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  1. Hi, Looking to purchase the Emerald night in Sydney, Australia. Does anyone know any seller offer the nest price?
  2. pantograph

    Where can I buy 9V train motor in Sydney, Australia?

    They only gave me a number to call. Are you looking to buy as well? If you are in Sydney then we might be able to order it together and try get a better price.
  3. I rang up LEGO Australia, they said the only place that sell the 9V motors is in Melbourne. Does anyone know can I get them in Sydney? Anyone got a spare 9V motor to sell??
  4. pantograph

    9V Train Motor Not Working

    Thanks guy, I will just let the motor run around for a hour or two to see if does improve. Does run when there is no carriage on it. What type of chemical do you use to clean the tracks and the wheels on the 9V motor?
  5. pantograph

    9V Train Motor Not Working

    Hi all, i am from Sydney, Australia and I am a new memebr for EB. Recently I went through my old LEGO set and found Train set 4558 sitting there, so I decided to set it up and give a run. The train hasn't been run for a decade and the motor did not turn at all. After a good clean on the wheels, the motor decided to turn but it stopped again after a few loops but the train headlights remained on. Does anyone know what caused to happen? Is there any suggestion on how to open up the 9V motor to perform a repair? Thanks in advance,