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  1. So, to summarize : - 44 new parts and not the most expected ones - no new feature - no hi res 275 Mb
  2. French S@H says the same since 8:00 PM. Not sure I will wait until 0:00 for a D-one shopping. Looks like we will have to wait for some more days to put our hands on this set Neuro
  3. I was hoping that the latest OS X update (10.11.1) would have fixed the problem but it did not
  4. Yes, especially when El Capitan is introducing new APIs implementations with the "Metal" GPU driver.... LDD is definitely out of date. Neuro PS : sorry for my french accent
  5. Got an answer from Lego ... Here Neuro
  6. Just got an answer from Lego on that issue : I am sorry to hear you are having issues with LEGO® Digital Designer since your latest MAC OS update. Our engineers are working on the case and will try to bring the software back to normal as soon as possible. In the meantime, please follow the below steps as a temporary fix: Firstly, make sure you have admin rights to your PC right-click on the "LEGO Digital Designer" icon choose "Show Package Contents" The Finder will then open a window with the "Contents" folder double click on "Info.plist". delete these lines: <key>LSMinimumSystemVersion</key> <string>10.4.11</string> Please let us know if you are still encountering difficulties after this workaround. This workaround is not working for me but one could be more "lucky". Please share Neuro
  7. Facing the same issue with "El Capitan" + random crashes on exit. Just sent an e-mail to Lego and took the opportunity to ask for next update ... who knows ? Neuro
  8. Hi, thank you very much for sharing all that work with us ! I have posted a note about your MOC on a french site, here with 2 modifications to integrate the standard PFS receivers in good conditions. Any worries, please let me know, I will edit. Thanks again, Neuro
  9. 8:38 september 5th french time. No hope.
  10. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to all applications that have not been designed for the retina screens. So until LDD is compliant with these resolutions, no miracle will happen. And honestly I'm not expecting Lego to update their software in that direction. Back to the original issue (LDD crashing while saving files), this has disappeared since I have updated Yosemite to release 10.10.2 (14C109) Neuro
  11. Same issue for me but random. Could happen with any type of parts, any number of parts, any file name ... I cannot find any consistency in this behavior but for sure it never happen before Yosemite. has anybody reported this error to Lego ? Thanks Neuro
  12. NeuroMimetis

    LDD 4.2.5 is out

    Hey ! it sounds like nobody noticed the new HTML building guide with an accurate parts list at the end
  13. Great, Great Work ! Thanks a lot for having shared Neuro
  14. Up ... to see if anyone has a trick to retract LAs Thanks in advance. Neuro