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  1. vitreolum

    [MOC] Algernon Moncrieff

    Thanks all, glad you like it.
  2. vitreolum

    [MOC] Algernon Moncrieff

    Never built in this style before, hope you like it.
  3. Another Wilde inspired MOC... I don't have enough expertise for this style, but turned out decent I suppose.
  4. vitreolum

    [MOC] Dance of the Seven Veils

    Hahaha, now that you mention the hula girl I can't help seeing it when I look at the picture. Indeed, it's not something easy to make, meither fabric nor posing wise. But this is just an experinemt to try out different styles of builds.
  5. vitreolum

    [MOC] Algernon Moncrieff

    Thanks. I will most likely build more like this in the future,
  6. vitreolum

    [MOC] Algernon Moncrieff

    Thanks. Hope many AFOLs are familiar with it.
  7. vitreolum

    The Dark Knight Mosaic

    Fantastic work, looks great.
  8. vitreolum

    [MOC] Algernon Moncrieff

    Thanks. :)
  9. vitreolum

    MOC: DST1a "Griffin" and DST 1b "Raven"

    Very nice design, love it.
  10. vitreolum

    [MOC] Green Arrow Vs. Thor

    Thansk. :) Indeed, I realize it's a weird and not very good choice of casting, nor does he have the proper expression, but as I said previously, my initial idea was to build a GA vs Black Archer vignette. But after messing around with the joints I made this instead and kept him there. It's the real deal, the crowning piece of my minifig collection.
  11. vitreolum

    [MOC] Green Arrow Vs. Thor

    Thanks. Yeah most likely an unfair battle. :)) But I had something different in mind with arrow when I started building and decided to keep him here when I made this instead.
  12. vitreolum

    Lush Island Stash

    Absolutely love it. Fantastic scenery and the tile water looks great.
  13. vitreolum

    [MOC] Back entrance to the camp

    NIce, perfect amount amount of detail.
  14. vitreolum

    Swamp Hunt

    Hello, Although I've been a member and followed the forum for a while, never got around to posting here. So I'll make this my first post. Built this one for the classic castle seed part challenge.
  15. vitreolum

    Swamp Hunt

  16. vitreolum

    MOC - Rorke's Drift

    Those roof are simply incredible.
  17. vitreolum

    Swamp Hunt

    Thanks. :)