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  1. 8 hours ago, Mylenium said:

    But who is she? Any relation to a comic, movie or series I should be aware of?


    DC comic character, mainly appearing in Teen Titans (I only read Starfire 2015 run and really enjoyed it). I think it's also in one of the netflix shows, but I haven't seen it.

  2. The dewback's connected, leg to the base and the arm fits the leg nicely, while giving it room to be angled. I think dual rock colors would look pretty bad at such a small scale; alternating tan/dk tan slopes would make it look artificially striped.

  3. A little Caribbean flavored Halloween build.

    Captain's Log.

    16 May, 1666:
    Bought me self a loot map. 'twas only a grog 'n 5 pieces o' eight. 'n I don't even needs no stinkin' crew t' reach it, a sea turtle raft will do.

    17 May, 1666:
    Blast it all, by thunder! Th' booty was black spotted. Bob "Ulele" McMutton, th' skeleton guardian was a nice enough chap. He shared his adventures 'n grog wit' me, then left a stinkin' black mark on me palm 'n told me I 'ave 3 day t' return th' booty.
    Mighty pleasant fella; he even warned me afore leavin' th' island; jus' imagine if I had left 'n reached th' first tavern!. Anyways, I 'ave 3 days, might as well take th' booty t' th' first port 'n flaunt it aft all this trouble - plenty o' time t' return it later.

    19 May, 1666:

    Yup. I spent it all, by thunder. Down t' th' mighty last doubloon. I couldn't help it; as soon as I reached th' first tavern, th' wenches 'n grog were too much t' resist.  Th' end be nigh. I hear a rappin' on th' door, as o' some bony body lumberin' against it. It shall nah find me. God, that noise! No! No! Ulele! ULELE!

    45631954881_0e87ff8d23_b.jpgTreasure Hunting 101 - Always Doublecheck for Curses by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr