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  1. Actually, the sign at the BAM says that each BAM box must contain 15 elements not 3 complete minifigs. I routinely fill my box with 15 torsos, or a mix of torsos and hats, etc. I have never had an employee say anything. For example, I've filled it up with a mix of 8 Pirate wench torsos and 7 Dark Red Agent Trace hair, or 15 Pirate Imperial soldier torsos. Lately I've seen a lot of town torsos but also the Red Ninja torso from the minifig collections, Pirates, Black fedoras, and one day I found a ton of the tan Hoth Rebel hats and two Imperial Officer helmets from the 2010 battlepacks. BAM is a great way to stock up on certain things if you can luck into a good find (and don't waste your times on legs, heads, and accessories if you don't need them!)
  2. jerba

    Beluga Assault Troop Carrier

    Great build. The hatch and ladder really catches my eye!
  3. jerba

    What did you buy today?

    7 Toy Story Alien Ships at Toys R US for me!
  4. jerba

    Brickfair 2010

    Yeah, you need to get that worked out if you've already paid. You probably should have registered online before paying. I would use the 'contact us' button and choose the urgent priority because you're going to miss out on a lot if you don't get it worked out. I'd do it right now, because they may not have a record of you paying at the door if you don't have an account online. I don't know how it works but reach out asap.
  5. jerba

    Brickfair 2010

    Omi, Thanks for the clarification. That makes absolute sense. Follows, if you look at your account page on the BrickFair page there will be a checklist in the middle of the screen that has your Running of the Bulls code. That code will be your entry to the Tyson's store.
  6. jerba

    Brickfair 2010

    According to the 2010 Schedule, the running of the bulls is at the Tysons Corner store this year. NOT Potomac Mills in Woodbridge. It is SO much closer. It is a smaller store, but I doubt that will mean less sets available. As for only getting one set at a time, I've never heard that before. It is possible, but BrickFair staff will be running the event this year not the store. BF staff will decide who gets in and when according to the code each person receives when they register.
  7. Great, the Spartans are coming three to a box. Not that we didn't see that coming! But still, disappointing.
  8. Yeah, we can only hope this happens. I'm nervous that we'll see a repeat of Series 1 except worse since people are so frenzied about getting them now that we know they are so limited. I expect more hoarding than before. Hopefully a wider distribution will keep that from happening.
  9. jerba

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Just like PoP, I have little interest in the film but the sets are sure to be a treasure. Here is hoping that the license includes the previous films.
  10. That is a great point, you do not want them getting excited about selling more, thats for sure.
  11. Thanks for the great pics. Nice figs, I have to say. So were you able to purchase a complete case? Any word on how many of each fig are in a case?
  12. jerba

    Brickfair 2010

    Yes, both Brickforge and Brickarms will be represented at Brickfair 2010.
  13. I doubt your kids will be able to recoup the cost of the pieces they are selling or even enough to buy new sets. If my kids were as intent on selling as you say, I'd load it on eBay with a relatively decent Buy It Now price and when they were away I'd buy it from them. Then I'd have them go through the motions of having them pack it carefully and send it off to an address such as my office. I'd turn over the money to them and let them be happy. The LEGO would then occupy my desk at work, or sit in storage for a while as I slowly put the pieces back into their collection without them noticing. On the other hand, it may be an low cost (hopefully) lesson on cost analysis and to teach them to think things through when they regret selling their creations!
  14. Keep in mind, these are the European barcodes. Americans will have to wait awhile for the US barcodes to surface.
  15. Oh boy... and heeeeeeere we go! Not again...