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  1. +1 for newwavepop Thanks list updaters!
  2. desultor

    Is Lego nerdy?

    I think there's definitely still a stigma against our hobby since it's based on toys. But that stigma has gotten pretty thin thanks to the mainstreaming and adultification of other toy hobbies like video games, action figures, comic books, and fantasy novels. This reminds me of this recent Wired article (which I barely understand, actually). To minimize any trauma inflicted by the mainstream on us "LEGO geeks" though, we should foster: hygiene social skills confidence & pride
  3. EDIT: all done. Thanks Archer!
  4. desultor

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Another 50% off one item in-store coupon for Borders Rewards members. Last time my wife bought me the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection - the savings of $75 made it cheaper than Amazon! One per person (probably linked to your Rewards number). "Valid 1/1/11–1/2/11 at U.S. Borders, Borders Express, and Waldenbooks stores only. Not valid at " EDIT: TRU has all LEGO (except Star Wars and Pharaoh's Quest) on buy 2 get 1 free. In store and online. January 1 only.
  5. desultor

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Ahhhhh... I thought you meant a total of $8.99 to buy all three sets - but you meant $8.99 each. Thanks for clarifying!
  6. desultor

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Man, Amazon prices are fickle! I've been using Linus's Swooshable Amazon app plus Brickset (to verify list prices). Now the PoP desert and ostrich are back up (to $9 and $15), but there's a few Atlantis bargains: Gateway of the Squid half price to $20 Wreck Raider down to $6 from $10 list Neptune Carrier down to $40 from $60 list And 32x32 plates (green and blue) are down to under $7 from $10!!! Just kidding - don't buy them for any more than $5. Good grief, Amazon can be deceptive.
  7. desultor

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Ostrich Race is also half price, down to $9.99 USD, free Super Saver, no tax, quantity limited to 3. Nice! Quest Against Time is down to $25 + 8 shipping. How did you get 3 deserts for $8.99?
  8. desultor

    Things that changed Lego forever

    I may be biased, as a LEGO fanboy since the 80s, but I'm pretty sure the simple reason that complicated builds are more expensive is because they have more parts. Plus we've gotta remember that <insert that tiresome argument> sets are designed for Junior. Though I know we do, most ten-year-olds don't want to spend an hour brick-building their castle walls before they can role-play with 'em. What's a change that I think would rock the AFOL community? Discontinuing yellow heads. Would TLG dare? I'd guess the basic yellow smiley is so iconic, so much a part of the LEGO brand, that they'll always keep it around. But in my opinion all-fleshy would be alright. I honestly thought long and hard before buying the Imperial Flagship, knowing that Pirates of the Caribbean was coming. To me, lemon-heads look so... sickly, by comparison. I don't mean to hijack this thread (so please don't rant), but what if TLG swapped all yellow heads to a mix of nougats, to correspond better to the world's diversity of skin tone? I think it would change LEGO forever. Would it be for the better?
  9. desultor

    Advanced Building Techniques

    Thanks KimT - that's it! And not a mention of Pants-less™ technique.
  10. desultor

    The Ultimate Harry Potter Poll!

    Great idea for a poll, Oky! I picked all the new ones except for the castle - I love me some clocktower! But really, I'm quite happy that I made it out of my dark age for this wave. IIRC I saw some of the older sets in passing, and at the time thought there was something unappealing about their construction (paper, BURPs, lack of detail). But now more than just "sour grapes," I really love the attention to detail in the models, and the consistent design of the new minifigs. Some of those old faces were just plain ugly! The new faces all look amazing to me. (Ah, Hermione! ) Big Brick did the best I've seen in the 2010 discussion thread:
  11. desultor

    Is current Prince of Persia discontinued?

    Man, I would love me a Dawn Treader LEGO set! My favorite Narnia book... I've spent hours of childhood poring over this drawing of the ship.
  12. desultor

    Advanced Building Techniques

    I looked for this in Didier Enjary's excellent compilation "The Unofficial LEGO Advanced Building Techniques Guide," but it's not there. (Though this is a kind of opposite technique to ToPLESs - maybe we call it Pants-less ) This doesn't have nearly the brick stress of ToPLESs, and when the stud is pointing inward and located between two tubes (as with the upper lime green 1x8s in the pic), the join seems very precise. Does anybody have that Powerpoint allegedly used internally at LEGO which describes the illegal techniques? I have an old link to the GoogleDoc but now it's restricted. P.S. No way to use it in a MOC, parteek? For shame! You can see I already used it to make a microscale Tie Fighter!
  13. desultor

    Advanced Building Techniques

    Hey folks, I was messing around and discovered that plates are quite secure when placed perpendicular to... um... well, just look: Is this a known technique? Seems like there's plenty of potential here. Notice in the middle of the structure - with four plates stacked (2x8, 1x8, 1x8, 2x8) the 2x8s exactly fit into the perpendicular plate.
  14. desultor

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    Holy cuss that would make a great MOC! Somebody that can make polls well should create one that asks us to rate each edition (by year) of each HP set, so we can see the comparison.
  15. desultor

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Yeah, it's a tricky sale. 30% off is only the sets shown on the front page of the flyer - the rest looks to be only 10% off normal TRU prices. I use this link whenever I want to check TRU prices (if anybody can figure a way to filter out the Out of Stock items, let me know). I was surprised to see the Winter Toy Shop there - and confirmed that S@H has it again too!