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    Dark blue in Hahli

    no...It's not really the solidness/transparency of the colour, but the vibrancy/luminous-look of it, in 'sky guardian 8103' and 'Vezok 8902' the dark-blue is more flat but in hahli it's more lively; in fact in my hahli the feet are slightly transparent (they seem to be a more flexible plastic) but still vibrant dark-blue, I would recommend hahli 8914 to fans of dark-blue! thanks for reading.
  2. lham

    Dark blue in Hahli

    yeay, someone noticed it too, I'm not imagining things :)
  3. lham

    Power Functions Train Update

    of course it doesn't cost much money or time to send an email to the fans and then make the change anyway, as for the bley colour it still doesn't look right with exo-force robots and 'Racers' cars (making the robots and cars look as if they're made of light/dark grey clay rather than light/dark grey glossy plastic)
  4. lham

    Dark blue in Hahli

    yes I have the set, and with mine, under reasonable light, the dark-blue is noticeably more vibrant.
  5. Hi, for those that have Toa Mahri Hahli (set 8914, year 2007), have you noticed how the dark blue is significantly more vibrant than dark blue bricks from other sets such as 8103 Sky Guardian (released same year) or Vezok (set 8902, released 2006); maybe the dark blue dye used in summer 2007 (when hahli was released) was slightly different from that used in Jan 2007 (when sky guardian was released), anyway I really really like it! anyone who has the new cargo copter 4995 can check the dark blue bricks (if that sounds interesting to you!) thanks, Lham
  6. lham

    7048 - Troll Warship Picture Review!

    Great review, thanks for the detail. The reddish-brown pieces that I have look very much like chocolate to me! So I'm wondering if the new dark-brown is dark-chocolate :) Does that make reddish-brown milk-chocolate?!
  7. lham

    TLG's stupidest decision?

    I would've thought that as a castle fan you'd love light and dark bley since they are supposed to be light and dark "stone"...a much more realistic colour for building grey castle walls, also if you combine light/dark grey and light/dark bley you'll have 4 shades of grey for your castle walls allowing yet even more exciting realism :-D of course when TLC uses dark-bley for exo-force/space/starwars/city cars and trucks the mechas/spaceships/vehicles look like they're made of clay |-/ the new brown looks very much like chocolate brown (I'm guessing that's what TLC was aiming for), vibrant and edible/organic!! the previous brown looked very calm and inert, for me it's choco-brown, yummy :-)
  8. actually, it doesn't look like the winch extends very far :(
  9. Hydraxon 8923 is 20 Euro in some Smyths Toys in Ireland (even if it says 25 Euro on the box!! nice surprise) last year I was gonna buy a Transformers toy and the price was 30 Euro on the box but 37 Euro at the cashier (how painful!!)
  10. I wonder if TLC will make a crane truck using this motor as a winch (either in City or Creator lines), we'll probably get a construction theme next year 'cause it seems timely, we'll see; but they should've used this motor for 7249 "XXL Mobile Crane" (released 2005) since it was a mega sized set, and since in 2005 we also got a Technic crane truck 8421 which is actually motorised. A TLC missed opp :(
  11. I don't know much about the new movie, but have a look at this wallpaper, I got it from lego.com
  12. lham

    [REVIEW] 8275 Bulldozer

    Hello dozer fans, try these links: http://assets.lego.com/bigdownloads/buildi...ons/4515178.pdf http://assets.lego.com/bigdownloads/buildi...ons/4515179.pdf http://assets.lego.com/bigdownloads/buildi...ons/4520319.pdf thanks to "EyesOnly" for providing the insrtuctions' numbers, (I don't have the dozer myself, but it looks like it's got an advanced tracks/treads system)
  13. lham

    [REVIEW] 8275 Bulldozer

    could you please please post the instruction boolets' number codes (located on the back in tiny print)? so that we can download them from lego.com and have a look for ourselves. I think a personalised flag would be a good finishing touch to this set! thanks.
  14. I'm so glad you said that :biggrin: and I'm glad that the toy store staff recognise this fact :$