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  1. Chromeknight

    [MOC] Sydney Trains T-set Inspired Train

    As someone who rides these to work and back every weekday, I can see you’ve captured the look without getting bogged in details. Very nice! The bright yellow is true to prototype, though I note you’ve moved the pantograph from the front driving car to the second trailer car. Whether you count that as minor detail or error is your call.
  2. Chromeknight

    MOC: GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall (4-Wide)

    Lovely! Thank you.
  3. Chromeknight

    MOC: GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall (4-Wide)

    For funsies, what’s it look like in Dark green?
  4. Chromeknight

    River Canyon Railroad

    I think for the water, if you’re going for a mountain river, transclear studded plates may be your way to go. It’ll provide depth but bring the colour closer to natural. This pic was work in progress from a Durango and Silverton layout I did a couple of years ago.
  5. Meh, someone has to die. And I was an easy lynch, But I was saddened to see no one (besides BulldogDanny) doing any proper voting analysis.
  6. Despite not winning I always get drawn back in....
  7. Chromeknight

    FABUpunk! Mafia II Sign-ups

    Bulldog, yes, vanilla town. What were the questions again?
  8. Chromeknight

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    But I sent my night action in already, was it successful?
  9. Chromeknight

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    I’m going to regret this. I always regret the funstress of mafia. but fine. I’m in.
  10. Chromeknight

    Branch line station from a well known franchise

    Thanks for the offer. All the minifig scale stuff, such as luggage, plants and figs is yet to go on. as for the rest, some of what you’re talking about are conscious aesthetic choices, aiming to simplify and smooth the building. I’m an 80s LEGO kinda guy. And since it’s a small layout with a kid/toy theme I’d like the viewers to look at it and go ‘I could do that (given right coloured pieces)’. There’s a place for ‘how did you do that?’ builds, but I’m not aiming for that here. That said, I did note the big blank wall in the middle which needs.. something, and throwing some profile bricks into corners isn’t a bad idea either. What isn’t apparent from the single picture is the station is a single solid unit with no interior, it sits on tiles and a handful of studs, but comes off easily for transport. I can hold it upside down and shake it a bit without worrying about pieces falling off.
  11. Chromeknight

    Branch line station from a well known franchise

    Yes, but my version doesn’t have the grey face or the number 1.
  12. I’m working on a tiny layout, 128 studs by 96. Featuring small wheel base British steam engines (I’ve previously shown my green one). Here is the station for the layout. more to come, stay tuned.
  13. Chromeknight

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    Sorry, I realise my reply came across as harsh. LEGO is a kids toy company. They want to make their products as simple and playable as possible. Making mums and dads find and buy a seperate pack to motorise a train is neither simple nor good play value. A train box with everything needed in it is what parents want.
  14. Chromeknight

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    Some simple thought would show why that’s not going to happen and why, if it did, it would be a bad thing.
  15. As Hinkley mentioned I wasn’t a fan of the no PMs I’ve been trying to think why that is. For me it breaks down in two parts. First, as someone in an uncommon timezone, stuff often happens while I sleep or work. This means if I post in thread, there can be a long delay before I am responded to, it at all. With PMs included the flow is better, I’m able to back and forth with individuals over specific points rather than only relying on people being around at convenient times to reply in thread. Secondly, it’s another criteria to judge activity. If someone is replying to me lots, but not posting in thread, that’s quite different to someone posting in thread but ignoring my PM. Thirdly, people say stuff in PM that they’d never say in thread. That stuff is gold and it would slow the game to lose it.