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  1. I stand corrected.
  2. I disagree. The Viking spear has a flexible rubber tip, the Athlete javelin does not. Locating the spear and feeling for the rubber tip is how I found my Vikings.
  3. Yes, the Viking does indeed have an inner bag. It may help you locate him in the future.
  4. My Walmart had most of a case when I was there the other day. Managed to snag a Pirate Lady, 2 Vikings, and 2 Knights by feel. I really like the new sword that the Knight comes with. It reminds me of Glamdring.
  5. Abaddon127

    Space Force!

    Excellent build. I hope I actually live long enough to see a man land on Mars.
  6. Abaddon127

    [MOC] Western Minifigures [by General Magma]

    Excellent work! I especially like the variety of different groups and the parts usage.
  7. Abaddon127

    [MOC] The Crystal King

    Oh wow, this is great!
  8. Abaddon127

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not too impressed by this theme. I do realize that I'm not the target demographic though.
  9. Excellent work! I wish Nexo Knights had turned out half as awesome as the concept art.
  10. Abaddon127

    [Moc] Carn Dum

    Nice work. The circular towers are particularly good.
  11. Thank you guys for the useful product reviews. I may just end up sending some dough to Koruit.
  12. Abaddon127

    Future Castle Sets?

    Better than nothing I guess. I still want a full return of the Castle theme. Preferably a continuation of the Fantasy Castle line.
  13. The Viking's helmet and beard are definitely separate molds. No worries there, and I may just have to put together an Eowyn minifig for myself.
  14. I really love your custom Elf army work, and would love to see you do the same caliber of work on other LEGO fantasy armies like Dwarves, Orcs, Humans, etc.
  15. Abaddon127

    Open questions

    I've resorted to doing just that many times over the last decade plus. As for the the whole grasping a sword with two hands, I just dislocate the off arm from it's socket. Seems to work pretty well, but isn't strictly legal from a purist perspective.