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    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Thanks for clarifying! The Buckbeak seemed a bit off to me, especially with the non-articulated wings.
  2. Galaxy Explorer

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I'm looking at what appears to be a leaked photo of a new Hagrid's Hut, apparently from POA. There are five figures (Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Hagrid, and an executioner) plus a new Buckbeak. It looks real to me, but I'm not 100%. Surprised it's not mentioned here yet, as I saw it first a few days ago. Anyone else get a look?
  3. Galaxy Explorer

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Saw some pics of these today- I call them "Pimp-Out Packs"
  4. Galaxy Explorer

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    So is this confirmed? Feels like a lot of speculation right now- following recent patterns it's likely we will see a new Fire theme, a new Police sub-theme and some vehicles/exclusives, but has anyone seen an actual list?
  5. Galaxy Explorer

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So many amazing details in this set- the height restriction staff, park map and camera on the first drop really capture the experience of riding one of these! This will very likely be a day one purchase and end up being my favorite set of the year. DragonKhan- yea, it was Adventureland in Iowa. I must have rode that thing a thousand times! There was another one at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City I rode in 1983, but was gone two years later. It was a bit different and had no trains, just a single car.
  6. Galaxy Explorer

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Apparently someone here in Chicago already has one. It looks similar to a coaster I used to ride when I was young, called "Super Screamer"
  7. Galaxy Explorer

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It was on Facebook- basically a handful of new figures, including Dengar, Batman and Scarecrow. The Mon Cal pic was from about a week ago, that also included a new Hulk fig, presumably from Ragnarok. Wasn't sure if the pictures would fall under leaked territory.
  8. Galaxy Explorer

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Just saw the new Bossk and 4-LOM figures. Both look great- Bossk has printed reptilian toes! I also saw a Mon Calamari figure with stubbie legs, so I would imagine he comes with the rumored B-Wing.
  9. Galaxy Explorer

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've already seen a few of the smaller City sets yesterday at TRU here in Chicago. I picked up the new Ambulance Plane. It's a perfectly updated version of the Classic Town Med-Star Rescue Plane. I do hope it's a tease for some more Medical-themed sets in the Summer line-up. The new Fire Station looks too similar to the 2013 set for me to justify getting it. I like the Prison Island, but my layout is filled to the brim- if it goes in, something will have to come out!
  10. Galaxy Explorer

    what do you call your lego city/ names for lego city?

    I've always called my town/city "Otisburg"- a Superman reference.
  11. Galaxy Explorer

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Today I found the small Castle Forest Ambush at Toys R Us for $4.98- fantastic deal, I thought. Four minifigs, a dog, chest with treasure, and greenery for five bucks! I got three, which adds up to a nice little army!
  12. Galaxy Explorer

    Late 80's - Early 90's airport (extremely unoriginal, but cool

    Very nice set-up! Big fan of the airport sets. I remember thirty years ago seeing the first set from 1985. I was so impressed- the green runway plates, all the new slope pieces, the engines! Easily became one of my all-time favorites. I stuck with the flight theme right up to Town Jr. I do have most of the City planes as well, but agree they are hard to display. I don't mind their size, as they are scaled better to City vehicles.
  13. Galaxy Explorer

    REVIEW: 6390 Main Street

    I believe the road signs are changed in the Legends version, and the car wheels use the snap-on hubs instead of the metal axles. Also, the female minifig has a different hairpiece. The roadplates are slightly changed as well. Those are the differences I noticed when I originally saw the new set. Wow- Main Street is thirty-five years old! Still my all time favorite set!
  14. Galaxy Explorer

    The LEGO Movie snubbed for Oscars

    This news is indeed disappointing- I was a thousand percent sure it would get nominated AND win. I'm just wondering if the live-action sequence disqualified it for not being 100% animated. I don't know if that's a rule or guideline or whatever, and I can't think of any winning film that had live action in it.
  15. Galaxy Explorer

    How do you spend your VIP Points?

    I generally save up points for a very long time- I redeemed $60 worth back in 2012 towards the Death Star. After that I redeemed points in May of 2014 for a UCS SSD, which I only had to pay $30 in cash! My goal now is the Sandcrawler. I've got about $65 in points now, so I'm coming along.
  16. Galaxy Explorer

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I was at a Target today in Cedar Rapids and saw the Gunship, AT-DP, Hailfire, AAT, and some new Microfighters. Alas, no Skyhopper, which I really wanted. I'm sure one will show up when I get back home! Very, very excited to hear about the new Shuttle- I can't believe we haven't had a new design for this ship since 2001. I hope it's a good one! A Prune Face minifig would be most welcome.
  17. Galaxy Explorer

    [REVIEW]: 75058 MTT

    Very nice review! I wasn't sure if I was going to pick this set up, but found a good deal at a local shop, so I grabbed one. All in all it's a pretty good set with decent play features. I do wish it had been larger as I loved the size of the 2007 version. But since the upcoming AAT is pretty small they will look good together. I think I would have preferred different characters- I have modern Qui-Gons and Obi-Wans, so these seemed a little redundant. More Gungan soldiers would have been nice, but I understand the need for main characters. I think this set suffers a bit because it gets compared to 7226, which seems like a universally well-liked set, considered vastly superior to the 2000 version. Generally I believe this new version doesn't advance as far, failing to make 7226 feel obsolete like the original.
  18. Galaxy Explorer

    How many VIP points have you collected?

    I had almost eight thousand points at the beginning of May, until I redeemed them for a UCS SSD.
  19. Galaxy Explorer


    Stickers on toys have been with me my entire life. I can remember a wooden train I had when I was five or six that had stickers for eyes that I had to apply myself. And all those Kenner Star Wars toys were loaded with stickers! (Kenner called them "labels") Does anyone remember the TIE Fighter? 24 solar panel stickers- that was a challenge! As far as LEGO goes, it was no different- there were stickers from the get go with me. Since I would generally buy a set for the model, applying stickers never bothered me, but I never liked it when a sticker became a STAMP. That made it difficult to take apart sets. I'm glad that practice is very rare these days. I prefer printed parts over stickers as they seem to last longer, especially on sloped parts (Classic Town awnings anyone?) I'm sad to see printed parts so far and few between, at least in the themes I collect. I also wonder about how it will affect the future collector's market- all of these stickered parts are going to be difficult to round up to complete sets. I think it would be nice for LEGO to include two sheets per set, so you have a back-up to use way down the road.
  20. Galaxy Explorer

    10244 Fairground Mixer

    Looks really good- and a minifig that's about to throw up! One thing, though- In real life that ride would take forever to load and unload. Usually they are at ground level so everyone can enter at once. But other than that, seems like a great set. I love the dunk tank and high striker. I'm sure I'll pick one of these up.
  21. Galaxy Explorer

    Darth Revan minifig (and other May the 4th promotions)

    Hoping this list pertains to the US. I have $370 in VIP credit right now, and would love to pick up a free SSD next week!
  22. Galaxy Explorer

    MOC Special Oldtimer Vehicles for the Lego Town - Vol. 3!

    Wow! Those look really nice! I especially like the car- it reminds me of a Hot Wheels car I had in the very early eighties. The pick-up truck looks great as well- are those vintage tires? My only suggestion is maybe a sticker for the side of the blue delivery van, it looks a little plain, but well designed. I really need to start MOCing some 6-wide vehicles. The only cars and trucks I build are Classic Town-style. Great job, Righty!
  23. Galaxy Explorer

    Themes/products by "Competitor" brands that actually interest

    The only theme a clone brand has right now that I would have liked to see LEGO do is Star Trek. I've been tempted to pick up some of those Kre-O sets, and years ago I had a slight interest in the 1701-D from MB, but never followed through.
  24. Galaxy Explorer

    REVIEW: 60041 Crook Pursuit

    Thanks for the review, WhiteFang. Looks like a nice little set, but I'll probably pass since I just picked up the new Police Station, which already includes a motorcycle. I do like the little wall, though- scenery is always welcome!
  25. Galaxy Explorer

    Town Square MOC/MOD

    Nice job- definitely one of my favorite CITY sets from last year. Your MOD reminds me of an outdoor-style outlet center- makes me want to go shopping!