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  1. I have been to very many LEGO event during my 16 years as an AFOL. This was the first Eurobricks event for me and I have to say: WHAT AN AMAZING EVENT! This was clearly the best event ever! HUGE Thanks to all the organisers, especialy CopMike, Bonaparte, Kim T. and Jan B who made this event quit unike. Allso thanks to all the nice participans for showing up and giving me a chance to meet you all in real life. Thanks for all your kindness, behavior and good mood. U rock my world. Hope to CU all again next year in Windsor. Best / Christoffer B. Byggepladen - Denmark.
  2. Stoffer70

    Eurobricks Event 2014 - Sign-up Topic

    Sign up. I couldnt make it at the last event in Billund, so I will catch up this time. :-) I can see that some activities has a limit. So wish to stand on a reserve list on these activities if somebody can`t come. I will take care of my own accomodation and sleep at home. I live not that far from Billund away. CU Christoffer Behrens
  3. Stoffer70

    SIGN-UP - EB Event Billund 2012

    Hi guys - and ladys! My name is Christoffer and im the chairman of the Danish LUG Byggepladen. I would like to get to know you guys from Eurobriks a little bit better. I know some of you all ready, but I would like to know some more of you hardcore fans... - So I would like to participate in this event friday and saturday. I live near to Billund, so I take care of my own accommodation. CU! Leg godt Christoffer