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    Dissapointed in People

    Well its kinda SW related I just picked up some of the 'microfighters' xwing an tie intercepter first off, leaving the store I discover my bicycle headlight stolen. arriving at home, I open the sets to discover the polybags cut and taped back together minifigs from each gone no doubt to be scalped someplace, I'm sure SW minifigs go for a lot? seems the boxes were opened and hot glued to fool the returns counter Yeah, really disappointing day. I'm an AFOL, I'll live, at least it wasn't a kid who got stuck with it right? well, just venting feel free to move lock delete topic if no discussion merited
  2. xenologer

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    The recent movie Gravity shows space can be action packed without evil space aliens and laser guns, why not? I'd like to see more science experiment-ish stuff, dogs in space, zero-g botany lab, etc, plausible 'missions' for sets also, astroid miner it'll have mechanical arms with claws and saws and 'geopenetrator probes'(shooter gimmicks) sure to please kids and afols alike
  3. xenologer

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Arctic theme ==> John Carpenter's 'The Thing' can't wait to see it MOCed up
  4. xenologer

    Review of set 6814 series Ice Planet 2002

    I thought it was kinda wierd how the chainsaw is used as the rover's steering controls. I guess they were trying to get the most use out of a small piece count.
  5. xenologer

    Picture of the inside of bb396c01

    Neat dissasembly photos. I am wondering, is that steering mechanism an actual servo (with decent gearing)? or is it just magnetic steering? A thought I had was that you could potentially make RC cars of different wheelbase/chassis setup using this module, if you use its front wheel axles to actuate steering links for wheels located elsewhere... This would require that it be strong enough though ie, not simple electromagnets... thanks...
  6. Very briefly (like a day before christmas) the local Target and Walmarts got some 2010 lego sets in stock. (and have yet to get more shipped in since then) So I got myself the one Racer left on the shelf, 7971 'Bad'. Yes, that is its name, they have simple names this year: Fast, Hero, Strong, Bad. As typical for racers, it looks nothing like any real car, but seeing as how I only wanted it for the parts, as well as to get a look at the new 'air blast' system this is not important. Parts of interest: 4 white 'teeth' plates large curved half windshields pair of orange jet engines Anyway, the Air Blast system: The pump is made of 3 parts, a dome shaped base, the red air bellows, and a nozzle. Packaged in the same plastic baggie as the pump was the 'engine' for the car, which connects to the pump nozzle. These parts seem to be of a softer plastic than regular LEGO and feel tough and hard to tear/crack; this makes sense given that youre supposed to stomp on the pump. The color is a good match for normal mdstone. The Engine fits very tightly onto the pump nozzle, in fact I had to squeeze extremely hard with both hands on the pump to make it pop off. This is key to operation however, the bellows are low volume yet since the seal is so tight incredible pressure and force is built up to launch the car forward. Warning: Do not attempt launching the 'engine' by itself from the pump. I did this experimentally and it flew 20ft across the room and hit the wall, this is perhaps the most powerful 'shooter' mechanism ever seen from TLC. I have to wonder how long lived the new system is considering the dangers... Anyhow, if you do things properly and use the pump when the engine is properly weighted down by the full car body, the car travels about as far across carpet as the old style pull-back ones do. However it seems to me that it gets there a little bit faster. I happen to like the fact that the car's engine is a simple tube now, its less obtrusive than the old spring motors, and allows you to vroom vroom the car around by hand without interference when driving backwards. I'm also thinking about the possiblity of using it as a spaceship rocket engine... though its fairly plain looking so this use might be limited. A 2*2 cylinder brick can fit snugly inside the engine opening; however do not try this as you will not be able to remove it. One issue I have with the entire pump system is the idea that kids are supposed to stomp on it. Being an afol I opted instead to use hand pressure less I risk squashing things.... it seems to me, that trying to stomp on such a small target, with your racer right next to it, is prone to risk. Well, in the end... I suppose it chalks up pretty similar to the old racers. If I buy more, it'll be primarially for parts, not to race. In one case you get stuck with a big motor block, in these you get stuck with an extra pump each time.
  7. Got this one too. I really dislike what they did with that technic 'suspension' its only a suspension in the sense that the connectors are flimsy and kinda bend, which makes me worry that I'm going to break them. Also, the space robo arms used to mount the floodlights lack gripping power, the dish lights keep falling off. Same with the antenna/joystick, new mould is too loose.(notes this is other sets as well) Still this was a worthwhile purchase for me, I wanted the parts. The new canopy bubble in a 15$set is great.
  8. Thanks for the review. Wondering about the mdstone technic piece thats in the middle of the chassis, seems like its not doing anything? If I had to guess, assuming no special action feature, its there so little kids dont have to count holes in the technic beams when assembling (just plug up the holes with that other part so they can't make mistakes later in the build process).
  9. I used to love LDD, but have been away from it for some months now. Upon revisiting I find that... everything costs 4 times as much as it used to. To the point that it is no longer practical to purchase designs. So, having been away, I guess a gradual set of updates seems rather abrubt to me... How has everyone else responded to it? Anyone still use it? Whens the last time you ever purchased a design? I have to wonder about the future of this product... I suspect the purchasing aspect of it is no longer popular, is it still profitable for TLC?
  10. xenologer

    Review: 5981 Raid VPR

    I had the same thought. I suspect this set is TLC's answer to all the "Vic Viper" space fighter contests going on at classic-space a while back. I has the characteristic split nose.
  11. xenologer

    Review: 8402 Sports Car

    Wierd, at the walmart near me this has been listed as 13$, and I kept saying there's no way I'd pay that much for it. But if it really can be found at 10$ then it may be more worthwhile.
  12. xenologer

    Skydiver Class Personal Shuttle

    The engine glowies are the common neongreen as found in M-tron to Exploriens era sets. Sorry the colors are a little off, artificial lighting kinda sucks and I'm not too great at color correction... Interesting point about the mdstone roof intake part. I was thinking its an exposed engine part so it isn't 'painted' as the rest of the ship; but now that you mention it, I think that part does come in metalicsilver... which might match up with the silvery engine nozzles.
  13. xenologer

    Skydiver Class Personal Shuttle

    Flickr Set The Skydiver is one of the most minimal civilian spacecraft capable of interplanetary travel. It has absolutely no cargo space, and only carries a single pilot in an extremely cramped cockpit. Range is generally limited more by the life support duration/coldsleep of the pilots space suit than the ship itself. Popular among thrill seeking youngsters who want to play pretend at fighter pilot. I really was surprised that this ship turned out so well, I wasn't even planning it really. It started out as an attempt to duplicate the SP flier from Squidman Pitstop in LDD, (notice the angled wings). Then since LDD as of latest update doesn't have very spacey windscreens, I took the 'toll booth' window and flipped it on it side; and the entire cockpit and nose shape just naturally evolved around that. This is the first time I've ever managed to use that window successfully and I think it actually works really well on a ship this size (most of the traditional space windscreens would take up more space). This ship was entirely designed in LDD: LDD model Blacktron 1 Color variant
  14. xenologer

    Space Police 2010

    Im looking at the split nose on Raid VPR and thinking VPR=Viper=Vic Viper??
  15. *looks at the pics on SAH* That has to be the Longest flex cable housing I've ever seen. (the "rope" that the bucket rides on)