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    Lego, Web Design & Development, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Soccer, Basketball.
  1. cms634

    Escape From Sector 13

    Simply beautiful. Those angles are stunning! Certainly makes me want to buy some Space Police!
  2. cms634

    Screen Name Help!

    I've got yet another cry for help: I can't, for the life of me, come of with a creative screen name! Any have some suggestions? My initials are CMS, so I would like that to be in the name... (I know this is off-topic, so did I put this in the right place?)
  3. cms634

    MOC Inspiration Help?

    Hm...I've never thought of modifying a set... Great idea! Hopefully, I'll have some cool MOCs to show soon! Are there any other important things, such as the style of the buildings, the foliage, etc.?
  4. cms634

    MOC Inspiration Help?

    I've always liked Pirates, but never really built any MOCs with them, because I had no sets. Now I have some sets, but only 2 of the new Pirate sets. Does anyone have any advice on how to begin Pirate MOCs? I'm dying to build one, but I have no idea where to start! All tips are appreciated!
  5. cms634

    MOC: Wheelchair

    Meh, I thought it might have been. Either way, it's still so creative!
  6. cms634

    Brick Separator

    If your pieces are constantly getting stuck, then I would consider buying one. I have several, and they've been very useful for me when I'm building MOCs.
  7. Flickr, for me, at least. There's a great community there, plus you can see pics in all sizes, blog them, comment on them, add notes to them...the list goes on and on.
  8. cms634

    MOC: Wheelchair

    I must say, that is VERY good. That leg technique could certainly get you some Lego fame...
  9. cms634


    Ooh, thanks for mentioning that! (And thanks for the welcome!) As you can see in my signature, my pictures are on Flickr. I don't have too many up yet, but now that it's summer, I'll definitely be building more! As for my favorite theme...I enjoy Castle and Pirates the most, but I'll build a variety of things.
  10. cms634

    How many rowing boats do you have?

    Well, I have several from Johnny Thunder, along with some old and new Pirates, for a total of about...5, I suppose. If you think you have too many, be creative! I'm sure you'll find a use for them.
  11. cms634


    As unappealing as these welcome posts may be, I assume they're rather important and popular, so I might as well. Obviously, I'm new here, even though I've been building my whole life and reading these forums for several months. I just got up the courage to join. I can't wait to be a member of this community! Thanks Eurobricks!
  12. Great collections, especially the Armada, as overpriced as it may be. This would be great for a pirate MOC... Zorro: The prices most certainly will continue to go up, especially after this post.