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    32 gun frigate Concorde (French, ca.1760-1780)

    Finally, after quite some time you show one of your beautiful ships again! I really like her. Trying to reproduce you technic with the tubes still give me hurting fingers, for some years now, but I finally made one version I liked. Can't wait for the Bomb ketch. Thanks for sharing the secret of the new great cabin. I really like the way you used snot instead of extra Part of the prefab hulls from the pearl. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Aalak

    [MOC] Ship ''Halve Maen'' 1606 in minifig scale

    A real beauty! Impressive as always. Nice to see you sharing your fantastic works again.
  3. Bought myself the new Pirates Chess today" it's really nice! Even with the new bandanas...
  4. Aalak

    The Caribbean Queen

    I started her as an sideprojekt to the Ares. Something the Ares could chase after... The first Idea was a pirate vessel, but then I decided to make her a Supply Ship... a bit bellied, broader. Something build to hold a lot of cargo,rather than speed. She'll be a two mast Top-Sail-Schooner... The Sails gonna look something like that: She'll only carry 4 to 6 swiffel guns for protection, an easy prey... The white Ornament-stripe is originally from Blackmoor, and CGH Hingestechnic was used as well. The Ideas of the Snot-platforms are taken from the Achille by Perfectionist. To do: - exchange tan axle-connectors - rigging and sails. - Tiling the deck - some more details for the deck Thanks for any Feedback.
  5. Aalak

    HMS Ares

    Hi there, it's been a while since my last post but I was allways reading... After a study-related break I started a new modell ... it's going to be a frigate, possibly a Frenchman,since I got a bucket full of 2x2 red tiles at my local Lego Store... (why did they never have the 1x2 or 1x1 tiles :( ) The plan is to build her with accessable gundeck and cabin, as well as with a real rigging and not the old Pirates Lego Masts. So that where I need help. What parts do I need to shop for to create 3 Masts, a new Bowsprit, and what Technic parts are best to use in the rigging? A shoppinglist would by welcome :) First shots with my handy cam I guess credits are going to Perfectionist, Captain Green Hair, I loved your "Building a Frigate" thread and Admiral Croissant - his "Vesta" was and is quite an Inspiration so far, and everybody who helped them before with there ships. Frontview: Sideview: Stern: There is a black 1x8 Tile for the name - in the big black middle between the red stripes :) Gundeck: Details are still in to come, first I want to build the masts and things Captain's Cabin A table and maybe a small closet are going to be added. To Do: - Upper Deck - Masts - Rigging - Figurehead - black gun hatches (first thing on my shopping list) Thanks for any help!
  6. Aalak

    Pirate Brig: The Zephyr

    It's really a lovely brig! I specially like the SNOT Deck made from the tan wallbricks - nice use of these! The colour sheme works well since it's been around for quite a while. (I myself have a WIP with the same.) The only thing which I personally didnt't like is the black underneath the gun stripe - of course I know it's only there because of the prefab hulls you used. by the way - which set are they from? I know the brown - dark grey ones from the old imperial flagship... Thanks for sharing!
  7. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    I'm with you on the fact about giving Credit :) Who needs instructions. It's more fun for me to find my own solutions ... Even if I still get crazy when I try to make headrails look good.... And any other tube color than yellow is quite a challenge. There must be a different in the plastic. As for my fleet. At the Peak there where 2 english frigates and a frenchman (a complete CGH Version) and 2 brigs. but I had to break them up. At the Moment I'm rebuilding The Ares and the Carribean Queen. But It will be a while until There will be pictures again.
  8. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    I'm offically asking permission to try to use the removable wall technic for the next version (mark 3.0) of my ship, the Ares - my removable deck bends like a U and I hate it. So I World like to try your Wall version for a change.
  9. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    Simply Amazing! i like the idea with the removable Walls instead of the Deck. But how did you attach the Stern - which is the best One of yours. Can't wait for the next pictures!
  10. Aalak

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    9.) by Captain Nemo - 1 point 16.) by Hammerstein NWC - 2 points
  11. Aalak

    HMS Victory

    Nice of you Horry to bump her up again. She's a real beauty. I picked a lot of bricks under her, when she rested on the topshelf of the Spielstein store in Berlin... (the builder is the owner). By the way: The Showcase is the only one, who needs cleaning three times a day ... (his wive told me that, when I asked what happend to her)
  12. Aalak

    La Fayette

    Holy Cow, I realized that you used snot technic for the sternsection of the smaller ships, but I never guessed that, nice design! As for the frigates? Did you use them, there as well?
  13. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    Thanks for the new picutures! Are these pumps? Or what are they supose to be :) Nice design if they are pumps, but I'm quite not sure about that. I like the way you attached the spanker to the mizzen mast. I guess it's more stable that way - I`m still using two 1x2 technic bricks for that --> I guess I will change that with my next ship.
  14. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    Thanks for the pictures of the first ship. Seeing the names on the sail reminded me of something I still have to do myself again on my fleet... But I really like the new way you attached the yards! And OK, now I'm jealous!!! Can't wait for number 2...
  15. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    Thanks for the shots with the different gunports. Ok - you win - classic red looks best. Did all Frigates got interior and original lego guns? (ok the guns will be the one wich you collected for the Superb) Tiled decks as well? If you say yes - I'll be really jealous...
  16. Aalak

    More ships for the fleet!

    I like your fleet, especially the Médée & Furieuse for their colorsheme. The designs are great! I'm personnaly would have used black gun ports instead of the red for the frigates, but that's just my opinion. I think the tubes for the headrials are still my favorites. I use them myself but never got them to bend the way I like them to or nearly as good as yours. Can't wait for more pictures.
  17. Aalak

    Queen Anne II

    It's a nice ship, the red colorsheme is a nice thing. But personally I would remove one of the mast (preferably the one in the middle), to give it a more realistic look, right now it looked like it was pushed together, but that's just my humble opinion, well done!
  18. Aalak

    Crossing the Alps

    Nice to see some more of you your custom troops ... I like the new/updated decals. Great work with the positioning. Well done!
  19. Aalak

    HMS Reliant

    I like what you done so far! She looks nice already, but I have a few suggestions to make. I would add the open workspace between the main-mast and fore-mast, also try to make the poop deck smaller - as it is on the original versions... But so far great work! I like it, I'm looking forward to the details you'll add.
  20. Aalak

    Retreat from Russia (December 1812)

    Wow, it's really great. The figureplacement is great. The small details are nice. I specially like the bird... a little vulture waiting to pick another bone clear It's really a nice adtion to your Napoleonic Mocs... but b]Bonaparte at the Pont d’Arcole [/b] is still my favorite so far... Can't wait for the next...
  21. Aalak

    La grande armeé

    That's really a great non-decal-Army!!!! Some lovely ideas you put in it. I guess some will be integrated in my army at a later stage(when it leaves his baracks... ahm boxes again). I really like the visors you used on the shakos, as well as the hands on the lances of the red lancers... It's great to see that the bearskin heads of the CM5-Series do work with the older uniforms! Defenitly a nice thing instead of doubletires It's also great that they are all flesh! :thumbup:
  22. Aalak

    Soldiers torso from London Escape pink print?

    I've got my replacements today, the officer torso is a bit better than mine, the soldier torso has a nice misprint on him. ... So I only exchanged the officer... still a bit pinkish ... But I've got no problems with the heats... mine are fine.
  23. Aalak

    WIP Teaser of an American Frigate

    Wow. She's a real beauty... The sails look really great! Can't wait to see more of her! The Stern looks simple with the ornaments but really great! Hope to see more closeups,soon!
  24. Aalak

    Flagship "Den Roode Dood"

    Not Bad for your first Ship! Actually it's really great. I like the overall design and the colorsheme. Some minor things could be improved. you could use technic conectors or 1x1 round bricks instead of plates for the yards... but overall you really did a great job. The pull out cannon at the stern is great. You could at some bowchasers to make her a real hunter... but that's just a suggestion! Nice work and another great MOC!
  25. Aalak

    HMS HellHound V2

    The new cabin has an interesting desing! I think the HellHound looks better now than V1. Nicely done. Hope to see some more pictures with added crew in action soon. Looks like you added some of the classic-pirate staff and "v.i.p.s" to the crew, or is this just a coincidence. I would say I spot: Captain Blackmoor, Perfectionist, Admiral Croissant and possibly Big Cam/ Bonapart behind the Admiral, as well as Commodore Hornbricker. Nice work, using the brushs of the artist as a drumstick is a nice idea,too!