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  1. Tom Bricks

    Pixars Up House

    looks great but I have one suggestion, I think the angle of the roof above the yellow section should be at a steeper angle. I think thats the only thing keeping this from looking perfect
  2. Tom Bricks

    HP: Whittle your Wands.

    Im not one for modifying Lego but i will admit these look pretty well done, and more accurate to the movie. And am i the only one that thinks the title sounds a little dirty?
  3. Tom Bricks

    WINTER BREAK ENTRY: Quidditch Match

    Thanks everyone for the comments and support. I did think about making it bigger but none of the colors I has the pieces for really seemed to match up that well. Thanks this would have taken me forever to find out.
  4. Snape and Lucious Mlfoy look on with anger as Harry grabs the snitch out from right under Draco's nose. My goal is to eventually build an entire pitch in this style but but that would get expensive pretty quickly.I also would have liked to have the new Quidditch torsos and the new Draco head but I still haven't bought the new set because its sold out everywhere I look. This entry is under the 1000 piece limit. my reference photo Thanks, comments and criticism welcome.
  5. Tom Bricks

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    That is in fact what the picture is and i don't believe its allowed.
  6. Tom Bricks

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    Is that picture from my flickr account by any chance? (It is i photoshopped it) just be sure to give some credit next time
  7. Tom Bricks

    Expand the Winter Village Contest Voting Thread

    My Voting goes as followed: Dix- 2 points kost u grlu - 2 points lisqr - 1 point Great job with all of them, it was hard to choose
  8. Tom Bricks

    Harry Potter Ideas Collection

    I think it would be cool to have a Harry Potter Chess Set, and it would be a way to get all the figures. Dumbledore and Maconogal could be the king and queen of the good side and Voldemort and Belatrix would be the evil side. Pawns could be Hogwarts students of DIFFERENT HOUSES, and death eaters.
  9. Tom Bricks

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    It doesn't really look like he has the wooden leg in the outline though, at least how they did it last time.
  10. Tom Bricks

    10216 Winter Village Bakery

    I think its just in with the holiday spirit. More people associate carriage or sleigh rides with the holidays, I don;t think this means its supposed to be set in the past.
  11. Tom Bricks

    MOC: Gangland Vignette

    So Many Angles! Love the use of the Harry Potter head, but honestly a wand would have been quicker than a gun
  12. So I went to my local Lego store yesterday and there was no evidence of any of these yet. Has the US just not got them or am I looking in the wrong places?
  13. Tom Bricks

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    Ah a Great Expectations joke, those a re few and far between. He does look a bit odd but its nice to have.
  14. Tom Bricks

    Review: 3862 Harry Potter Hogwarts

    This set looks like a great parts pack and the printed parts are great. I think it might be Seamus but i suppose it might be Neville though as he's a bigger character. The Slytherin character thats not Malfoy could be Crabbe or Goyle though because the hair looks darker than Malfoys.
  15. Tom Bricks

    Surging minifig popularity?

    I prefer quality sets to quality figs but there are just more quality minifigs than there are sets. I'm at a point where I have almost any brick i would want to build something in most themes (one place were my collection is lacking is modern Space pieces) so the minifigs become a focus. I but sets for the figs and the parts all the time but this is only because the while the pieces might not MOC into something else alone with a large collection they can make anything. This is not what i prefer however, I would rather have quality sets like the modular buildings (that have rather basic figs) than a set thrown together with some nice figs. In short I like sets to be made for the actual model but most are for the minifigures.