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    MOC: Apoc Vignette

    Thanks :D Yeah, I know it doesn't look really fix ( how can I say that in english ^^?) But it holds perfect :D Ewok
  2. Hi! I just want to show you a little Vignette I made today :D It shows an apoc policeman with a gas mask. For more photos visit my flickr: KLICK ME! Hope you like it :D Ewok
  3. Thanks a lot! Lol, nice idea, the problem is I got no devil head ewok
  4. Thanks a lot guys :D Ok, I will try the new legs! Ewok
  5. Thanks, but wouldn't it look a bit …… gay.. Ewok
  6. Yeah, I wanted to make it...cactus ^^ Ewok
  7. Hi! At first I wanted to make a Comic, but then I got the Idea to make a 1 pic. comic So, I'll try to make every day a little (and maybe funny) scene from any theme. Okay, here'S the first scene! It's called "Where am I?" Hope you like it Next scene will follow tomorrow, if 3 guys answer to this topic the new scene will come today Ewok
  8. Ewok

    Edited photographs

    Hi! I just mad 2 more photos, hope you like them 5. 6. Ewok
  9. Thanks I think today a new figure will follow..
  10. Ewok

    Your RDR Charas

    Now, the pistol is original brickarms ^^ But the shotgun was a M1 and a tactical shotgun Ewok
  11. Thanks a lot guys @Captain B.: yes Ewok
  12. Ewok

    Missing Parts in Collectable LEGO Minifigures

    I got the same problem! My Spartan got a speer, but no cape! That really goes on my nerves, because for me the cape ist very important! Please tell us if you get your parts :D Ewok
  13. Awesome... I also thought to do something like this, but I haven't got enough time... But you's is awesome! Ewok
  14. Ewok

    Edited photographs

    Thanks :D Yeah, the other two are only very simple edited, but I think they look ok New photo! 4. I really like it, because it got a western style :D Ewok
  15. Hi! I know, that's maybe not the perfect place for this, but I think thet it fits pretty good in the category "Comi". So, as the title says can you post here every edited photo with a minifigure, a set or something else on it I'll start with a few adited photos of my customs :D 1. 2. 3. For more pictures visit my flickr: KLICK ME! Hope you like the pictures Ewok