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    comics, manga, anime, cartoons<br />lego pirates(big fan of the redcoats and blue coats)<br />lego ninjas i need the green one to complete collection :O<br />lego castle half my room is filled with my castle kingdom!


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  1. ive already signed, but a question to bonaparte. has this been delivered yet?! i dont see how we'll be getting them by christmas if this isnt delivered within a few days from now (dec. 3rd)
  2. no need to be a jerk. i didnt use classic pirates in 2007, so i wouldnt know. i just go through the forums page and look at what ever seems to be at the first page, just so happens i found this. my bad for not reading the small text that says it was made in 2007.
  3. andy0002

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    what? madaboutlego won? but i know he already has an advent calendar! he makes stopmotion videos about how to build the pirates and city advent calendar items everyday! unfairness.... although your moc was good and im happy for you and what not, seems...i dunno, messed up i guess. im an american and i cant even buy the pirates one... if i win a raffle i hope one of the prizes (one i get) will be the pirates one, but for all i know, that might not even be a prize.
  4. andy0002

    tin7's Avengers!

    whered you buy iron man and where can i get one?
  5. you forgot 7048 troll warship.
  6. i think that someone should contact an advisor of some of the lego events such as brickfair, brickworld, and brickcon so we can set up some kind of trading system so we can get our favorite figures! i would personally like to make a large ninja army and have some archers around my kings castle seige! my wishlist: all of caveman cheer leader's hair clowns face all of ninja (as many as i can possibly get my hands on!! >:D) all of arhcer teenage boy's hair and torso (wish the hair were brown, would look alot like me! i like the skull, im pirates fan!) space man's torso and helmet wrestler's mask zombie's face (i want lots of these! :D)
  7. andy0002

    Hulk & Iron Man

    where did you buy this?? i couldnt find one that looked like it i want one so bad :O
  8. i hope somebody buys these bulk and sells pieces on bricklink for cheap so i can make an awesome silver tank with those treads! that thing would look epic....
  9. andy0002

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    All winners PM Seigfrieid with their name and address. You should send your real name (or at least part of it). ok, thats helpful . so i still have one question, how many days will there be winners? EVERY day until christmas from here on out? id like to know so i can start checking the page daily or every once in a while or when ever the new winner(s) announced. it doesnt seem like a very good chance at getting picked... 140 entries and yet less than 3 will be picked each day, maybe not even each day for a maximum of 27/28 (i think?) days. so like 86-62 people WONT get a prize... hmm... rather close to half the people, doubt ill get one, just my luck... ...yet the opportunity to even receive a prize is great!
  10. andy0002

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    how do i get to the calendar page?
  11. andy0002

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    how will we know if we win? you say up to 3 winners everyday until christmas will be chosen?
  12. andy0002

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Heres my entry: ; yeah, santa got a makeover in the great age of piracy, and is currently sporting a red boat being hulled by a shark. this way he can deliver presents to ALL the good little sailors, even the ones on stranded islands! (in case you couldnt tell, the stuff hanging from the christmasy palm tree are gems used to decorate the tree, because there were no lights in the great pirate age, and also because pirates seem to fancy gems as decorations.)
  13. andy0002

    Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm

    ive got a creation i just made involving pirates that is also christmasy. TECHNICALLY if i post my MOC as an entry to this, THEN post it as an entry to the christmas contest held by CopMike, that suites your rules, yes? you said never seen BEFORE anywhere else, so if this contest is the debut of my MOC, then i should be able to enter both contests. please reply soon and tell me if im right or wrong so i can post it in the christmas raffle before the end date tommarrow (so preferably as soon as possible...) i hope im not being a pain, but i dont want to waste your time with my entry if your just going to disqualify me, and if you do, you have proof of when i post my entries and that i followed the rules given.
  14. andy0002

    New Ideas for Pirate LEGO Sets

    i see the popularity in big sized sets and i thought about that for a moment. its clear we want a NEW port more than anything, and i agree to that. but if we REALLY want ALL of those big sets listed as options, we'll surely be waiting at least 3 years for 3 big sets, maybe more. such as the new imperial flag ship, lego only releases one BIG classic themed set a year, castle or pirates for the most part so far, and we have to give castle their space because they have fans too ya know... i doubt lego would do something like a big set in january and one in september, but we could always hope. i think it would be a good idea for lego to give into us and say "FINE! have your sets! we'll release all 3 this coming year (or 2) so you'll stop buggin us!!", but lego is nice, and also doesnt seem to take in much advice from AFOL's although theyve done it before.
  15. andy0002

    What's in a name ???

    mine has no story really, i was signing up for this video game called "maple story" (which i dont play anymore) and so when i found these lego sites online i decided to use my old name. my name is andy and i wanted a screen name like that but "andy" wasnt available on maple story so i decided 2 is my sisters unlucky number so i picked that, but "andy2" wasnt available either, so i tried putting 0's in front of the 2 so it would stay the number 2 until i reached andy0002, and now i think it sounds cool when you pronounce it as "andy triple zero two", so i kept that as my name when i came here.