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    Color Explosion

    This colorful LEGO mosaic of mine was made in Jan. 2022. Color Explosion by c.behrens, on Flickr It is made of 4 x 9 = 36 stk. 32 x 32 LEGO baseplates. It gives a total of 36.864 studs or 1 x 1 LEGO bricks. It measures 102 x 230 cm.I have used bricks and not plates. There is used a total of ca. 18 kg LEGO bricks included baseplates.It contains a total of 64 different colored LEGO bricks. It was my goal to get as many different LEGO colors in it as possible. The brand new 2022 color Neon Yellow is also in it. And also the color Light Nougat that is new in basic bricks is in it.It even contains a Metallic Silver brick in the middle and also a 1 x 1 brick in Pearl Gold rains as stardust over the artist name. In the middle there is a ring of "fire" that is made of the brick color Glow In Dark White. That way the picture attracts attention even in the night.The picture has the working title of Color Explosion, but I have 21 suggestion for new / better / other titles:1. Ring of Fire (Refers to the glow in the night)2. Color Explosion3. Life is in Colors4. Big Bang5. The Creation6. LEGO Colors7. LEGO Explosion8. Colors9. Color Circle10. Paletton11. RGB (RGB stands for the three primary colors red, green and blue)12. Color wheel13. Color art14. HOT15. Colored16. Orgasm17. Genesis18. Colorpalette19. Colorful20. 64 (Refers to the total number of colors)21. The picture with the many names.The picture hangs in my bedroom at the end of my bed. In that way I have a beautiful "sunrise" every morning and it reminds me of the creation of the world, the big bang, - or the beginning of a new and wonderful day. And it also reminds me that life comes in many colors and shades. There are sad gray days and those wonderful bright days where everything shines. Lifes ups and downs.In the evening when I go tired to bed it reminds my of, that it would be nice with a lovely colorful and explosive orgasm. So you understand that it is a nice colorful picture to have in my bedroom.What do you think of it? Do you have a good name for it? Or what name do you find the best?Please comment and post below! Leg godt! Christoffer Behrens - Denmark Member of
  2. Stoffer70

    Color Explosion

    Thank you for all your nice comments! I would like to inform you all about that my LEGO Mosaic picture "The Brick Bang" can now be seen in the brand new LEGOLAND Gallery in Billund. It will be exihibited there in the whole 2022 season. So now you all have a posibility to see it there! Here are some pictures from the premiere opening on saturday april 2 2022.
  3. Stoffer70

    Color Explosion

    You are a genius sir! Brick Bang is a really cool and LEGO - funny name for it. THANK YOU! Im glad that I can inspire you. And yes, Mosaik is quit funny to work with. Do try it out.
  4. Hi Michael Can you say anymore about this power pick up? I was quit exited when I saw that back in 2019. But I havent heard or seen anymore about it since then. Are you going to produce it in the near future? Its really great to hear about the european co work. Leg godt Christoffer
  5. Thanks. No not on the trains. I use them to control sektions of 9v tracks and to control change track. And also I use them to shift light in signal posts. I have made several home made sensors to the RCX with Reed sensors that can detect a driving train. But after reading this very interesting post about the Brick automation projekt,I thought that maybe it could be possible to control everything incl my new trains in this program?
  6. Could it somehow be possible to do a communication to an old RCX via the infrared tower ? - Or communicate to powerfunktions motors and sensors via the WEDO Hub ? I have about 25 old school RCX and a whole bunch of 9v motors to it, that I want to use controling my trains instead of buying new Sbricks/powered up.
  7. Stoffer70

    Train door mechanism

    Esben Kolind has made 2 differrent clever dor solutions.
  8. I have been to very many LEGO event during my 16 years as an AFOL. This was the first Eurobricks event for me and I have to say: WHAT AN AMAZING EVENT! This was clearly the best event ever! HUGE Thanks to all the organisers, especialy CopMike, Bonaparte, Kim T. and Jan B who made this event quit unike. Allso thanks to all the nice participans for showing up and giving me a chance to meet you all in real life. Thanks for all your kindness, behavior and good mood. U rock my world. Hope to CU all again next year in Windsor. Best / Christoffer B. Byggepladen - Denmark.
  9. Stoffer70

    Eurobricks Event 2014 - Sign-up Topic

    Sign up. I couldnt make it at the last event in Billund, so I will catch up this time. :-) I can see that some activities has a limit. So wish to stand on a reserve list on these activities if somebody can`t come. I will take care of my own accomodation and sleep at home. I live not that far from Billund away. CU Christoffer Behrens
  10. Stoffer70

    SIGN-UP - EB Event Billund 2012

    Hi guys - and ladys! My name is Christoffer and im the chairman of the Danish LUG Byggepladen. I would like to get to know you guys from Eurobriks a little bit better. I know some of you all ready, but I would like to know some more of you hardcore fans... - So I would like to participate in this event friday and saturday. I live near to Billund, so I take care of my own accommodation. CU! Leg godt Christoffer