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  1. I think the barbarian is female so she can be a discount Red Sonja minifigure.
  2. It works with regular Castle shortswords as well.
  3. In response to the Wii and 360 topics, I felt we should have one for us to share PSN's. I'll go first. PSN: HTN2 Currently playing: Assassin's Creed II Time zone: Canada Eastern time Games you've got: LBP, Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed I and II, inFamous, and Red Dead Redemption.
  4. If you're a LoTR geek, you know that it is set on Earth, thousands of years ago. Lego doesn't franchise it, so I'm posting the MoC I found here. Gallery Enjoy!
  5. hewkii9

    The General of Grief

    The General has arrived on Utapau. He turned his back on the Sith reporters. As Kenobi entered, Grievous muttered: "Ah, Kenobi, your lightsaber, please." Grievous had his leg mechanics lengthened so he could tower over his prisoners. "Heh," the General laughed as his arms doubled in two. "At least this time, the Chancellor won't see." His lightsabers circled into a powerful shield, while the other two stabbed at all that moved. The General metallically screamed as two of his arms and a shoulder plate fell off by Kenobi's blade. "The fighting will continue until Grievous is spare parts," insisted Anakin. That'll take a while.
  6. hewkii9

    Batman coming back

    He's talking about when the first Indy line was announced.
  7. hewkii9

    Batman coming back

    I certainly hope that we get more Green Lanterns. For me, and probably anyone else who grew up watching Justice League, John Stewart's the one and only. Actually, just do the TV Justice League. Superheroes and Castle fans alike would kill for the parts that would come in a Hawkgirl.
  8. hewkii9

    2011 Alien Conquest

    Blue pinstripe suit in the tripod set? Yes, yes, yes! Tenth Doctor, you may finally be finished!
  9. hewkii9


    As long as Pohatu doesn't kick the bucket I'm happy.
  10. hewkii9

    Eurodina - Day 3

    Vote: Carrie Price/CallMePie I'm sorry, but it appears that the town is set against you, and my first duty has always been to the city.
  11. hewkii9

    Eurodina - Day 2

    This certainly has been a strange, and worrying day.
  12. hewkii9

    Eurodina - Day 1

    I feel like a godfather would be above getting his hands dirty personally, so I think they're both out to recruit.
  13. hewkii9

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    Oh man, that biplane and the bike sets are must buys for me. I like the look of the vehicles they've gone with - and check out that fine asp!
  14. hewkii9

    PlayStation general discussion

    Commander Assassin, here's some more recommendations [i'm heavily biased towards open-world games] - inFamous - PS3 exclusive, good-sized city to wire-surf around in, and solid cover shooting. - Just Cause 2 - Literally the biggest world in a console game, full of crap to blow up and cheesetastic voice acting. Grapplechuting. - Assassin's Creed - A lot of people don't like this for the repetitive nature of the story, but it's three absolutely gorgeous cities to climb and one of the better video game stories. - Assassin's Creed II - Adds considerably improved gameplay and a ton of new mechanics to the original, drops some of the story's intelligence, and wraps it in Italian flair. Get this if you have any interest at all in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood later this year. - Batman: Arkham Asylum - Probably the best superhero game ever. - Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - Cheesier than JC2 and pretty buggy, but it's almost completely destructible, full of vehicles, and you can get it on the cheap.
  15. hewkii9

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    Are the humans' vehicles modern, or do they have a sort of old time, The Mummy feel to them?
  16. As a fellow Canadian I feel we should start calling them jumpdrives. It sounds so much more exciting.
  17. Definitely going to be trying for the Indian Chief, Luau Girl, Pilot, Snowboarder, Elf, Monkey, Rapper, and Baseballer. Not so much a fan of the Sumo, F1, or Samurai. Bit let down by the boy-girl ratio - we have 3 girls, 2 indeterminate, and 11 boys? Come on! Why not replace the Rapper with a Lady Sov figure?
  18. Despite the fact that I have [significantly] more than 25 posts, I haven't received my PM yet. Totally ready to play, otherwise.
  19. hewkii9

    MOC: Assassin's Creed II Vignette

    Very nice! I quite like the windows - it's pretty hard to give Ezio handholds without making the building greebly as a spaceship, yeah? Think you'll do a Rome creation this winter? Or maybe a Desmond...I've never seen one of those!
  20. hewkii9

    Eurodina - Sign Up

    Sign me up, please! My knowledge of the 1960's is quite extensive. I can quote period-accurate Doctor Who serials, and I've seen half an episode of Mad Men. I played in Noir Mafia and the latter half of Hogwarts Mafia, and also in Mafstraw Manor [now, if only I could remember that game's host...]
  21. Because not everyone has Series 2 minifigures yet [they're not even available in some countries], and since building a scene relating to them is the focus of the contest, it puts everyone on level ground.
  22. hewkii9

    how do you keep the hair on?

    Another suggestion would be to take a tiny piece of saran wrap and put that between the head and hair.
  23. Ooh, really looking forward to how this one turns out! I've got an idea for Category B...how does everyone feel about the music of Avril Lavigne?
  24. I voted for the syringe and Spartan helmet - useful and long-awaited, respectively! Technically, the Skater's hair shouldn't be on that list - it was available on Lego Club Max just before Series 1's release