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  1. just moved to the uk so havn't been on here for a while. These new sets all look very interesting especially town plan. I do get this nagging suspicion that lego deliberatly let this parts info out to stir up interest in next years sets, who new the set numbers in the first place to type them into the set search thing and why were they uploaded so early. gonna have to start saving now as all these sets look very expensive and i want to get a load of the new city sets as well.
  2. crazymotionride

    Just what we need!

    wish they would make some LEGO Gatso speed cameras, maybe with an angry motorist minifig :-P but yeah police is getting old and why a new police station, the one they have now seems fine to me.
  3. crazymotionride

    #7945; Your views

  4. crazymotionride

    Albriquerque (pronounced Al-BRIKK-kwerkee)

    What are your other hobbies, one of mine was working with classic cars and i discovered i could make an absolute killing for a few days work which i really enjoyed doing so there could be ways you could earn cash doing something you enjoy and so your work ethic won't be a problem.
  5. crazymotionride

    Do you have dreams about Lego when you're asleep?

    ive never dreamt about lego when im asleep but i daydream all the time (I think i have ADD, i have an attention span of 4 seconds) and sometime i wonder what it would be like to shrink to the size of a minifig and live in Legoland-miniland.
  6. crazymotionride

    What did you buy today?

    i ordered another market street, just can't bring myself to dismantle my other one to use in MOC
  7. crazymotionride

    What do you expect?

    I think it sounds great. I wonder if LEGO will put new sets in the world so you can look around them before you buy them, kinda like a 3D catalogue because they don't have enough photos on the LEGO website.
  8. crazymotionride

    What's in a name ???

    I was in a hillman hunter with friends (this was in 2006, when the hunter comes out you know the party's on) when the front wheel became unbalanced which made the car dance around the road and so we dubbed it the crazymotionride. That and i am completely mad about cars, well mostly just mad i mean how many 18 year olds do you know that have a collection of terrible old british cars?
  9. crazymotionride

    What did you buy today?

    hey he could try faxing them cash.....for a moment i actually thought that would work, but just a very small moment.
  10. crazymotionride

    Whats your favorite set

    for me its a tie between Market street, Cafe corner and the original technic supercar....mmm gearbox...
  11. crazymotionride

    Hi everyone

    hey there welcome, where abouts are you from in Sing? I lived in Clementi for about 10 years but we have just moved back to the UK because rent rissen too much, that and i don't want to get drafted for national service X-D . I though Sing was ok tho but thats because i went to Tanglin Trust School so everyone thought i was rich so i could prance about pretending i was important.
  12. crazymotionride

    Storage Containers

    well all my lego was unsorted and there was a mountain of it so i took the dustbag out of the vacuum and tried to use it. Well it worked a treat but then the smaller parts like technic connectors came flying out the fan all over the room, then the fan jammed and then it started to smell like it was burning so i went and put the whole thing in the pond outside so it wouldn't catch fire X-D . Im like that you see, parents say i was a 'problem child' but really they were jealous of my insanely amazing ideas.
  13. crazymotionride

    Storage Containers

    ha ha that reminds me of when i tried to tidy up my unsorted lego mess with a vacuum cleaner, bricks went in the fan and hilarity ensued :-P
  14. crazymotionride

    What did you buy today?

    :-D yup but i don't have 6th form anymore so got three months until uni starts WAHEY! Oh and i added the community workers thing to that order aswell
  15. crazymotionride

    Compelling Argument For Global Warming

    You should all watch a programme called 'the great global warming swindle' its on and gives proper balanced views for both sides of the argument. Its BBC or something and so has nothing to do with someone being elected unlike gore's film :-| On the whole i think man made global warming is rubbish. Does no-one remember that in the 70s 'top' scientists assured us that we would enter a new ice age......well im waiting.