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  1. Chromeknight

    Small track loop?

    Inglenook layout sizes are a function of how long your rolling stock is. in 4.5v era, that’s about 16 studs or a piece of track. Though the loco will be twice that because of the battery box car. A regular inglenook has siding lengths of 4, 4 and 5 cars. A smaller inglenook with siding lengths of 2, 2 and 3 is still operationally satisfactory at L-Gauge size. The headshunt length is short siding length plus loco length. This means a small inglenook layout would need only two straights on the short sidings. 4.5v point geometry means your sidings won’t diverge, and as you’ve discovered, won’t fit inside a minimum size circle. This gives three options. -without loop, a 4.5v inglenook layout would be 1baseplate/10in/25.4cm wide (since points don’t diverge) and 5bp/50in/127cm long (short siding length plus point length plus point length plus headshunt length) -with loop, points outside, a basic loop is 3bp/76.2cm/30in square. You need to add another baseplate in length to fit points in and half a baseplate in width. This means an inglenook with outside sidings, needs 4bp/101.6cm/40in by 3.5bp/88.9cm/35in space. -with loop points inside adds a straight after the points on the loop and makes the inside sidings curved. The dimensions of this setup would be 4.5bp x 3bp.
  2. Chromeknight

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Unless there’s the ability to stack more than train motor on an output (which is unlikely) there won’t be a need for a polarity switch.
  3. Chromeknight

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Now if only there was a way to make the train make those noises rather than the phone. Then we’d be moving closer to what model railroaders can do.
  4. Chromeknight

    2018 Lego Trains

    Looking at the way they were able to push the train around without batteries, there’d be very little drag from the back engine even if unpowered.
  5. Chromeknight

    2018 Lego Trains

    perhaps the next creator fairground set should be a park train, like the Disney ones. A colourful American loco, a pair of 24 stud coaches, a nice covered platform. Sorted.
  6. Chromeknight

    [MOC] LEGO Railroad Crossing For LEGO Trains!

    It’s very cute. do note however, that the grey road parts between the rails will derail any train. You’ll need to drop it by a plate. Also consider bows or cheese slopes between the rails as a lead in for better running.
  7. Chromeknight

    2018 Lego Trains

    From Hoth bricks. nothing new, but seems to confirm only one switch in the cargo train
  8. Chromeknight

    2018 Lego Trains

    Is it orange or flame yellow?
  9. Chromeknight

    2018 Lego Trains

    Do the coaches on the passenger train look like they're just a recolour of the middle of 60051? The side of the loco looks like there's a 4x12 panel sideways mounted to hide the battery box, but they're put the wrong panel on each side, reversing them and breaking the colour flow. There's a similar 4x12 patch on the green loco. Perhaps the battery box is a touch wider than 4 studs and has studs on the sides? Given what's visible of the buffer stop in the freight set, it's possible its sprung. That is, cars hitting it can be bounced back some. The track count on the freight set is also odd. I'd expect there the be a right hand point, two more straights and two more curves. Lego hasn't had a set with a single points that I can remember, nor a set where straights weren't a multiple of four. (There's six visible in the picture).
  10. Chromeknight

    Durango and Silverton layout

    Thought you guys here might enjoy it too. The album is [url=]here[/url].
  11. Chromeknight

    2018 Lego Trains

    Train doors in Black in the new HP coach set. So they still have the mould!
  12. Chromeknight

    Shunting Layout at SBS (now with pics!)

    I certainly was using the centre section as a 3-3-2 inglenook! It's also somewhat similar to a Timesaver pattern.
  13. Chromeknight

    Engine Shed V3

    lovely work! do you have pictures of the switch motor assembly? It's a very neat solution.
  14. I recently displayed a 8 baseplate by 3 (2032x762mm) layout at the Sydney brick show. Featuring a loop of track for continuous running that is half hidden by buildings plus a spur with tracks for shunting. I used short wheelbase stock and the class 8 shunter that I've shown here previously, now recoloured dark green. Shunting layout SBS17 by James Howse, on Flickr Shunting layout SBS17 by James Howse, on Flickr Shunting layout SBS17 by James Howse, on Flickr More in [url=]flickr[/url] stream Thanks for looking!
  15. Chromeknight

    Heroica RPG - Quest#155: The Grunch Who Stole Grogmas

    Nerwen repeats same battle order