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  1. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Nice stuff everyone! I especially like your photo, cuurchk. What kind of background is this? #may4th by BaneStudios, on Flickr The Meeting by BaneStudios, on Flickr Hope you like it! :)
  2. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    What's the thing with Jar Jar? We still all hate him, right? Anyway, it's been a long time I posted here, but today I felt like taking pictures :) Old Republic Patrol by BaneStudios, on Flickr Now... I want some new-era Stormtroopers, LEGO pls Cheers -Bane
  3. Comic Series - Reno's fate

    Thank you very much for all your feedback! /irony Corellia at night - BrickStrip #07 by BaneStudios, on Flickr
  4. Comic Series - Reno's fate

    Forgot to keep this thread up to date, here we go! The Meeting - BrickStrip #05 by BaneStudios, on Flickr Offer you can't refuse - BrickStrip #06 by BaneStudios, on Flickr Cheers, Bane
  5. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    First scene with my new macro lens. What do you guys think? No disintegrations! by BaneStudios, on Flickr
  6. Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Always in motion the future is. by BaneStudios, on Flickr Step 1. Buy an expensive macro lens Step 2. Put some minifigs near it Step 3. Take a photo of the macro lens Step 4. ??? Step 5. Profit!
  7. Comic Series - Reno's fate

    Lost Friendship - BrickStrip #04
  8. Comic Series - Reno's fate

    Thanks, Darkdragon. Click on the photo for better resolution (flickr). Hope you like it!
  9. Comic Series - Reno's fate

    BrickStrip #02! Click on the picture for high res (flickr). Greetings, Bane
  10. Hey there! This is going to be a new comic series, taking place a few thousand years before the Star Wars movies. Still have no title for it yet. The next two comic strips are already done and will be released daily (as long as it is possible). Doing this in German for Bricktopia, thought I'd share it with you guys :) Hope you enjoy, any comments, critic, suggestions are very welcome! To be continued... tomorrow. Greetings Bane
  11. Surviving the crash (Forced perspective)

    I feel like you should rather post it in the Star Wars Lego photography thread ;) Your photo is quite good, even though the troopers are a bit too underexposed.
  12. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    I'm thinking of continuing the story. What do you guys think? ~ nice pics everyone! especially like the coruscant police gunship pic - even though I have to admit I'm not a fan of the set.
  13. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks! The minifigs are standing on top of a vodka bottle. I should stop drinking.
  14. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Please someone tell me why one of the best threads on the EB Star Wars forum has been inactive for half a year. Winter is coming is over, everybody take their cameras and make some great shots! I'm going to revive this thread in 3...2... Elite of the Republic by BaneStudios All quiet on the lower levels by BaneStudios Hope you like it. Greetings, Bane
  15. Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Makes me think about Walther White and Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad... Hilarious as always Oky. You set the standards pretty high ;)