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  1. aurly

    2018 Lego Trains

    Almost 3 and a half hours of speed 6, and it’s finally slowing down a bit with a low battery signal. If it’s worse than the PF motors, it’s not by much.
  2. aurly

    2018 Lego Trains

    You just have to connect the hub to the app once for the update. Do you not have friends or relatives with a smartphone or tablet that can help? Anyway, 2.5 hours so far and it’s still running, no flashing low battery LEDs yet. It must not like the batteries you’re using. It did take a short break - apparently the remote automatically switches off after 2 hours, causing the train to stop.
  3. aurly

    2018 Lego Trains

    It may be worth it to connect them to the app at least once, mine seemed to be updating the firmware when I did that. The passenger train’s been running for over an hour now on 800mAh rechargables so maybe it fixed a battery problem. I did not test before the update however.
  4. Female robbers? Or boys could stop playing with them, feeling like they're playing with "girl toys". But anyway, the 80's space minifigures were gender neutral as far as I can remember, so it can't be the lack of female minifigures. So why would she feel that way? Would pink spaceships help?
  5. aurly

    Quality of Online Building Instructions

    They look fine to me, built 42009 B model using a crappy Android tablet. Maybe it's a screen brightness setting issue? Or a low resolution screen? Some systems have terrible pdf viewers.
  6. Oh hey, that's what I do. I tell the computer to do the math for me. They're good at that.
  7. Who needs math skills beyond the basics these days? You'd just be teaching your girls skills that will get them replaced by computers.
  8. It seems to be both lightweight and easily breakable parts that they give out extras for. Probably just the bits they have to replace the most often. But on the topic of brick stress, if you put a on a bricks you connect on the side don't seem to fit right, they're more stressed than they should be.
  9. The magnets can hold many cars just fine, as long as the magnets inside their holders are aligned properly. Sometimes they don't and the connection is weak, that's probably what you're seeing. Moving them around a bit to get one of them to turn around usually fixes that.
  10. aurly

    Power Functions Motor Question

    They're designed to be child-proof. Show me a child that doesn't try to turn things (s)he's not supposed to turn!
  11. aurly

    Fixing loose clutching bricks

    My old bricks seem to have gained, rather than lost, clutch power. But having been assembled for years does not appear to make much of a difference, if any.
  12. aurly

    Sold out

    I guess it lets customers know it's sold out, and not a problem with the website.
  13. aurly

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    Six? That's odd, track pieces come in sets of 4...
  14. aurly

    LEGO parts made of Chinese plastic?

    And also the ONLY example. Nobody seems to be able to tell which bricks are made in China and which aren't. Seems to me then that there's nothing to worry about.
  15. Well, lots of mine do, you must have been a lot more careful with your bricks than I was. But I suppose my bricks cracking wasn't "just from being connected to one another" ... I can't rule out that the train motor and the stairs have something to do with that. Some of my newer bricks do crack without my "help", yes... but they're almost always types of bricks that didn't exist in the 80s (or even 90s). So you can't really compare.