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  1. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Brickcon 2012

    Anu Pehrson is planning a round table for the ladies at Brickcon this year, not sure if she's got any other FFOL activities planned, but if I hear anything I'll let you know for sure. I haven't checked the schedule lately to see when/where it is, but I'll be there
  2. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Brickcon 2012

    Davey and I have booked our plane tickets and are very excited for Brickcon this year.
  3. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    MOC: Bungalo

    Fantastic build, I really like the sloping grass effect and other landscaping.
  4. Dave and I are arriving on Tuesday - just a few minor items to finish building and then we need to pack up the van. Can't wait to see everyone again!!
  5. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Frank Lloyd Wright's Thomas P Hardy House

    Gorgeous build - can't wait to see it up-close at Brickworld
  6. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    [MOC] Mos Eisley Microscale

    Fantastic build! I really, really like his landspeeder design, it is absolutely perfect
  7. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    What's the best way to store minfigures?

    I too have been struggling with how to store our vast population of minifigs, thank you all for the great ideas and images. Now to start organizing!
  8. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Any Cheeseheads out there?

    From one Cheesehead to another - welcome to EB! We're near La Crosse, and you?
  9. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Favourite Series 1-3 LEGO Minifig Collection?

    Not to pick the text of the e-mail to pieces, but you'll note that it reads: That's why we're giving your little VIPs the chance to tell us their number one character from the LEGO Minifigure Series 1 - 3. So really it was aimed at the kids of the VIP program, not really the AFOL crowd. ~Stacy
  10. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    LEGO News Story from Liverpool, UK

    What a beautiful creation! With any luck we'll see more from him in the future
  11. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    FFOL trying Eurobricks again!

    Welcome back! It was nice to see you at Brickworld, and very nice of you to donate one of your beautiful lamps to the charity auction. ~Stacy
  12. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Number Four Raffle... Winners!

    Many thanks to Stash and the EB team for organizing the contest/raffle, it was great to see what people came up with! Congrats to the winners too ~Stacy
  13. Stacy_ToT-LUG


    Connect Four.... ~Stacy
  14. Stacy_ToT-LUG

    Hello from the land of cheeseheads

    From one cheesehead to another - welcome to the forum! ~Stacy