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  1. Science experiments involving Lego Pirates

    I lost it after that tiny splash sound, hilariously underwhelming.
  2. Modular Madness - Voting: Category 3: Classic Modular

    4. Urban Moto by gotoAndLego -1 27. Terrace Apartments / Barbershop by Myko - 2 33. French Cafe by CarsonBrick - 2 Good luck, all.
  3. Konoha

    Hey everyone! Its been eons since I've posted anything here on Eurobricks, figured I'd break that streak. As the title suggests, the village of Konoha from Naruto was my main inspiration for this build. I took the vibes and feel and ran with it, but ended up building something that doesn't really resemble the actual village. Oh well, I'm pretty happy with it nonetheless. Konoha by Regonold, on Flickr Criticism welcome as always! Cheers
  4. Is really 'Regonold'

  5. wow.......its been way to long since I posted anything. -.-

  6. Bayonets at Dawn Contest

    And here go my votes: 18. Etzel The "Kalabalik" at Bender = 2 points. and 14. Capt. Stabbin The Fall of the Alamo = 1 point. Great work, good luck. ~SR~
  7. La Luna under Attack

    That was pretty awesome. Thanks for posting! That pirate lay-out and the little track with the balls being transported around it was especially cool. ~SR~
  8. Banners

    Yes actually, he did. I didn't ever get why though... Oh well. ~SR~
  9. Please tell us your screen resolution and browser

    Ye-yah! That's how its done! ~SR~
  10. Hello all (New Member)

    Hello there, Napoleon! Just before I clicked the topic, I saw that the post was by Napoleon. I was all 'mhm, I wonder why Bonaparte changed his screenname...' Anyway, welcome to the forum! ~SR~
  11. Lying In Wait...

    Is it really that bad? Maybe that's where he got shot or something like that... ~SR~
  12. Who's at war with who?

    I'm an Arab merchent. I'll trade my slaves and goods to the highest bidder... Those that oppose my work are my enemies. ~SR~