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    [MOC] Green Arrow Vs. Thor

    Thanks. Yeah most likely an unfair battle. :)) But I had something different in mind with arrow when I started building and decided to keep him here when I made this instead.
  2. vitreolum

    Lush Island Stash

    Absolutely love it. Fantastic scenery and the tile water looks great.
  3. vitreolum

    [MOC] Back entrance to the camp

    NIce, perfect amount amount of detail.
  4. vitreolum

    Swamp Hunt

    Hello, Although I've been a member and followed the forum for a while, never got around to posting here. So I'll make this my first post. Built this one for the classic castle seed part challenge.
  5. vitreolum

    Swamp Hunt

  6. vitreolum

    MOC - Rorke's Drift

    Those roof are simply incredible.
  7. vitreolum

    Swamp Hunt

    Thanks. :)