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  1. Hello Eurobricks, "The Blocky Guide to parenting / Internet-Research" is my english version of "Der kleine eckige Erziehungsratgeber / Recherche" - Brickfilm, with 2 awards at STEINEREI, german brickfilmfestival. "Best Animation" & "Best Voice Performance". To make it more enjoyable for non-german speakers i also wanted and made a english version - so have fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3uqVWuPNvM ******** german original version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G9FSW-Wpf0&t=21s ******** a little look behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7QxIK4j2sI ********* little story behind the clip: original-voices (german version) are from a radio-comedy. fortuitously i was listening to the episode "Recherche" and i could not believe my ears, hearing them talking about LEGO, "LEGO-Films" and that in combination with german poet "Goethe" and brickfilms with his poems. I made such brickfilms and called the producer for research in the product and my remix-idea. We both had a lough - and sure they had seen some of my animated clips and wrote that episode. I asked for permission to make it a "lego-Film" again and here we are. 3 years later - because the project was sleeping in my head a long time. planed that with minifigs first, but made it different, as it was also a long dream having some kind of brick-based Stop-Motion-Puppets. They are based somehow on the LEGO 31019 (Monkey) - a set i really liked and used for animation in clips before. But you know - it´s descended from the apes Have fun, Steffen
  2. Hi Eurobricks, here is our new brickfilm: (00:04:09), HD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iZP_aNUOL8 made for the Welsh choir "Only Men Aloud" singing the 80s hit "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" in a re-release together with "Bonnie Tyler". It will be a worldwide single release in October 2009. We tried to put in some moments of the old original (partly stupid) music-clip but in the same way, telling a little new story, with some funny and also reflective moments. The clip is made with official authorization of "Decca Music Group" and "Universal Music Group". have fun, Steffen & Sandra www.golego.de
  3. golego

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle (Entries)

    Mmmmm Chrooooome! My first Vignette ever... "just a dark secret!"
  4. golego

    Brickfilms Help

    good i was able to help - if you have more questions - please ask
  5. golego

    Brickfilms Help

    Hi Tom, i guess i could give you some hints. But first i should know what system you use. As you talk about quicktime, i think you are on a apple computer, right? There are different steps (this goes to a windows system too) to make a brickfilm: PREPRODUCTION: 1: Story 2: Set-Building 3: Casting of Actors (step 1,2,3 can be in differnet order) PRODUCTION: 4: Animating the scenes with a Software. This Software is some kind of a Picture-Grabber (most have a preview to see the Pics onto your computer or laptop). You can use a still camera, a webcam or a Digi-Cam (USB or Firewire - depending on system, hardware and software you use)With Onion-Skining you can see the older steps of the animation and some other tools work like a flip-book. So you can control exactly how much you moved a object, figure and so on. Then you animate picture for picture, till your scene is finish. The Software combines these pics later to a little movie. POST-PRODUCTION: 5: Edit the animated scenes with a movie-editing Software. Here you combine and cut the animated scenes to your movie. Video-Effects, Transitions, Text and all that comes now, till your movie is ready to go to step 6... 6: Sound, Music and Voices Sound-Effects give the "naked" movie a finish and brings everything even more to life. There are a lot of websites with free royality SFX. Music gives emotion to you film. RELEASE 7: Burn it onto a DVD and show it proudly to friends and your girlfriend or woman. So she will know why you have been 15 days and nights in a dark basement without windows, only with pizza, computer your camera and LEGO. Realease it on your website, youtube or other video-sites to show your work to the world. Be very proud, if other people like it. 8: Start a new project, because its fun - goto step 1. ********************************************** More Tipps: - animate with two or more desk-lamps. Never do this in sunlight. It will give you light-flickers in your movie. Try to make interesting light (Day, Night, Inside - Shadows and Light, colores, LEDS) - don´t touch everything in every frame (pic) - it look unnatural. Think about timing. If you talk, your whole body is not shaking. So leave a fig for a few seconds doing nothing. If a guy listens to someone who talks - he do not need to be animated, only if he reacts... hope it´s understandable, what i mean... - FIX your Camera and the Sets with tape. This helps to avoid shaking. - use interesting camera-perspectives (cinematography) - a film always filmed from above (like in a theater) could be boring. Try to go onto the level of your minifigs. So the LEGO-World looks huge. - Bulild a Backdrop (Sky, clouds) - don´t film the background of your room, windows, desk... it looks strange and slingshots the audience out of your moving LEGO-World. - Use 12 to 15 fps (Frames per Second) In this range the human eye sees no more stumbling frames - the brain combines the pics to a fluid movie. And you can be more lazy because you dont have to animate 24 fps. Software could be: Apple: iStopMotion (grab), iMovie (edit), GarageBand (sound) PC: SMA, Animator DV, Monkey-Jam, TrickFilmCam (grab), Windows MovieMaker (edit), Sound-Software (?) have a look here for some links: http://golego.de/golego/studio.html Hope this help was first aid Steffen
  6. golego

    [Brick Flick] MIMUS

    Thank you all for the positiv feedback. Where´s problem to open an own section/forum for "brickfilm stuff"@eurobricks.com ? I guess some people here are really interested in it - and it´s a new pop-art brick-theme anyway. you can count on my interest and help for it! Steffen
  7. golego

    [Brick Flick] MIMUS

    thank you, but we have to say that the big-figs are NOT created by us. So we don´t want to adorn ourselfes with borrowed plumes. Those are display Figs we bought a year ago on ebay. Since then they had a immovable lifetime in our LEGO-room. But they liked it to be animated and asked yesterday for another moving animation. The hard thing with that was that they have a frame inside out of steel. And its hard to give those bodies some action. They swing after every movement. It was one of our hardest animations because there are no studs, no hinges, no connecting system.
  8. golego

    [Brick Flick] MIMUS

    Cute It shows how LEGO gives imagination to kids. I hope it wins. yes, thats what we wanted to show... and even more: what 5 Fingers (per Hand) can create, what can made out of only 5 bricks - and that there is still the "Leg God!" background in this wonderfully toy. The Festival was yesterday - so it´s over. We made the third place voted by the other brickfilmers who made films for the Brickfilm-Festival. The Other Films where very cool too first Place-WINNERS are: (JURY-PRIZE & Audience-Prize) 2XMW Studios & Boony (Co-Production via Internet) with their Film: "Der Fuenfte" (Brickfilmers-Prize) nichtgedreht with "Alles ist die Noppe" a Film about the fifth Paragraph of the basic law for the Federal Republic of Germany: Freedom of expression. They and even more shown at the Festival are posted since a few hours on the german brickfilm-community board: www.brickboard.de Have Fun ;-)
  9. Hello Eurobricks-AFOLs, as i dont know where to post a brickfilm here what is not a space-western-pirate-train-town-themed one i decided to post it here on "other themes" - hope this is okay. MIMUS (00:05:55) was made for the Brickfilm-Festival "Steinerei 2009" (13th of June 2009, Wolfsburg, Germany). The Theme for the Festival was "FIVE" as it was the fifth Festival since it started five years ago. You can Wach it in HD on Youtube - here is the LINK: Have FUN Steffen & Sandra, golego.de
  10. golego

    brickfilmers "golego" are saying ;-)

    Thank you for the fast answers - well this is my 4th post... so i need 6 more to be not a spam-bot
  11. golego

    brickfilmers "golego" are saying ;-)

    WOW and WOW and WOW! I just want to say the more i look around and read in the different boards i´m more and more impressed... about all the cool creations you builders have made and posted here. The helping tutorials in the customizing section, beautiful houses, space-y ships and planet-scenes, pirate-vignettes...WOW! This all gave me a lot of ideas for Films. There are so many Sets they would really look good in brickfilms. Thank you for the bunch of inspiration :-) In the same time i found so many Pictures i´ve seen the last months and years around the web and it´s so nice, to "see" (more read) who´s behind that designs and made these creations out of bricks. As a NooB here on Eurobricks I still have some more questions: - What means WIP ? I know MOC, but WIP...? - how can I send messages to other members. I have seen today a few Nicknames i know from older times at brickfilmsDOTcom and tried to send a message and i got this error: You are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board. Why ???? Thank you, Steffen and sorry for my german-sounding schnitzel-english and some spelling mistakes EDIT & Update: It´s ONLY 1 week and 2 days (13th of June) for the worlds biggest continuing brickfilm festival, Steinerei 09, Wolfsburg, Germany.
  12. golego

    brickfilmers "golego" are saying ;-)

    Thank you for your nice and welcoming words. My first question: where is the quote button here ??? okay... first i´m now quoting in red... Now let´s the discussions begin here on Eurobricks also. which part of the forum would be good for that right now ? i dont want to post some in a wrong category. It's becoming more and more popular on EB. that sounds nice... We need all the help and comments we can get on our members' brickfilms. where can i find some of your brickfilms ? where are some questions - maybe we can help ? How will we seperate you 2 if you share an account you never will seperate us ! we are more than a team - we are one of the rare LEGO-Fan couples on the world... harhar... .... but you will now if i write something, it´s me, Steffen. Sandra will read, but not write... as long you won´t open a german section... Steffen PS: i like the customizing part of this forum very much with all the decals and so... are they free to copy and use ?
  13. Hi Eurobricks Community, golego is my girlfriend SANDRA and me, Steffen. We are brickfilmers from germany and today we´ve been in LEGOLAND Günzburg. Well guess who we meet up there ==> ? A few crazy looking guys, some with T-Shirts with bricks and LEGO-Logos on (later then again, with plastic bags full of bricks). We had a nice little talk to some of these "eurobricks"-brickies and especially to CopMike. So we decided to take part here on this forum - and we hope we can help a bit and maybe give you some of our experience in brickfilming, if you are interested. If you just want to see what we do, check out our homepage: http://www.golego.de or go to our youtube-channel: http://www.youtube.com/golegode If someone likes to watch a bunch of good brickfilms LIVE in a big Cinema: take part at the next big german BrickFilm-Festival "Steinerei" - it will be at the 13th of June 2009, in Wolfsburg, Germany. Its the fifth Festival since it started in 2005 and the theme for brickfilms to qualify was "5". After the Deadline was over a few weeks ago there are now 17 Movies made by the german community of brickfilmers specially for this Festival. More Information here (only in german but you will understand the main parts): www.steinerei.de Have Fun Steffen & Sandra