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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    The black suits from the other ninja in the leaked pictures are from next year's Spinjitzu Master sets, I don't think they are sensei suits like Lloyd's.
  2. Ninjago 2014

    I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but it seems that the round windows in this set use the same part as the wheels in set #41053 Cinderella's Dream Carriage
  3. REVIEW: 30165 Hawkeye with Equipment

    Seems like a cool little polybag. Would be an easy way of obtaining that new compound bow.
  4. 8804 LEGO Minifigures Series 4 Cheat Sheet

    The 4 I listed where the ones I wanted from this series, and I got them all by feel. I only listed the dots for those that might be interested in them.
  5. 8804 LEGO Minifigures Series 4 Cheat Sheet

    I bought 4 minifigures today here in Belgium: Kimono Girl, Monster, Scientist and Werewolf. They had '550B0' code imprinted on them and the following dot patterns, as best as I can see (some dots are hard to see)
  6. 4898 raffle tread

    I'm in too
  7. Police Helicopter Review

    if you look at the police picture from the instruction booklet, it looks to me that the 3 sets in the bottom left corner are the bike (7235), patrolcar (7236) and prisoner transport (7245) from 2005, but with new blue stickers?
  8. That's Dutch (as spoken in Belgium and the Netherlands), not German :-P
  9. New Ferrari Set Pic Review

    Nice reviews, I don't like the torso stickers very much. There is two much black outline and they seem too small to fit properly on the figs. I also wish Lego would make similar sets of the Renault team instead of Ferrari (I'm a Renault-fan myself ) Oh, and you got a few things mixed up: It seems you put the stickers on the wrong minifig, Schumacher's face is the one of the right fig and Massa's the left (though it seems it's just Barrichello's face they reused from 8389) Would it be possible to have a pic of their helmets? I'm curious if they made a new helmet for Massa, or they just reused Barrichello's one too? And the "firefighter" is just the mechanic operating the fuel pump. He wears more protective clothes and helmet to protect him from potential fires (which can occur if some of the fuel is spilled on a hot exhaust for example)
  10. All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    I send an email to lego to ask when the sets will be available here in Belgium and they mailed me back that they haven't decided on a final release date, but that it would be June or sooner
  11. All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    I think it is, or it's at least inspired by that one. I think it also has influences from the vehicle Batman operates at the end of Batman & Robin to get to Freeze. Maybe Robin's vehicle in that set is based on that thing Robin operates in the same scene? I don't think we'll see a Max Shreck or Vicky Vale, since they are more obscure characters :/ Arkham is in both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin: the Riddler is locked in Arkham at the end of Batman Forever when he goes nuts and thinks he's Batman and in Batman & Robin, Freeze gets caught and locked in Arkham, but escapes with the help of Poison Ivy and Bane. At the end of the movie Freeze and Ivy are caught again, and have to share a cell. So I think no tumbler there :)
  12. All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    The Lego minifig designer over at Legions of Gotham says the final UCS batmobile will mostly be like this one more info here: link
  13. Hi all

    My interest in Bionicle fade away indeed, and I also wanted to spent my money on things I liked more
  14. All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    I just hope that the Arkham set will be available here in Belgium, or that the minifigs from that set wlll at least be included in other sets in the future I really want that Nightwing minifig! :P