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    Stephen Colbert > Luke > Jon Stewart > Marc > Dan > everything else > exx

  2. says THE GAME waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

  3. Grand dork?

    Aaaaargh. Good point... :P
  4. Grand dork?

    You think you look good in anything, Cam. ;)
  5. Luke > Marc > Dan > everything else > (s)exxtrooper

  6. Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    I'm sorry, Sandy, I wish I could've predicted the future just like my charachter, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to resign. I just don't have the time anymore. Please give my role to someone who deserves it and will do good. Thank you for even picking me in the first place, though. :D
  7. Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Sorry to say it, but I know that. ;) I can't figure out all this after the board change. I can't figure out how to change my avatar, signature, and other stuff. :(
  8. Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Please be patient while I try to figure out how to change my friggin' avatar.
  9. Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    I'll change my avatar in a second.
  10. Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Oh, hey, look, I got in. Awesome. ... *ahem* Anyway, signing in and ready to play!
  11. Hogwarts Mafia Sign-Ups

    1) What is your experience with mafia games, here and elsewhere? I won my first Mafia game due to the never ending love carefulness of Shadows and his smart remarks, and my second mafia game even though I got my lazy maid megablocks fried by Dragonator. So in total, on this site, I've devoted a heck of a lot of time to these games as I have played in five. Two Mysteries, and three mafia games. I have also been somewhat of a mafia game critic on other sites and have participated in one other on a different site, and didn't get past the first day because the host failed at life. 2) What is your relationship with the Harry Potter -franchise? I've all read the books twice as I've loved the series since I was 5. (That was 8 years ago! 8 YEARS! I've spent plenty of meals and late nights reading those books. The day the final book came out, I was at the nearest Wal-Mart purchasing it, and the ending was by far the most epic in a book yet. And I watched all the movies so far and Goblet of Fire was my favorite. Those were the days when Robert Pattinson was respectable. And I plan on maybe buying one or two of the new sets. Sandy, I would be your best buddy for ever and ever if you chose me.
  12. Shadows joining the admin team

    First your birthday and now this?! You're growing too fast, Shadows! I remember when you were just a moderator... it feels like just yesterday...