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  1. shackleton

    COMING TO BW 2014

    My wife and I will be there once again. Our town layout has recovered from last years flood. Looking forward to having the time off and enjoying all the fun this year! Hoping to bring some unique items to the auction as well.
  2. Getting ready for Brickworld Chicago 2013! Will be the biggest single layout I have ever done!

  3. I would chose the Minitalia set #1 because I only have 1 minitalia brick and would love to have the first set they came in. It would go well with my collection of historic LEGO sets. They include the wood ferry boat from 1947, a complete town plan set, and many sets from each decade to present(if you don't know where something has come from, how can you appreciate what they are doing now?), but my favorite being a piece of the Loveland,Co LEGO plant facade(one of the large stud sections that lit up at night). Of course I would love to have an original wooden duck toy too!
  4. shackleton

    Brickworld Chicago 2012 Registration is Open

    I have a basic City/Train layout called "Shackleton" come find me at Brickworld and I would be more than happy to add your train cars to my layout. One thing though, I am only running RC/Hybrid trains, no 9V. My name is Jeff, Look forward to meeting you.
  5. shackleton

    Converting BNSF to Power Functions

    All I did is add the PF to one of the cargo cars, that way it is pushing the BNSF and pulling the rest of the train.The battery box is easily concealed and most do not realize the difference. If they do it is fun showing them how you did it.
  6. Happy birthday ;D

  7. shackleton

    Brickworld 2010 review and videos

    Thank you Davey and Bryan for showing how each year has gotten better. I for one had a great time! I think the direction that Brickworld is heading by being fresh and new each year is refreshing. If we displayed the same thing year after year, people would miss the point of Brickworld and LEGO in general. Each year I have tried to bring something different to show what an individual builder can accomplish. Some of the local LUG's have asked me to join, but for now I like to show what I can do on my own. My train layout this year was well received by all and has inspired me to create a more elaborate layout for next year. I hope that others will continue to be inspired and not bored each year. A special note for Adam: I did miss your buildings this year, it was the first thing I saw when I attended the first Brickworld. I appreciate your sacrifice to bring more space to others this year and thank you.
  8. shackleton

    Brickworld 2010 After-Action reports

    Yes he was there, I will be setting up the pictures I took on Flickr real soon when I do I will post the link. His Technic cars were incredible and He and his wife were very fun to talk too. This was my 4th year as a registrant/displayer. As each year progresses the possibilities that we create with a simple brick amaze me. Each year I walk into the hotel wondering what new aweinspiring ideas will be on display, and I have yet to be disappointed. This year was the first time I have displayed a train layout and it was so great to be able to walk away and enjoy visiting with people I seldom talk to as well as meeting new friends. I look forward to the coming years, to see what Brickworld has to show the world. Bryan, Adam and staff, Great job once again on giving us a place to show the world what passion we share within the medium that is LEGO!
  9. shackleton

    10001 Metroliner with PowerFunctions

    I successfully did make it work, I will be uploading pics on my mocpages site this week. I have gone with strictly rc track for my layout to utilize the cross over tracks. I also modified the rc train bases into "passenger cars" and placed them in the middle of the train. If you are going to Brickworld you will be able to see them in action.
  10. shackleton

    BrickWorld 2010 - Your MOC List

    Bringing my first attempt at a train layout. Hope all goes well. The display is almost done, just putting the final touches on it. Now I just need to decide which trains to bring. Wish me luck, see you guys soon!
  11. shackleton

    Brickworld SigFig Picture 2010

    Hey Stash, I will send you a pic of my sigfig, along with my wife's, on Facebook. Can't wait to see how many are in the picture this year.
  12. shackleton

    Brickworld 2010 Table Reservations

    Thanks Eilif for bringing this up, I never would have found it there.
  13. shackleton

    REVIEW: 3179 Repair Truck

    Great review and a great set. I had to buy this one when I saw it. I do agree with eveyone though, new constrution torsos are needed. We do not all dress the same!! Are you listening TLC??? And glad to see doors coming back into more sets. I would like to think our MOC's don't all drive in Hazard county where doors don't open.
  14. shackleton

    MOC: Small Car Dealership

    Really love your colored mini dr.spock, and this dealership is great sens1992. I created some different mod's of the mini and posted them on my MOCpages. Let me know what you think and by all means use my ideas for your MOC, it would be fun to see a whole fleet of mini's like the Scion commercials.