene really well. Great work, and good luck in the contest. the Inventor
  10. the Inventor

    Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

    Great work, tin7 You have made great Pokémon, I really like that official Lego pieces can attach to the Pokémon to attack. the Inventor
  11. the Inventor

    Mexican Church II

    Nice church, with a beautiful interior which really fits the building. The working bell looks really nice, I am not sure about the yellow but it certainly adds color to the interior. the Inventor
  12. the Inventor

    MOC: Yachts

    Indeed, I really like those brick-built hulls. Great work, DNL. the Inventor
  13. the Inventor

    Le Fourageux, French third-rate ship of the line, minifig scale!

    Great work so far Captain Blackmoor. You have made a great progress since the last pictures. I really like the bow with those headrails, and that figurehead with those skulls. the Inventor
  14. the Inventor

    MOC: Snack Bar

    Great Snack Bar, lightningtiger I like that you used those fire truck pieces, and it fits nicely next to your BP gas-station. the Inventor
  15. the Inventor

    Castle Sets 2010

    Great find, I hope I can get some. But I almost never get any promotional sets. the Inventor
  16. the Inventor

    2010 Community Build

    32. River Trading Post And some interior shots: Somehow some one has convinced the Islanders that trading gems for croissants is a fair deal. And a final pic: And a Top view: More pictures can be found here on Flickr. C&C welcome, Comments are welcome in the separate topic the Inventor
  17. the Inventor

    10120 Floating Death Rock

    Awesome work SlyOwl. You have really captured the essence of the original set. The mini-figs choice is also great, and of course the dragon. Good luck in the contest. the Inventor
  18. the Inventor

    The Tornado Of Souls

    I don't really like the brick built sails, but the rest of the ship is great. What I really like is the decorated sides around the gun ports. Great work, Derfel Cardarn the Inventor
  19. the Inventor

    MOC: Brickston Burough

    Great work, Ralph_S I really like all your modular buildings together in this awesome diorama. the Inventor
  20. the Inventor

    REVIEW - 6250 Cross Bone Clipper

    Good review of a nice colorful little ship. I find it a bit strange that the steering wheel is down there, and it isn't even connected to the rudder. the Inventor
  21. the Inventor

    What did you buy today?

    I bought yesterday an ARC-170 Starfighter for € 49,95 instead of € 74.99 at an local BARTSMIT (the Netherlands). This offer is also on the Inventor
  22. the Inventor

    New girl figure?

    She will be in 5508 LEGO Deluxe Brick Box. the Inventor
  23. the Inventor

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Just bought an ARC-170 Starfighter for € 49,95 instead of € 74.99 at an local BARTSMIT (the Netherlands). This offer is also on the Inventor
  24. the Inventor

    The Barrister's office

    Nice buildings, ZCerberus I really like the colors and design of the middle one, and the roof on the left one. Al tough I think the left one has to much gray in it. the Inventor
  25. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Nightmare before Christmas

    Great work I really like it. the Inventor