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  1. john cleese

    How to Inventory My Collection

    are there any colors which do not fair well using the peroxide or oxiclean recoloration methods?
  2. are there any colors for which the method does not work or worse yet, exacerbates the discoloration?
  3. john cleese

    How to Inventory My Collection

    I understand supply and demand but this is just ridiculous. I don't care if there is only one of these on Bricklink. If someone other than the 12 year old son of a Pfizer CEO purchases this element for this price, he should probably at least talk it over with his shrink.
  4. john cleese

    How to Inventory My Collection

    So as I was researching how this crazy aftermarket works, I came accross,%20Decorated%5D#T=P This is a joke right? I have several of these I am sure. Who would buy one of these for even the amount depicted on the tile?
  5. john cleese

    How to Inventory My Collection

    Either I wasn't aware of this yellowing problem or at least I forgot in the past 10 years about it. at any rate I have watched a video that says you can fix this with hydrogen peroxide. Is there any good reason not to do this? Not to say I would try to list them as new of course. Or any of the parts. although I am still waiting for the explanation of how parting out a MISB legoland exclusive from the 1980s is not shoe on head moronic
  6. john cleese

    How to Inventory My Collection

    I am really going to need to see a viable economic argument for that because I am unable to entertain one on my own. I suspect that since brinklink has apparently funelled everything into "new" and "used" categories (whereas I seem to recall there being designations such as "like new") that sellers are only trying to accurately represent the quality of the products they are selling regardless of Bricklink's prescribed protocols, which seem too stringent in all honesty. If that is indeed the case then I cannot exactly blame them. From an advertising perspective "used" seems synonymous with "bad". It would seem to indicate an item that is fundamentally worn in some way.
  7. john cleese

    How to Inventory My Collection

    Yes, I was thinking of sorting out the rare or relatively valuable items and selling the remaining common components in bulk on ebay. I suppose the main issue is that I am not sure how to determine what the parts are. Of course both Peeron and Bricklink have every part recorded but that is like going through the library of Babel if I'm going in blind. So I am wondering if there is a more efficient method than going through every single lego piece in existence which seems somewhat absurd to me (though not impossible of course) As for the new/used thing I am even more confused. I would be incredulous as to why ANYONE would have "new" rare components by your definition as they could surely make more money selling a mint in sealed box set than the separate parts. Could you try explaining the economics of this? I remember I scarcely bought anything "used" from Bricklink when I was a kid just because "used" could mean anything from "a bit dirty" to "the dog got a hold of it". At any rate it seems like if a set had for instance, those rare red knight visors in it and it was still packaged then the individual knight visor cost would be more than accounted for in the overall price of the boxed set. So if "new" means exactly as you say then I am highly dubious anyone selling those components individualy has the right to declare them as "new".
  8. Hello Eurobricks. When I was 16, I was an avid fan of lego and took MOCing quite seriously as a hobby. I amassed a collection of 10s of thousands of pieces and I purchased and otherwise came into posession of many rare and unique parts that have doubtless appreciated in value since a decade has passed. I have resolved to organize and sell my collection via Bricklink because, well, I really need the money. But I really have only a vague idea of what parts might be rare and valuable. Furthermore I am not sure how to determine what the parts are called in the first place, so that I may gauge their market value. Another aspect I cannot figure out is new vs. used condition. I can see that most of the canopies are lightly scuffed and chrome is wearing off other elements but apart from that I cannot say any of the pieces are really not in mint condition from my own point of view. What should I be looking for? I would really appreciate any pertinent advice to operating a bricklink store in efficient and ethical terms. Thank you.
  9. john cleese

    Lego tells Bricklink, "No "Lego" in store names."

    I would completely boycott TLG if they closed BL. Now that would be TLG's stupidest decision. EDIT: check out what Troy changed his name to 'Troy's Surplus Bloks : -P' lol
  10. john cleese

    TLG's stupidest decision?

    I got over the color change without too much drama. I mean, when I first noticed the difference in color, I said "what the hell?!". but I decided not to even recognize this ridiculous color change and use both colors in my MOC's. But I've noticed that the color change still screwed me because with your bley and grey elements mixed, old grey can look discolored. So I find myself picking up grey elements, which I suspect are getting discolored, and comparing them to elements I know are old grey. Has this been a problem for anyone else? It's especially a problem for me as my elements are in ziploc bags stored in my Dad's loft, which is incidentally the room with the most windows. Fortunately he lives right by a large office building.
  11. john cleese

    New Ferrari Formula 1 System Racer

    and I'd love to see yours ;-) You've gone with the "I bet you can't do better" approach. Do movie critics direct movies? I would never make a ferrari in this scale because I only like to build minifig scale moc's. I also don't really want to build a ferrari. I think it could be a lot better. I mean if I went to the grand Prix and saw that thing come out onto the track, i'd barely be able to contain myself. :-D
  12. john cleese

    New Ferrari Formula 1 System Racer

    I'm sorry if this offends anyone but it looks like a pile of crap. I think a 4 year old on drugs could do better. *wacko*
  13. john cleese

    Hello There from TA!

    Welcome TET. If you need pieces at affordable prices, just pop on over here and you can get all the parts you want.
  14. I came across this on BS. I'm sure a lot of us have seen some of the entries for the Steampunk SW competition. This moc in particular caught my eye. I really like the cockpit design and how he did the front, very creative.
  15. john cleese

    Favorite Wild West Set

    Mine is bandits secret hideout even though I dont own it. I like how it looks like a mine and the cannon on rails is a nice touch.