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  1. Hi Guys. Just wondering has anyone seen the technic mobile crane or the excavator Thanks
  2. Went to my local toyworld today. They are starting there 50% off sale on Sunday and it also includes the technic set 8262.
  3. Thankyou guys for the replys Sounds like I will find some intresting things at the Anaheim store
  4. Hi The thread helps quite a bit and make me want to go to all the stores but I can't as I am going with my Robotics team. I hoping the Aneheim has some good parts.
  5. Hi Everyone I am travelling to America this year to get to Vex Robotics World Championships. I will be visiting two lego stores the one at disney world and the one in dallas. I am wondering has someone got an updated list of rare parts in these stores pab's. Thanks Ravi
  6. Ravi

    My Mythbusters

    These Minifigs are great I like how you also made the scenes my favorite would be Grants robot and the segway.
  7. Thankyou now got to go contact a moderator EDIT - Is 3D Brickthing a Moderator or just a leader?
  8. Parents taking care of tax. EDIT: I no this is off topic but How does a person change his name? I want mine to be kobalt like all the other lego sites
  9. Thankyou. I don't really mind selling things under $20 and tradme fees are not that much of a problem because I am able to get stamps and envelopes cheap which offset the cost of the fees but I still have a cheap postage rates when compared to some of the big sellers. But yea it does take quite a bit of time but I have got quite a bit of free time.
  10. I want most fo the sw sets too but I am also hoping that they get the technic excavator and that they have another clearance sale like they did this year with endors at $120 and dropships at $180. I also have one question for you guys I recently got 2 CountDooku's Solar Sailers and am going to sell one magna guard. I was searchng expired listing for magna guards and found one where 2 guards sold for $62.45 I am unsure that one magna guard will sell for $30 so could you guys please suggest a price at which I should sell it.
  11. Im not keeping all the figures I am selling a hoth and the set to break even and keeping 3 figures and once they sell will buy some more .I have got quite a few cloneless clone walkers to get rid of too. Building a small army I could sell on bricklink but kinda annoying parting out all the sets.
  12. I really like the ATAT Pilot too and at $18 they are a great buy. I got 10 of each of the bp's and 10 green men and now trying to get rid of them without the figs. Has anyone seen any of the new technic sets yet?
  13. Ravi

    Wheel turning?

    Hi Here a link to "aktuaroslo's" steering unit http://www.flickr.com/photos/aktuaroslo/3297370618/ The lego cherry picker has a basic steering unit. It is withing the first couple of pages in the instuction book which can be downloaded from http://technic.lego.com/en-us/BuildingInst...fault.aspx#8292 Group Hope that Helps
  14. I got mine from Toyworld so you might want to start there. They were $180
  15. I got 8063 Tractor with Trailer 8263 Snow Groomer 8265 Front loader (built this one I really like it) and 3 cherry pickers