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  1. nadnerb112

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Should i get the rgs(republic gunship) or atte?
  2. nadnerb112

    HARRY POTTER 2010!

    OMGGGG!!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!! HARRY POTTER LEGO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l does yes dance l
  3. nadnerb112

    The Quest for R2

    Guys i think i found more evidence of 2010 set! pause at puase at 4:48 and look at right top corner!
  4. nadnerb112

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    thanks guys. Sorry KimT for all the moving posts all the time.. i just have no idea where im putting any new topics. Im very excited to play my trumpet at disney world. Im playing for homecoming in october also.
  5. nadnerb112

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    I knew it... when i get home from school this post is gonna be moved
  6. nadnerb112

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Hi i have a question to all you star wars lego fans. Im going to disney world in november cause im playing for my school band at tomorrowland and im flipping excited and im going to the lego store, i just got my b day money and one of the things i want is the chrome stormtrooper. Will it still be around in november?
  7. nadnerb112

    10199 Winter Toy Shop

    Omg light up chirstmas star!
  8. nadnerb112

    The brick

    Thats so cool! I also build a working gun but yours is better. Are you gonna put out instuctions?
  9. nadnerb112

    New set with Jango Fett soon?

    I live in lousiana there is no lego store except for retailers.The only retailer in my town is wal mart. My walmart has the suckiest collection of legos ever-_-.Ther do have toys r us in metarie:D.
  10. nadnerb112

    The Quest for R2

    I can't wait. I bought my first clone wars set today.I know they have been out for awhile but i got the battle pack and it wasn't bad.Now im interesting in the clone wars.
  11. il'd like to see a baddie ship
  12. nadnerb112

    REVIEW: 5972 Space Truck Getaway

    Im probaly gonna get this in a hour or two. Btw nice review!
  13. nadnerb112

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I really want to see a jedi temple. It would probaly be a lot of money but still I would get it.
  14. nadnerb112

    Fulton's Revenge (Steampunk Ship)

    Wow.. Great job, im speechless.
  15. nadnerb112

    Space Police 2009!

    This post is probaly gonna be deleted. Don't feel bad im new at posting and i posted two posts that got moved and deleted. Im sorry.