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  1. As an iPhone and PFx brick user, the app… works? But doesn’t do anything beyond basic control. Certainly not multi brick Bluetooth control, which was my projected use case. And to program sound profiles I still need to plug it into a desktop. I like the PFx brick, but with advancements such as the blunami dcc controller that have become available at comparable price and the projected availability of a DCC enabled 9v motor, the PFx brick is falling behind the tech curve. I don’t know if better app would keep it relevant.
  2. Chromeknight

    LEGO Trains 2022

    For those saying the wheel spacing is 6, count again. The rails are mounted on jumper studs and there’s a 1x3 tile between them, giving the same 4 stud spacing as regular trains. You can confirm this by looking at the pieces between the front pilot truck wheels, 4 studs. The boiler is 6, the footplates 9 and the piston boxes 10. All of this is in line with what scale builders have doing over the past decade.
  3. Chromeknight

    Lego clearly doesnt want my money!

    Can you imagine the level of whining here if LEGO did release another 65537 style steam train? No rods, no different sized wheels, just the basic wheel unit, detail provided by a sticker that isn’t even realistic. Lego would be accused of ignoring train fans. Again.
  4. Chromeknight

    Doublenook - MOC

    I’m now 90% done building my own copy of this. Just waiting on some BL orders. thanks for the instructions @Hod Carrier! Some notes. The silo- I’m not certain that it works as shown in the file. It was a simple fix rotating the bit under the slider, but worth checking. The orange and DkGreen corner panels only came in 3 sets each, I substituted Tan and Med.Azure. I also added a couple of black plates in the middle underneath to strengthen the build. I’ll post pictures once the orders arrive. But thanks again, it’s such a fun toy!
  5. Chromeknight

    LEGO Trains 2022

    The roof piece also comes in a four wide version. The front window is two studs wide, not a train door.
  6. Chromeknight

    Southern Pacific in LEGO ...

    For those of us unfamiliar with what loco you’re talking about, perhaps a reference picture would help. in terms of colours though, two quick points. Lego bricks are in a limited range of colours, most of the time it is choosing ‘close enough’. And with the exception of a handful of colours, anyone can grab some colours and see how they look in real life. Have you done that? Not worrying about shape, just considering the questions asked above, does the grey look ok? And the red?
  7. Chromeknight

    Control Bricks

    Ah cool! Thanks for the addition. yes, I meant control of more than one hub using the offical app for the product. The TLDR version for those on mobile devices that have trouble reading the table. I want to control a train? Use PF. yes, but I want range! ok use PU. yes, but it needs lights too! ok SBrick is what you’d want And sound! ok, use PFx, but you’ll need space in your loco Oh but my loco is tiny! if you forgo light/sound, circuit cube is tiny. Or BuWizz for a set or two of lights.
  8. Chromeknight

    Control Bricks

    I think the below information is correct, but I’m not totally certain as I don’t have all the systems, The answers apply to a pure system of that type. There is some ablilty to mix and match and to use something like the Brick Automation Project for control. Anyway… the comparison LEGO PU LEGO PF PFx Brick S Brick BuWizz Bluetooth Circuit cube Power Lego Battery or equivalent Lego Battery or equivalent Lego Battery or equivalent USB power Lego Battery or equivalent Internal LiPo Circuit Cube battery box Connector PU proprietary PF proprietary PF compatible PF compatible PF compatible Propietary Output # 2 2 2 plus Light board and speaker 4 4 3 Control medium Bluetooth IR Bluetooth, IR, USB Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Native multiple Unit control Yes Yes Yes (IR only) Yes Yes No Sensor support Yes No No Yes Yes, plus Internal 3 axis and port voltage Propietary sensors Sound output On app, non-modifiable On app, non-modifiable 16kb internal memory, speaker output No No Buzzer cube Light output PU plug lights, on/off PF lights, on/off PF lights, plus many others. PF lights, on/off. S Brick light box for more On board multicolour LEDs, PF/PU lights Yes if there are other helpful rows to add, let me know!
  9. Chromeknight

    Southern Aurora Consist

    I’ve just finished the underbody work on a project I’ve been working on for about 6months Eight cars (of prototypical 14) from a overnight service that used to run between Sydney and Melbourne. The other cars are on my Flickr, click through the image. 62 studs long, 8 wide. So approx 1:43. I’m looking forward to shows returning so I can give the whole set a run on a layout sometime, it’s too long for my home!
  10. Chromeknight

    [MOC] Sydney Trains T-set Inspired Train

    As someone who rides these to work and back every weekday, I can see you’ve captured the look without getting bogged in details. Very nice! The bright yellow is true to prototype, though I note you’ve moved the pantograph from the front driving car to the second trailer car. Whether you count that as minor detail or error is your call.
  11. Chromeknight

    MOC: GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall (4-Wide)

    Lovely! Thank you.
  12. Chromeknight

    MOC: GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall (4-Wide)

    For funsies, what’s it look like in Dark green?
  13. Chromeknight

    River Canyon Railroad

    I think for the water, if you’re going for a mountain river, transclear studded plates may be your way to go. It’ll provide depth but bring the colour closer to natural. This pic was work in progress from a Durango and Silverton layout I did a couple of years ago.
  14. Meh, someone has to die. And I was an easy lynch, But I was saddened to see no one (besides BulldogDanny) doing any proper voting analysis.
  15. Despite not winning I always get drawn back in....