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  1. mtMOClug

    Toy Story discussion thread

    Hasn't anyone been just a little curious as to what the 7597 Western Train is going to look like? I was... extremely interested... so I went digging. In the official movie trailer near the beginning you can see scattered on the floor a steam train. You'll need Quick Time installed to view it. I decided to take a screen cap for easy reference. It looks like it may be built from LEGO in the pic... but it's a little fuzzy to tell and at this point I don't want to speculate a whole lot. There are some interesting details though... large RED wheels on the locomotive... so we'll have some MOC'ing options. Also, 4 sets of wheels instead on each unit instead of 2 which I was fearing.
  2. mtMOClug

    Market Street: Worth Getting?

    This is a must have set TheBrickster! Fortunately I got mine a few months before it retired from S@H and paid regular price for it. Several others in our LUG have the same set, and I wanted something a little different that would set it apart from the others in case of duplicate buildings. With a modest PAB order I was able to change the configuration slightly, add another module, and give it a more North American feel to it... yet still leaving it similar to the original for attendee's of the shows that would recognize the elements of the official set. The colour scheme definitely adds some life and diversity to a City layout. Because the interiors are unfinished, it gives you the option of completing them with your own creative input (and money)... or not. I liked this feature, since I did not complete the interior... and I wasn't paying for details that would never be seen by the general public. The individual floors on my building are no longer modular for ease of transportation between displays and storage. The roof on the 3rd floor apartment is removable so that street details and minifigs can be stored easily inside for storage. Click the pics to view the full set in my Flickr account.
  3. mtMOClug

    MOD: 8402 Sports Car

    Fast... well... the kids are playing Wii. The last thing I'm considering tweaking are the front indicator lights in the fenders. I'll tweak those too... and post a pic if it's worth it. Once it's done... I'll have to dig up some Cobra stickers... or Shelby... or Prateek
  4. mtMOClug

    MOD: 8402 Sports Car

    And which style of mirrors are most preferred? Antenna base with the clips, or with double-sided studs? I prefer the second - much easier for transport/storage/handling rather than risking losing the antenna bases. Everyone else feel free to jump in
  5. mtMOClug

    MOD: 8402 Sports Car

    Thanks prateek. I took your suggestion into consideration and tweaked. The big blower on the first version posted was meant to be a little humourous... maybe it would have been more suited to a Camaro. Besides, who really needs a 700 hp motor in their LEGO car anyway? Here's a couple more versions... with the black trim too. I'm on the fence about the black trim, since I like the colour matched bits... your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  6. mtMOClug

    MOD: 8402 Sports Car

    As usual I wasn't totally happy with the official LEGO set. Gee, will I ever stop saying that? My thoughts when I saw the official set was that it was 2 steps short of being a pimped Ford Mustang. So of course, with a few bricks... and a bit of brain bashing... I've pimped my ride - a little more than the Ford factory. Two small details - the Ford version has black mirrors. I tried black, and it looked out of place. So the side mirrors are colour matched to the body. Same deal with the grill.
  7. mtMOClug

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Nothing yet on S@H Canada... or any other country or region I went looking at... unless I'm missing something... which has happened in the past. I grabbed the URL out of their cache.... but couldn't find the product page.
  8. mtMOClug

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I'm not really sure why LEGO is asking sites to remove the pic of the 10198 - other than building hype before the official release. The funny thing is... its on their website
  9. mtMOClug

    We're going to the moon! 10029 Lunar Lander

    Thanks for the consideration Siegfried! I've uploaded the images to my Brickshelf account... unfortunately I can't provide more than one more cleaned-up picture until early next week. This particular set is in storage... luckily I know exactly which box though! Until the folder is moderated, here are the deep links: The pics are a little 1024x768 if that helps you. And when the folder is moderated there are other pics as well although not as pretty: This too is one of my all-time favourite sets. If you can build one off of Bricklink for parts, I say go for it! I was so pleased when I got mine... for quite some time it sat protected in the china cabinet. This set will never be farmed for parts... it cost me too much... and when our club does displays it gets many many comments... no sense taking apart something that is so popular. Last I checked... there were only 5 MISB available worldwide on Bricklink.... a few months back, I think there were about 30. This set is defiinitely going to be gone this year.
  10. mtMOClug

    MOC: Yellow Warehouse

    I'm digging that phone, BlueBard. Nice job all around. Sometimes, the smaller buildings say more... Looks like you're using a few of those tan baseplates. Are those the ones from Spongebob Emergency Room? I got six when they were on sale... should have gotten 10 more... they'll be coming in handy for a beach.
  11. Today, July 16th, marks the 40th Anniversary of launching the Apollo 11 mission that carried 3 astronauts - Mission Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, Jr. - to the moon. I was too young at the time to remember this mission, but the hype continued for years afterwards - I had one of the original plastic models of the Saturn V rockets when I was about 5 years old. On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the surface of the moon. The 10029 Lunar Lander had been on my wishlist for years. Early this Spring, I placed an order through Bricklink for my beloved MISB Lunar Lander. I knew these were only going up in price - collectors would soon figure out the 40th Anniversary and my chance to own one would soon vanish. The build was straight-forward. There is no detailed interior but could easily be tweaked, there is ample room for seats and a control panel. I have no plans to mod the inside... this set will remain as-is. Stickers were applied - something that is quite rare for me. Since I didn't have a crater baseplate, I simply created my own. If you would like to read more about the mission, there is a great article on Wikipedia.
  12. mtMOClug

    Worst Part

    This baseplate has got to be one of the worst in my collection... it looks okay on a large display if you can have it 8 bricks lower than the rest of the blue baseplates (an almost impossible task for a weekend show). Its a pain for storage and there are no studs on it to make it attach to anything or anything to it. And as for Bionicles bashing... I'll admit I'm not a fan... but there are some really useful elements in many of the sets for creating building MOC details.
  13. mtMOClug

    How do you Manage Your LEGO Addiction?

    I think one simple word can sum it up for me... DENIAL
  14. mtMOClug

    MOC: Golden Tulip Hotel

    Outstanding! The buildings speak for themselves... it must have taken some serious planning and looking for parts. Just going through the pics of the street scenes.... the mannequins in the windows, and the break dancer are my favs... so far! Still looking and taking it all in. Very well done!!
  15. mtMOClug

    Train Parts Needed for Pick A Brick

    For me I'd really like a set of the new large train wheels available from PAB. This in itself would open up the doors to more variety of steam engines in my collection.