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  1. reideen1313

    Batman LEGO Comic Con exclusive

    These are 2 minifigs in a box with a sound chip. The packaging is mocked up to look like a Batman comic book. Why would LEGO copy something another company already did? That makes absolutely no sense to me.
  2. reideen1313

    Batman LEGO Comic Con exclusive

    This may not apply much here, due to the number of non-US members, but still very cool news that I wanted to pass along. I just got the email on this. It's so frickin' COOL!! If anyone can get one for me, I'll happily pay you for it. PM me to work something out!! I'm working on getting more details - I'll probably post 'em at LOG first, so if you want the news quicker, check here. If you can wait a bit, I'll post it here (like always) as soon as I get done at LOG. X-D
  3. reideen1313

    Batman 06: Caption Contest 1

    Two more and I'm out of here for the long weekend. For those of you in the US, have a good holiday weekend. Everyone else, have a good weekend. I'll see y'all on Tuesday!
  4. reideen1313

    Wayne Manor

    Wayne Manor was one of the 'future' offerings that we suggested while in Enfield. That, along with Crime Alley, a roof top with a gargoyle or 2 and a light up Batsignal, were some of the 'future' sets we came up with.
  5. reideen1313

    Batman 06: Caption Contest 1

    I only have a few so far:
  6. reideen1313

    Batman Forum Design

    Sounds like a challenge.... ;-)
  7. reideen1313

    Batman Forum Design

    I absolutely LOVE this skin!! Is it going to be available forever or just the month?
  8. reideen1313

    Storing & Sorting Your Lego Pieces

    You guys are much better at this than I am. I have a couple of large tote bins holding all my parts. (Except for my vintage stuff still in the boxes.) It makes sorting and finding specific pieces hard as hell, but lots of times I'll come across a piece that'll work, which I didn't even consider when I started building.
  9. reideen1313

    Who wants to look at the Arkham comic when....

    I hope it's a pre-printed piece as well. Keep in mind, the set that I saw was a pre-production set. I hope it'll be the same on the production sets, but like anything, it could change.
  10. reideen1313

    Who wants to look at the Arkham comic when....

    Ok - to answer a few questions, yes, there is an interior to the buildings and cells. As far as this set I'm really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately (for my wallet) it's going to be one of those sets that I want multiples of, so that I can modify the jail cells to work with different villains. I think the beauty of the set is that it's modular and can be rearranged depending on your concept. If you want a long row of cells, you can arrange them that way. If you want a cell on either side of the main building, that's possible too. The vines growing on Ivy's cell were not stickers (on the one that I saw back in December at least). As far as actual price, I'll have to look at my notes from the summit when I get home tonight. Here's another pic: Previously these figs had only been seen from scanned copies of Toyfare. Now we've got some good pics! X-D
  11. reideen1313

    Who wants to look at the Arkham comic when....

    Guys - I gotta give credit where credit is due. I got the pic emailed to me from Steve - the LEGO community rep. He does that because I was part of the Comic Summit this past December in Enfield. Thanks again Steve!! *y* X-D
  12. reideen1313

    Tiny glimpse at Arkham comic

    The first pic is available here. X-D It is a great set btw.
  13. you can look at Arkham itself? X-D (sorry - that first one was a bit small)
  14. reideen1313

    Batman Rim Problem

    Still working on this.... I've pointed it out to my LEGO contacts and they're researching the two different rims. Hope you guys don't mind, but I used your photos as examples of the differences. Thanks for posting those!!
  15. reideen1313

    Joker's bad Hairday !!

    Very cool! I hadn't thought about doing this!! He does really look like the current 'toon version of the character. :-)