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  1. Okay, I just gotta say "WOW!" over the launch-pad and rocket! It looks so nice, very sleek and very well designed! Excellent job!!
  2. My original reason for using the color I did was due to an earlier design idea that I eventually scrapped. And while the blue might be a more homogenous choice, I wanted a contrasting color, and I kind of like the Neon Green myself. But that being said, I would be happy to change it, I can see how that much Neon could be a bit much. Thoughts/suggestions?
  3. Yeah, I caught it after I PMed you, but it looks like you downloaded it before I replaced it :) Thanks! Space = domes! And more domes = better! :)
  4. What color error did I make?
  5. Done with my part! I'm glad I got a chance to contribute, I hope my choices work out well :)
  6. Excellent work! I was planning on doing the same thing, but you beat me to it. I love the style of his work, and am glad to see it in LDD format! Great job :)
  7. I have 350 bricks as the total, I was just referring to the new building, counting it separately. Sorry for the confusion there. So as I understand it, any set that is posted has already been reviewed and has been okayed by those in charge This is the first RCB I've followed, and just want to make sure I understand it correctly. Thanks!
  8. Agreed, a great first step, setting a good tone for the build. One question, in LDD, it says your section is 259 bricks, are minifigs counted as one brick or are you going by just the total LDD count? And does a baseplate count towards someone's total?
  9. Thanks for both of those catches, I have fixed both and have updated the file appropiately. Sorry about that, just didn't realize how big they looked. I guess I'm too used to looking at really high resolution images at work that I didn't think about it. It's been fixed! :)
  10. Okay, I've had a big chunk of the Time Cruiser sets mostly done, but got bored and stopped working on them. Would anyone be interested in picking up where I left off? You are welcome to take all the credit :)
  11. 3223 - Little Fish Year - 2003 Theme - Designer Sets Model 1 - LXF File Model 2 - LXF File Model 3 - LXF File Issues: None Edits: - Reduced image size, and fixed minor error in model 2 as per the oh-so-wise Aanchir :)
  12. In my mind, I first read it as a math problem, that's all. Also, hopefully not a stupid question, is the build limited to only pieces available with the classic space sets, or any legal piece?
  13. Ok, I have to admit, my first thought was "Why base 431?", but then again, I'm not always right in the head :) If I am able to get in on this, it'll be a good challenge for me. I'm looking to push myself creatively, especially with a theme that is not my strongest, but one I've always liked :)
  14. 1054 - Stena Line Ferry Year - 1999 Theme - Ferries LXF File Issues - Missing stickers and string. - Following pieces were left white, ferry window decorations aren't available for them: 3009p26, 3660px2 - Replaced part 2625 with 50303. - Replaced part 3040b with 3040 - Replaced part 73037 with 4209 and 4210. This last change was made to keep the set usable, and in the spirit of the design.
  15. I had caught that last one, but uploaded the wrong file :) I have fixed the other issues, and have updated the files. As always, thanks for your help and corrections!