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  1. CaptainRex110


    That's what she said! Who would do that to a poor minifigure?! That's pretty cool nonetheless. I agree completely. Hehe... That would be horrible...I don't even want to think about it.
  2. CaptainRex110

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Thanks, Inky! Looks good! Maybe it has something to do with 10212? Maybe it's a mini model of that. I hope not though because then that would mean the the shuttle in 10212 would be just a semi-standard shuttle which isn't very interesting... But hey, I missed the first version, so either way it's great!
  3. CaptainRex110

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    SDCC is like the 22nd of July. That'd be cool to see it at either one, but I'd prefer it to be revealed at SDCC 2010 - seeing that set and final minifigures in person for the first time would be awesome.
  4. CaptainRex110

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    And now we wait..... .....
  5. CaptainRex110

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Here's a pic of it. (Sorry for the large pic) I'm really looking forward to this set!
  6. CaptainRex110

    EB Community Star Wars Build

    Well here's my Engine Room. I never thought that I would find a use for my two random Turbo Tank wheels. There are four crates filled with supplies underneath the platform. Control platform with stereo, full computer, phone, storage compartment, and guns. The back with access hallway for control platform. Hallway door. Hope you all like it. I had fun. Comments welcome. Brickshelf here (When Moderated) Again, sorry for the poor picture quality.
  7. CaptainRex110

    EB Community Star Wars Build

    Finally finished uploading. Here's my entry: The Engine Room (Sorry for poor pic quality) I had a lot of fun building this. More pics can be found in the entry thread, and High-res pics here (when moderated). Hope you all like it!
  8. CaptainRex110

    Review: 8409 Spider Monkey

    Wow. This line sucks! (IMO) It had to be said. Thanks for the great review, however, I must say that I now hate these "sets" even more. Very disappointing for these to bear the LEGO logo. I can't wait for this theme to end so that we can get back to Systemy goodness! (i.e. Star Wars )
  9. CaptainRex110

    EB Community Star Wars Build

    Hey. Just to let you guys know, I have completed my model, and am just waiting to get my camera up and running so that I can get the pictures and upload them. Shouldn't be too much longer.
  10. CaptainRex110

    EB Community Star Wars Build

    Hey, I would love to participate in this! Can you sign me up for rooms 5 and 6 on Venator 1 as the engine room? Also, since those are interior rooms, can all four of the walls be light gray? Thanks. - CaptainRex110
  11. CaptainRex110

    [Review] 8092 Luke's Landspeeder

    I'll take some of your dark red... Nice review. I think that I'll be picking this set up.
  12. CaptainRex110

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Wow. I went to my local TRU a couple of weeks ago, and when I saw the prices, I almost died. They had all of the new Star Wars sets, and I was planning on buying them, but then I saw, and decided to try my chances at Target (which I finally found 8084, 8087, and 8088 at my Target). Look at these prices!<br> 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack - $14.99<br> 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack - $14.99<br> 8085 Freeco Speeder - $39.99<br> 8086 Droid Tri-Fighter - $39.99<br> 8087 TIE Defender - $65.99<br> 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter - $76.99<br> I couldn't believe it.
  13. CaptainRex110

    Power Miners 2010

    Oh. Those are new? I thought that those had been seen before, or I would have posted them here before I put them on BS. I got the link on Brickipedia (linked to this site). New sets are lookin' good!
  14. CaptainRex110

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Happy to be here. What happens now?
  15. CaptainRex110

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I think I'll give this a try.