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  1. Hello everyone! There's one simple reason why I created this new topic: I can't contact any of the 2 Lego Stores in Vienna, they didn't answer the phone. It would be really important for me to reach them since tomorrow I'm going to Vienna only to visit one of the Lego Stores there and get hold of some of the newest sets that are not currently available in any of the Hungarian stores. (Only at S@H, but I just simply can't wait 9 business days for my order to finally get here). So, does anyone know how else I could contact the SCS or the DZ store to ask them if they have the sets? Thank you for your help.
  2. szmmate

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    It's finally available, but the s@h is having some difficulties right now. I know it's due to maintenance, the website is still awfully slow, at least for me.
  3. szmmate

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Hmm, it's interesting. The Australian s@h page of PC still only says 'Coming Soon' and it cannot be ordered yet. Are all of the Lego employees partying at the moment? :D @AFOLguy1970: I'll definitely call them on 2nd January. (My German is not so good, though.)
  4. szmmate

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Does someone know whether the PR is still available in the Lego Store Wien SCS? I live in Budapest so it would be just a 3 hour ride to Vienna. (I can't wait to get hold of the set, I'm starting to go mad :D) And will they be open on the 2nd of January? (I'm only asking this since in Hungary a lot of stores are closes not only on New Year's Day but also on the 2nd of January). I'd really appreciate if someone could answer these question. And of course, Happy New Year to all of you!
  5. Now i really regret having bought the UN Headquarters recently. But I couldn't resist the temtation because there was a 20% off sale in one of the resellers nearby.
  6. The first set is available. In Hungary you can get it with a purchase of 17000 HUF or more when ordering from s@h.
  7. I tried to feel them, but I just got really angry after not finding either a scarecrow, a bavarian lady or a jazz player and eventually I simply bought a random pack hoping it would be one of those I wanted.
  8. I bought one bag yesterday and I got another mountain climber. This is my fourth climber. And my collection still lacks the jazz player, the scarecrow and the bavarian girl. I'd better just simply order them through Bricklink or Ebay unless I'm extremely lucky.
  9. Someone might have searched through the whole box and bought all the elfs. This is one of the disadvantages of not keeping the minifigg boxes behind the cashier's desk. But of course it's still better to be able to use the touch and feel method rather then receiving completely blind bags from the cashier, which is the case in one of my Lego resellers.
  10. Series 3 (yes, series three) is still available in Hotel Legoland (Billund). At least it was when I stayed there in early August. It might be for someone, but it is certainly not for me, unfortunately. Anyway, I picked up 11 completely blind bags yesterday and found 1 gingerbread man, 1 waitress, 2 lady robots, 2 evil mechs, 1 holiday elf, 1 female scientist and 3 mountain climbers. I had already had the scientist and the elf so eventually, I could acquire 5 new characters. That's not too bad, however, I was disappointed about getting 3 climbers. They are not attractive at all, at least not for me. Now I only need to find the barbarian, the scarecrow, the bavarian girl and the jazz player, which will be pretty tough considering the distribution of these minifigs in one complete bag of 60. I'd really appreciate if someone could recommend me a site where I can get hold of them at a reasonable price. Ebay is pretty much out of question due to the high shipping costs from basically anywhere. The same problem is with BrickLink.
  11. Why can't we also get them? Now I have to plan a city-break to Vienna in the end of October.
  12. Hi everyone! Does anyone have a complete sheet of the bump/dot codes of the series 11 minifigs? If someone has already asked this question, then I'm sorry.
  13. szmmate

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just can't decide whichever to buy simply because they are both gorgeous. :D Anyway, thanks for your comment. :)
  14. szmmate

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi everyone! I've just come out of my dark ages by the help of these beautiful modular buildings. I've already bought the Pet Shop, Palace Cinema and the Town Hall and since I can't afford to buy either of CC or GG I'm currently thinking about purchasing either GE or FB. However, I'm also in a serious doubt which of the two magnificent builings to buy next. Unfortunately, being a student I don't have enough money to simply buy them both. Furthermore, I have ambivalent feelings about these two beauty built of Lego. I love the facade and the billboard of GE, but the interior is rather poor(ish) in my opinion. In contrast, I like the interior of FB a lot, but its exterior is not really to my taste. So, what's your opinion, which one should be my next modular to own? Or maybe I should bricklink the parts for GG and build it first? (Nevertheless, it would cost a lot more than a brand GE or FB. )
  15. szmmate

    Review - 76002 Superman: Metropolis Showdown

    Great review, thank you.