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  1. Davey

    MOC: British Rail Type 02 Diesel Shunter

    Nice little shunter. The use of the Power Functions elements is great in a smaller train like this. Nice work. - Davey -
  2. If you look at the Ghost Train, it really is a great "parts pack" for steam trains. What you might not realize (unless you look at the parts inventory on Bricklink) is that not only do you get the 4 Flanged Drivers, you also get 2 Blind Drivers as well. So, you end up with enough wheels to build a 4-6-0 steam engine. Additionally, you get some really nice black macaroni and other "boiler bits". As I mentioned before, the Ghost Train (like the Hogwarts Express) has a different market than the Emerald Night. However, if you look at the components, it really is a fantastic parts pack...especially at its $79.99 price point. - Davey -
  3. I wouldn't necessarily say that Train fans "look down on" the Hogwarts Express sets...at least I don't. Personally, I think they are a great set when taken for what they are. They aren't designed to be a D2C direct representation of the Olton Hall engine. What they are, as others have stated, is a nice little set that captures the feel of the Hogwarts Express while still using pieces and building techniques that fit in with the age group (8-14) they are targeting with the set. An 8 year old isn't (generally) going to be able to build something to the level of the Emerald Night. Additionally, they have a price point to hit and these sets do that. What I love about all of the Hogwarts Express sets is that they give you a starting point to work from. If you look at the version I built, I pretty much took one of the standard sets and set about modifying it to my liking. That's the beauty of LEGO. So, I don't (nor do I think we should) look down on the standard Hogwarts Express sets. They serve a valid purpose and, if anything, I hope they encourage the younger (8-14) builders to take a look at trains. - Davey -
  4. Davey

    Post Brickworld check-in

    The Russian Chapel was by Heath Flor of VirtuaLUG. He's a beast. I'ma let ya finish, but the Smolney Cathedral was one of his best builds of all time...all time!!! - Davey -
  5. Davey

    MOC: 1020 ÖBB Austrian Locomotive

    First, welcome! Next, love the build. The detail in the wheelset is fantastic. And of course, love the color. Great work and look forward to seeing more from you. - Davey -
  6. Davey

    Hello from Brickworld!

    When the face is a Prune...the action goes... BOOM!!!! Welcome to our messed up corner of the world. - Davey -
  7. Davey

    Brickworld Chicago 2012 Registration is Open

    Bring the Otter...it will be loved by all (especially me).
  8. Davey

    MOC: GM EMD GP9 Locomotive

    Looking good! I love the roof design. I might have to steal some of that and re-deaux my GP-9. Nice use of the RC base as others have mentioned. It can be tough to incorporate nicely, but you managed it. -- Davey --
  9. Davey

    Flexi-track ideas

    I haven't used mine on my layout yet, but as I make the switch to using more PF trains, I suspect I will find myself using it more to get unique track geometry. I just haven't had the time to give it an honest go. -- Davey --
  10. Davey

    How do you Clean Your Layout?

    For the LEGO bits, we use a paintbrush, compressed air, and a hand-held Dyson on occasion. For the 9V track, I recommend using something like this little gem. It has a light abrasive and seems to work very well on 9V rails. -- Davey --
  11. Davey

    MOC: Olivia's Basement

    Love it! So many good things to do with the new "Friends" line. -- Davey --
  12. I think for me it was the 9V Train sets such as the Train Engine Shed, BNSF Locomotive, TTX Double-Stack Cars, and Santa Fe Super Chief. Those sets really got my creative juices flowing followed shortly by the Cafe Corner. From there, it's just grown and grown. -Davey
  13. Davey

    Official modulars adapted to 16wide

    This is freakin' brilliant!!! I've been staring at my Green Grocer lately and wondering what exactly it is that I don't like about it. You've nailed it for me...it's too wide. I love the look of the 16-wide buildings. I think it's the forced perspective that makes them actually look taller since they are narrower. My wife and I have been planning to convert our town to a Victorian-era London theme and the 16-wide buildings are going to definitely be the way to go. And you have really shown just how much detail you can pack into a 16-wide. Again, this is simply brilliant and I will be snatching this idea. Well played!!!! :thumbup: -Davey
  14. Davey

    MOC: Modular Record Store

    Great idea and a really nice build! I love the modern look of the store and the guitar sign is just really classy. I also like the technique for building the album racks. That was pretty tricky. The interior is really nice and captures the look of your "neighborhood record store" quite well. The crowning glory for this would be to use waterslide decals to make actual albums from real bands. My lovely wife, Stacy did this for her LEGO record store. Pictures below. Great work on this one! -Davey
  15. Davey

    Brickworld 2011 Images

    Great work by the whole EB team. Seeing this up close was amazing and the pictures (although awesome) don't do it justice. It really was a masterpiece. -Davey