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    I hope enjoying nature and shooting aren't part of the same activity, otherwise it would be ironic that you're into environmental activism.
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    Mega scared by Friends

    As far as brand recognition and reputation goes, you never hear anyone complaining about the pain of stepping on a Mega Blok. On the other hand, I think for some people, the name "Lego" is a catch-all term used for brick-based building toys. If I had a penny for every time I've heard someone in the toy section say something along the lines of "oh look! They have Halo Legos now!". So in some regards, MegaBloks isn't damaging their reputation, they're damaging TLG's with this new Barbie theme.
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    Just a little bit of an update on my recovery, I'm out of the hospital and due to being cooped up in the house I've got friends and relatives asking what to send me to keep me busy while I recover, so I'm anticipating a bit of Lego and other building toys coming my way.
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    Due to a recent medical issue, I'll be dropping out for the rest of this semester, thereby giving me a lot more time for building.
  5. You're not alone. There's a bit of Mega Bloks discussion over in the Community forum portion of this site. Additionally, the folks on this forum are nice enough to not ostracize others just for liking different building mediums.
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    Wouldn't a "Like" button improve the forum

    I was wondering if it'd be plausible for this website to have a sort of like button, so we can show our enthusiasm for posts without having to comment in them and those comments being seen as spam. Topics I could see this useful are the Theme Funnies, MOC topics, and the new embarrassing moments topic that started today in the general discussion forum. I'm not saying that the like button would be the sort you see on other websites that posts it to Facebook, but rather as a way to vote-up a post(no need for a vote-down as I could see it being used with bullying intent). This could also give lurker members a way to show appreciation for mocs without having to post. What does everyone else think about this?
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    Funny/embarrassing moments

    Oh wow, do I have some good ones. When I was in 7th grade I got a metal washer stuck on my finger during class. Because of that, I ended up spending an hour in the nurse's office while she tried to use grease to remove it. That didn't work so my mother came and got me and took me to the fire station, thinking they had a saw to remove it. The firemen, however, were not there so my mother and I went to the emergency room to get it off where they used a ring saw to remove it, after using local anesthesia to numb my hand. I almost lost my left ring finger that day, so I could have ended up being called "Jeff of the Nine Fingers". For another fail, one summer my dad took me to work with him so I could work in retail. So one day I found a button, similar in appearance to a doorbell. I asked my coworkers several times what it did, but none of them responded. So I pushed it. Nothing happened, so I pushed it again. Same response, so I got bored and went somewhere else. About twenty minutes later, an armed police officer showed up. Turns out I had pressed the "hold-up" (as in an armed robbery) button. The company lost 100$ that day, and my dad ceased bringing me to work with him. I'll share some more as I remember them.
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    Where do Rare/HTF Parts come from?

    Interesting how one's definition of "rare" changes as one moves up as an FOL. Heck, when I was younger, I used to think the yellow fan blades from Anakin's podracer were rare just because non of my friends had those pieces.
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    What non-Lego building stuff are you willing to suffer?

    I, too enjoy Nanoblocks as their smaller size provides more of a challenge and since they're Japanese, I know I can count on a quality product. Additionally I've begun to try out the Halo Mega Bloks. Another building medium I take part in is Gunpla, Japanese Gundam model kits.
  10. HumanPackMule

    Top Five Things I Miss About Old School LEGO

    The instructions have got to be the biggest point I agree with you on. As I've become better at building, I look for more of a challenge in my builds, so with TLG dumbing down their instructions, I've looked elsewhere for challenging builds which is why I now supplement my building projects with model kits, nanoblocks, and even Halo Mega Bloks instead of just Lego. Additionally, the instructions from those other mediums don't take up as much room due to only having a single instruction book.
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    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    For the AotC sets, not really bothered by the lack of them. We have been getting a lot of the AotC vehicles in the form of CW sets. Only sets I can think of for AotC are Padme's ship, Jango Fett's Slave 1(which I can't really see happening, due to how often we get Boba's), Zam Wessel's speeder, and a few play-sets(droid factory, cloning facility, arena, etc).
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    I moved into my dorm this past week and after looking at what you've put up, I can't wait to get some Lego into my dorm(after I get some shelving of course).
  13. HumanPackMule

    Mega Bloks

    While at Target today I picked up one of the collectible MB Halo figures. As luck would have it I let my little sister(8) pick it out and it ended up being a clear elite with an energy sword. I'm actually pretty impressed by it, and it has made me think more about the line in general, as it seems like MB has actually stepped up with their quality(still not as good as Lego though) and I'm actually thinking about picking up a Warthog set. That being said, I also picked up a few packs of Halo Micro-ops, a 1/100 scale miniature series done by MCFarlane, which has many of the iconic Halo vehicles at a much lower price point(UNSC Falcon with three figures for 15$ and a Warthog and Mongoose with three figures for 8$).
  14. HumanPackMule

    Mega Bloks

    Another point scored for Lego On another note, lately I've really been enjoying the Halo game series due to an excess of time off, and I've been really torn about the Mega Bloks Halo sets. Being the purist that I am, part of me wants no part of the sets(no pun intended), yet the Halo fan in me wants to see these sets for myself.
  15. HumanPackMule

    If LEGO wasn't draining your wallet....

    More Gunpla.
  16. Take a lesson from the folks on the show "Hoarders". Maybe if you hoard enough soda cans you can trade them in for the money needed for the part.
  17. HumanPackMule

    Moving House

    For an added security measure, label the boxes you will put them in as something boring, like photo albums or clothes.
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    Nice nose work, but I think the wings could stand to be larger and the rear body narrower.
  19. HumanPackMule

    Are minifig arms supposed to be removed?

    I used to do it all the time for customization or battle damage, but now I refrain from it since I don't do either of the latter, being more of a purist now.
  20. HumanPackMule

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched the original Ghost in the Shell movie last night. Very strange, very interesting, and amazing production quality.
  21. HumanPackMule

    The Hobbit movies discussion

    What I'm interested in with the movie is where they will split it into two. My guess is in Mirkwood. Another question I have is how they will portray the Trolls, seeing as how they have already been portrayed in the trilogy.
  22. HumanPackMule

    Batman Films Discussion

    Truly awful, found out about this when I got home from work today and my heart skipped a few beats. I say repeal the eighth amendment for this special occasion to give this guy what he deserves.
  23. HumanPackMule

    Orc Forge as an Army Builder?

    Rosie Cotton
  24. HumanPackMule

    Which set should I buy?

    It should be the opposite, seeing as how the Robot's primary weapon uses Kryptonite.
  25. HumanPackMule

    Which set should I buy?

    Maybe a Creator set or the new Skiff if the Summer Star Wars sets are out where you're at.