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  1. Chromeknight

    MILS modules with track.

    For our layouts, the track is ballasted independently of the base and sits on a layer of tiles, with occasional stud join points.
  2. Chromeknight

    High nose (maersk mod)

    I never bought the maersk train. But after watching one tootle around our club layout I was inspired to see if I could build one from what I had. It was never going to be blue and grey, but having the panels in red lead me to that colour. Here is an progress shot, one element type needs replacing with the correct colour, otherwise it’s ready to roll. And of course, it stiill needs lettering and numbering. Any tips on that would be appreciated. And yes. I’m aware the GP-40-2 never had a high nose variant and the SD-40-2, which did, properly had Co trucks. Perhaps I should splurge on some of zephyr’s truck frames...
  3. Chromeknight

    Power up Two trains one remote
  4. Chromeknight

    Powered Up - Issues

    Two two port hubs connected to a single remote, one train motor attached to each (one channel A, one channel B). Observed stuttering on channel A train motor if channel B train motor is running.
  5. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Conclusion

    I suspect this game would have been a lot harder had McCoy gone on day one. Sulu wouldn’t have been walking that fine line between ignoring McCoy and pointing toward others.
  6. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Conclusion

    Town won. I’m not cross. I was a bit frustrated you went for me over McCoy on day five. If one of the three you had voted for McCoy I would have felt I had something to work with. As it was you all voted the same way and I shrugged and gave up, knowing it wasn’t LyLo and that Umbra-Manis would be the target on day six when I flipped town. That’s where the sheep comment came from.
  7. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Confirmation

    Mm. Eating ice cream in the brig with Spock. Mm Thanks for the great game Bob! Even though I wasn’t always 100% attentive. Thanks to the other bridge officers too!
  8. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Five

    I’ma eat all the ice cream before you get there. And you won’t be allowed to say anything ‘cause I’m Uhura.
  9. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Five

    Enjoy day six ya sheep!
  10. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Five

    Yes I was worried about Chapel and Mallory. But that was because I didn’t know Sulu’s allegience. I’ve seen Sulu flip scum since then. I’m less worried about them now. I’ve said I don’t think scum would bus scum. I’m totally prepared to be wrong. Mafia games make fools of us all. If, after tomorrow and McCoys lynch, the game continues it’ll be LyLo and the three of you will face a brain bending Mexican showdown. I don’t envy you.
  11. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Five

    Sulu’s greatest hits. Day one. Three votes on McCoy already. Sulu has a easy vote option, be number four on McCoy. Not the hammer, not the band leader. But no, vote for Scotty with jokey reason, later withdrawn. He ends up hammering Spock. one point for McCoy, one for Scotty. Day two. Scotty calls out Sulu for low post count. Sulu holds back on the vote. It’s tied 3-3 McCoy(again) and Kyle. He plumps for Kyle, saving McCoy. Uhura calls him out for waffleposting. one point for McCoy, minus one for Scott Day three. Votes on McCoy (also he should have had penalty votes for not voting day two, but oh well). Sulu begins to unhinge as Chekov lays a vote on him and Malloy and Chapel call him out as scummy. Then Chekov self votes after digging scummiest player hole. I get drawn in, as does Mallory. Then Sulu votes McCoy?!? After Chekov is hammered though. Two pings for McCoy. Half a ping for Scotty, getting sucked into the Chekov hole made him lose sight of the Sulu-scummy, coulda been deliberate? Finally Day four. Bam! First vote McCoy for Uhura. Chapel lays out three possible teams, but discounts McCoy/Uhura. leaving Sulu as common thread. Malloy analyses Uhura and, Unsurprisingly second vote: Sulu for Uhura. Sulu gets lynched and his last words point to me, but also to McCoy?!? I still think McCoy is scum and have done reading to back up my gut feeling vote: McCoy (Umbra-Manis) If it’s right, we win. if it’s wrong, Day 6 is likely me and then day 7 is Malloy v. Chapel v. Scotty
  12. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Four

    This question? ok here goes. If my guess is wrong, Chapel’s analysis could be right that you’re scum. If my guess is right, Chapel needs to be shown to be wrong. She’s laid out a case for you to be lynched. If you flipped town, that would prompt sustained scrutiny of three players who’ve not (as far as I recall) garnered votes or serious attention. That’s kinda what I was trying to say earlier. PM Hink vents paranoia privately and can deliver measured and well reasoned stuff in thread which helps hunt scum (mostly). Plus, Eurobricks mafia has developed the unfortunate meta of ‘claim-to-Hink’, which is great if he’s town and catastrophic if scum Without PMs Scotty vents in public sometimes creating more heat than light. In PM Chrome would be free to say, hang on, don’t understand, explain again, without having to worry about another player chiming in with “why are you defendy-suspicioning them/me, pick a line, I get confused when you change your mind for no apparent reason, are you scum?!?” with no PMs Uhura’s paranoia manifests as quietness, leading to accusations of middle of road sheep floaty play. But it is what it is, and we’re getting to the pointy end.
  13. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Four

    Thanks for my recap Malloy. It does seem I’ve been all over the shop. The problem with me is, a i clumsily tried to say, I haven’t been as invested in the hunt as I should be. I wake to long threads, sometimes add something and go again, waiting for more conversation. This is, I know a poor thing to do. I plead life, much like Scotty’s day one. I kinda wish I was scum, I’d have someone to talk to outside of thread, but I’m not, so don’t. Bluntly, I suspect all of you, for different reasons, some of which are nebulous and unformed. I have no reason to trust anyone. And being “townie seeming”, in my opinion, in this game, and from recent experiences with Vikings and Forest animals, actually raises suspicion rather than allays it. Hence I poked at Scotty, as the most town seeming and someone cheerfully gathering a little group around him and seeming them ok. Frankly, it’s what I would do if I were scum. Find a useful active townie, get them onside and carry the day. My frustration and disincentive with the game is I just don’t know stuff. Getting reads on people is, to me, such an inexact science i could quite happily make an argument that Chapel’s vote for Sulu is a scum ploy to differentiate them self from a possible bandwagon lining up on me. I don’t think the scum want to see five votes all on me, since that either means I’m not scum or I’d’ve been bussed, which, as I’ve said is unlikely and counterproductive in such a small game. But equally I think it’s a valid vote, Sulu could well be scum, and despite our lack of interaction, I’d vote him, he’s certainly pinged other people. McCoy drew my early attention mostly because I forget that some players aren’t native English speakers and phrase things oddly. Does that exonerate him? Sorta, kinda, I guess? Doesn’t mean he’s not scum, but provides an alternative explanation to my gut reaction. I’m gonna pause here to read Malllorys most recent I was about to ask if Sulu was going to put his vote where his pout was, but I see he has. We aren’t scum mates, so Chapel’s proposed teams is down to either Sulu/McCoy or some combination involving Scotty and or Malloy. vote: Sulu(TariqJ) Even though I worry about Scotty, if you had me at rapier point and asked me who the Romulans are, I’d pick Malloy and Chapel. I haven’t done the analysis or gone through quotables, it’s purely a gut feeling. Why Sulu then? Chapel is right, it’s a decent test, he could well be floaty scum.
  14. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Four

    Didn’t say lead. Said delivered. You have been a vocal player (as per your style). Two things follow from that style. Everyone else seems quiet and sheepish in comparison and two, people often look where you point (or look at who you’re pointing at). They may make up their own mind, but having looked they may agree with you and have less to say about it because you and whoever you’re arguing with about have already said so much. You haven’t always voted first on a player (that’d be a ping) nor have you called players out but not voted for them (that’d be a ping) nor have you always been the hammer vote (that’d be a ping). But you have always voted for the officer who went to the brig. Perhaps that’s inevitable in such a small game, and true, you’ve nowhere said, ‘look at me I stayed of that vote train on a townie I’m town’ (saying so would be a ping). By that count you have no pings. The trouble is that most players have a ping or two each game as they go through. Mostly because they don’t care and aren’t avoiding notice. Sometimes because they are trying to force and outcome. But you, Scotty, are all clean. And the question is, is that because you’re a very experienced town player who knows how to not distract the town or a very experienced scum player who knows how to not garner attention. From the quote above, you seem the towniest of the town. I’m ok with the assumption that noisy generally equals town and quiet equals hiding scum. But it’s not alway true. Personal playstyle is also a factor. Scott is always noisy, regardless of alignment, yelling about not having the power or some such guff. Uhura is usual quieter in situations like this, reading, inputting occasionally and thinking. I tend to be a behind the scenes player. But like the last game, there are no scenes to play behind, no PMs, no whiteboard, just a noisy bridge and infernal bagpiping. You’d know if I were Romulan, I’d be pushing for particular outcomes rather than bobbling along a bit, watching what happens and listening to noisy Scotsmen.
  15. Chromeknight

    Star Trek Mafia - Day Four

    Apologies all. Deep space signalling work means I’ve been ignoring you. But by the looks of it, we’ve had the scumdar module installed with the wrong polarity. The reason I mixed up my own voting order was because I didn’t care. I didn’t at any point think 💭 oh, if I vote now I’m the 🔨 hammer, but what if that gets me extra scrutiny? Oh no, better wait or vote someone else 💭 nope, I didn’t care if I get scrutiny for a vote. I’m playing the game I always play. Which amusingly, always drives Scotty mad because he can’t read me. I do regret not sticking with McCoy, but I’m not too busted up about that given Chekov’s confusing behaviour. Much as Scotty can be hyper he has said one thing I found useful. Previous to this Helpful Scotty divides the group into “good” guys and “bad” guys, calls the “good” guys to work together and lays out this gem, apparently saying “don’t worry if my target seems townie, the fact that I delivered three town lynches already should be ignored” Now, I’m not offended that Scotty has decided he needs to do me later. I’d suggest it means he needs to put extra work into pulling stuff out of what I’ve said and done to paint me as scummy.