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  1. ricky_bricks

    Constitution train chase gone

    A large Australian retailer (Myer) sold out their remaining stock of the Constitution Train Chase at ~$US75 yesterday and this morning. The same retailer is currently selling all of the Lone Ranger LEGO line at 40% less than the Australian recommended retail price.
  2. Sets still in boxes sitting in the cupboard: 8466: 4x4 Off Roader 8455: Backhoe Loader 8439: Front End Loader 8265: Front Loader 8043: Motorized Excavator 8110: Unimog U400 9396: Helicopter 9398: 4x4 Crawler 42006: Excavator 41999: 4x4 Crawler Limited Edition 42009: Mobile Crane MK II My almost six year old son has been a `LEGO junkie' for a couple of years now. More recently he's shown lots of interest in mechanical things, e.g., how gears and pulleys work, so I unpacked a couple of my old LEGO sets from when I was a kid. Junior and daddy had fun building the 854 Go-Kart and 853 Auto Chassis together so I picked up some more studded Technic sets from my `Dark Ages' for us to build. We're currently constructing the 8868 Airtech Claw Rig ("Air pumps are super cool!" according to junior) and the 8880: Super Car is the next set in the build queue. Earlier this year I started keeping an eye out for more recent studless sets that I thought would appeal to my son (who likes construction machinery, helicopters and trucks) and myself. Since then I've bought the sets above (generally at sales, on BrickLink or by keeping a patient eye on eBay) and they are stashed in the cupboard for building together in the future. By my standards that's a significant amount of money tied up in little plastic pieces but my son and I have fun playing with LEGO together and my wife and I now have lots of future presents in hand.
  3. Thank you Alex! My son and I are currently collecting the parts required to build Jurgens' Ultimate 8043 (we have the 8043 set and we're now doing our small bit for the sellers on BrickLink ). Your instructions should make the building phase easier.
  4. ricky_bricks

    Technic General Discussion

    By spending far too much time reading through the forum archives if I'm any example! D3K's Swingloader Mark Two and Madoca's AWD SUVs and AWD Pickup Truck are on my `To Build' list too.
  5. ricky_bricks

    Liebherr LTM 1070 4.2 v2.0

    My son and I both have a soft spot for mobile cranes and this one is really, really good. Well done!
  6. ricky_bricks

    Which Technic set do you plan on buying ?

    What sets would I like to buy? The 8880 Super Car, 8439 Front End Loader and 8458 Silver Champion in that order (the last to combine with an in hand 8466 4x4 Off-Roader to build Nathanael's GT Car and Supercar). I may be better off raiding BrickLink and the parts collection rather than buying the last two sets, I'll have to check.
  7. In my case the main driver was my five year old son getting interested in LEGO and becoming fascinated with mechanisms using gears, e.g., the gearbox and steering on the 8865 Test Car. The first new LEGO set we bought as a `father and son' project (the `help' makes the build take longer but that's not the point ) was the 8043 Motorized Excavator because junior particularly likes construction machinery.
  8. Yes! A really nice blend of looks and functionality, well done and thanks for showing it here.
  9. ricky_bricks

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    Thank you for all of the effort that you've put into the "Ultimate 42009" (and the "Ultimate 8043" before it) Jurgen!
  10. First, thank you for creating this program! If I empty my BrickLink "My Wanted List" and then upload the file below (a subset of a file created by Rebrickable) it validates OK in BrickLink. When I then run Brickficiency (ver 0.85) it logs into BrickLink and seemingly imports "My Wanted List" (I left "Wanted List Name or Number" blank) OK. However, when I click on the Continue button I get the error message "There appears to be a problem with the file. Missing info in part number 1." Is this a bug or user error? Thanks again. <INVENTORY> <ITEM> <ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE> <ITEMID>2431</ITEMID> <COLOR>3</COLOR> <MINQTY>2</MINQTY> </ITEM> <ITEM> <ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE> <ITEMID>2444</ITEMID> <COLOR>11</COLOR> <MINQTY>2</MINQTY> </ITEM> </INVENTORY>