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  1. My OVERWATCH minifigs MOC

    Good work. I'd like to see some close-up individual photos of each character if possible.
  2. My suggestions are simple. As a fan of cyberpunk, I'd like to see a bowl of noodles and a bowl of rice, both with a pair of chopsticks sticking out of them. How can I make a proper cyberpunk city scene without a noodle bar? Also, I'd like to see an updated version of the flintlock musket and pistol which would include a longer barrel, and no blunderbuss muzzle. I'd like to build some Revolutionary War stuff, but it's hard with the LEGO accessories. Plus, none of the third party accessory makers have made a satisfactory replacement.
  3. [MOC] Judge Dredd Brick Built Figure

    Great work. I'd love to see him with his Lawgiver.
  4. Vintage LEGO 6018 Battle Dragon !Review!

    Just outta curiousity, how much was this set when it was first released?
  5. Grey Knights

    Great job, these are awesome. I never would have thought to use those transparent blue blades for Nemesis Force Weapons. The wrist-mounted stormbolters are cool too
  6. I don't like the Flintlock Pistol, or the Flintlock Musket. If they could just lengthen the barrels of both, and get rid of the Blunderbuss muzzles, I'd love them.
  7. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    Here are my picks. 1. A futuristic, cyber-punk version of City. Think Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, etc. 2. A hard-fantasy theme similar to D&D. Mentioned by several others previously, it is a popular pick for a good reason. It wouldn't even have to be licensed either. Just bring back the AWESOME Fantasy Castle line from a few years ago. The Elves never got their due, and they could battle Lizardmen. 3. A good Steampunk theme. Yet another popular choice, it's never been done properly.
  8. WIP King's Bastion

    As somebody with an appreciation for MASSIVE castle builds, I LOVE this.
  9. [MOC] Bullnose

    Now THIS is just greatness. I love the heavily armored look of it. It looks like it can take a real beating and still keep going.
  10. MOC : Space Marine Troop Dropship

    Great job there! I especially like the engines.
  11. |MOC| The fifth element

    Great detail work, well done. Thanks for sharing.
  12. [MOC] Welcome to Fhloston Paradise

    This is completely awesome. Nice detail work, scene taken from one of my personal favorite movies, and great work on the figs. This MOC has it all. WELL DONE!
  13. Lord of the Rings minifigs custom

    I'd like to commend you on your outstanding work. My favorite is Legolas, you've done an excellence job correcting what I consider to be a gross oversight on the part of TLC when designing the licensed fig. The addition of the quiver and the fighting knives is truly a work of art. WELL DONE!

    That's exactly why walkers have never taken off in real world armed forces. However, this is subject to Rule of Cool, and is a winner in my book.
  15. Sci-fi Dinos

    Nice work, now all you need is a Turok to hunt them back into extinction.