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  1. keeganp1234

    City Layout - Inspired by Los Angeles, California

    You need to add COMPTON OR SOUTH CENTRAL!
  2. keeganp1234

    (LDD MOC) Lego International Airport

    Hello guys, Yesterday, I started building a Lego International Airport. It is currently a Work In Progress and it has been heavily influenced by airports I have been to/seen. The carpets are really identical to the famous Portland International Airport carpet. I really wanted to pay homage to my home city, and since the carpet was famous, why not? The entrance to the airport is still being built, but it is ALSO influenced by PDX. The new design for PDX is really neat, and full of glass. I wanted this airport to be modern and timeless, so I used glass. I also have three real life airlines that will be based there: Alaska Airlines (PDX), Virgin Airlines (SFO), American Airlines (DFW), and Southwest Airlines (PHX). Additionally, I will have 6 terminals, and each will have a special carpet. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you have ANY suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask. File: Download is safe.
  3. Funny, I live in Portland. Good looking train! Right near my school, there is a train museum and one of the dining cars from this train is held there. I see it every day when I drive to my school. Good work!
  4. keeganp1234


    Can we only enter once? Or once for each category? Sorry I answered my own question.
  5. keeganp1234

    Introduction to Me and my Town

    Yea thats true, but since money is a big factor, I think I will sell the crane for 40$, and then in turn buy the Town Square for 30$, after everything. Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah both sets is not a bad idea at all...I could use the bus from the City Square to get to the train station! I might do that! Thanks for your thoughts as well.
  6. keeganp1234

    Introduction to Me and my Town

    I have a friend who is not into Legos anymore and is selling his sets. He wants to buy the iPhone 5s. Anyways, thats where. It really is.
  7. keeganp1234

    Introduction to Me and my Town

    Yeah, but I think I will sell the crane because it is currently going for 30-40$ on eBay, and if i sell it for that, I could get the Town Square for 43$, which is a STEAL!! Thanks for your thoughts. by the way.
  8. keeganp1234

    Introduction to Me and my Town

    Thats not a bad idea either. However, between the City Square and the Cafe and Bike Shop, I prefer the City Square because I could get the Square for 17$ less, and it has 6 more minifigs. I also am planing to sell the crane if I get the City Square because my small city does not require two cranes. I appreciate your idea though.
  9. keeganp1234

    Introduction to Me and my Town

    Hello all, I am a longtime stalker of the Town, Train and LDD forums. I have decided to come back and join, as I was a member a long time ago. Anyways, my town currently consists of a few sets, like 4434 (Lego Tipper Truck), 7239 (2012-13 Fire Truck), 7633 (City Construction Site), 3180 (City Octan Truck). Those are my City sets, off the top of my head. I dont have very many because money is kinda of hard to come by for a 15-year old teenager like me . However, I am at a dilemma. I have recently acquired a few hundred dollars, and am putting a benjamin (100$) towards Lego sets and improving my city. My problem is this: I can either buy 60026 (City Square) for 74.00$ FLAT, or 7938 (Passenger Train) for 82.00$. Which one would make my City more pretty? The City Square is good for me, because it includes many buildings and town features. However, it includes a crane, and since I already have one, I would sell this one. The Passenger Train is also good, because it provides a transportation system, plus it has PF. What would you get?
  10. keeganp1234

    WV Market Motorized

    Pictures would be a good idea.
  11. keeganp1234

    MOC Arnotts Department Store

    Thats really big! Its amazing! The windows out front are my favorite by far. Also, what is the lego 2x1 that is brownish and in the last picture? It has wierd designs on it. Thanks and brick on!
  12. keeganp1234

    Modulair layout 2.0

    H Sorry (Please Delete That Last Post)! Umm what is the light brown 2x1 brick with a brick design on it? Its supposed to look like a brick. (ironic right?)
  13. keeganp1234

    Problem With LDD, Help!

    I cant upload it.. It says the file was too big to upload.
  14. keeganp1234

    Problem With LDD, Help!

    Okay I might be acting like a grandma, but how do I attach the HTML report here?
  15. I recently acquired a refurbished Windows 7 monitor and computer off of Overstock. It works great for Facebook, Twitter, etc, but it fails to satisfy my hunger for my favorite hobby, LDD. When I goto install Lego Digital Designer, I click "Run", and then it reads: "Your GL Driver is not compatible with LDD". So, in turn, I try to download a GL Driver, but when I click "Run" for the GL Driver, It says "This graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware." I really need help because Im practically dying without my favorite hobby! Somebody please rescue me from this unfortuante event.