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  1. Andre1983nl

    Assassain's Creed IV - Black Flag

    OW shoot .Been away for too long i quess
  2. Andre1983nl

    Assassain's Creed IV - Black Flag

    English Netherlands OW boy! (And yes i'm back after 2 years )
  3. Andre1983nl

    Classic Pirates Or POTC?

    Classic! But do we not mis the 2009-2010 serie? (not classic in my eyes) André
  4. How is that possible? POTC Jack want his ship back. POTC2 We meet Jones and the Flying Dutchman POTC3 Crew of the Black pearl looks for Jack and Will become the new captain of the Flying Dutchman (very short i know )
  5. When i found this on youtube i have look it 10 times repeadly without getting bored of it AARRH André
  6. Andre1983nl

    MOC Dutch Cavalery 1922-1940

    horse drawn artillery has played a major role in the defence of Holland May 1940, and did great work to hold off the Germans with the materials they had. No they had not the same fat as the polish. (Horse VS tank) There were barracks next to Airport Ypenburg and was bomed and 65 men and more then 100 horses died. I do re-enactment and i learned that there is group who does Dutch 1940 artillery, maybe i will join them. short youtube movie About the helmets. I know there are no dutch helmets in lego size ...... And if there where WW1 brodie helmets i could use them as an alternative for the Dutch M16 helmet. first helmet on this page. some short scenes with the dutch artillery (and one 1 scene they are "germans" )
  7. Andre1983nl

    MOC Dutch Cavalery 1922-1940

    This MOC will be build with new bricks. I ordered bircks at a site but i had to wait for a moth..... So the canon is on delay ..... so that not again! small update. What is a Hussar without a horse?
  8. Andre1983nl


  9. Andre1983nl

    MOC Dutch Cavalery 1922-1940

    question: are the WW1 MK1 brodie helmets voor lego? Or MK2.
  10. Andre1983nl

    MOC Dutch Cavalery 1922-1940

    So you can see, i'm working on the canon it's not ready. I use now black bricks at the moment but the out come he will be green or grey. I ordered some stuff. Lego Hussars Arsenal BA Lewis MG BA Revolver BA Enfield SMLE BF Musket BA Bajonet BF Bandolier BF Gunbelt Backback "pirate" sword The main weapons of the Dutch Army of WW2 was: Hembrug Steyr M95 Rifle and Carabine (Short rifle) Lewis M20 MG Pistol FN Browing M25 and Revolvers Lewis Gunner He used next the Lewis MG also a sidearm like the Browig M25 or a Revolver.
  11. Andre1983nl

    Brick Forge Musket Review

    I have 4 with other stuff for Lego MOC.
  12. Andre1983nl

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I am not smart but ..... In the movies they use bleu backgrounds to change things... In the movie he (Proberly!) lost his leg, but in real life they can't saw his leg of..... Take a good look to his knees!! So he has a bleu sock but in the movie we wil see a wooden leg. (Or something like it) Do you still follow me?