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  1. I love all of the girl minifigures' costume including Flower Pot and Cactus. Great work.
  2. Belun

    Review: 21020 Trevi Fountain

    It is an awesome architecture set. I'll definitely get one for myself. Thanks for the wonderful review. I am seriously enjoying all the pictures.
  3. Thanks for the good review WF, keep it up. I really fall in love with the Panda guy.
  4. Belun

    Review REVIEW: 70709 Galactic Titan

    As a member of the Eurobricks community, I strongly believe that the staffs deserve to be appreciated for their time and efforts to review new sets from TLG, I will never ever act too selfish or even emphasis my own thoughts and emotions to write those sarcastic comments, because I always think "friendly words, honest comments" will be a great help and to motivate the staffs in the future reviews. Anyway, it is great review even though without stickers, thanks WhiteFang, I am looking forwards to seeing more great completed reviews of yours ...
  5. Belun

    Happy Birthday WhiteFang

    Hi WhiteFang, Wishing you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors. May your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come. May your room or your house be filled with all 2012 Lego sets. Happy birthday to you. :laugh:
  6. Belun

    REVIEW: 4191 The Captain's Cabin

    Wow, this is another wonderful review,by WhiteFang. I've been waiting for this small little cute set for quite sometimes. It's an awesome set ever with so many printed rare parts. Your descriptions are clear and interesting, it made me love this theme more than before. Those pictures are nice and beautiful, did you change your camera or did you use other techniques to edit your pictures? Good job, fellow ! I'm looking forward to seeing your next review.
  7. Belun

    REVIEW: 4181 Isla De Muerta

    Thank you so much for another wonderful review , White Fang... I am wondering that this Lego theme is not available on the market now so how did you manage to get this little cute set???? However, these pictures are so nice and clear, thanks for your hard work.....
  8. 1 point each to, + 1 to 32) + 1 to 25) + 1 to 14)
  9. Belun

    Happy Birthday WhiteFang

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WhiteFang I wish you will have an enjoyable day with your family and your loved one. Wishing you not just a smile but laughter for a new year ahead....
  10. Nice review. Do you think there will be a queen or princess in this theme?
  11. Hello, This is my Category B entry. Hope you will enjoy viewing my entry. I had spent quite a long time to build this entry though. Minifigure Series 1: Cheerleader Minifigure Series 2: Pop Star Theme: City The Fantasia Variety Show is finally in town. There are lots of exciting new acts such as the China Performer, Jester performance and more importantly, the special guest Pop Star who dazzles the night away along with her cheerleader performer cheering her act. This stage is equipped with a food and drinks stand and her fans. There is also someone in black suit who wants to get her attention too with a shiny diamond gem. More importantly, listen to the music rhythm by the sexy DJ. Actual scene with Pop Star and Cheerleader More images can be found here.
  12. Hello, This is my Category A entry and my first post inside Eurobricks. Hope you will enjoy viewing my entry. Minifigure: Spartan Theme: Medieval The Princess of Athens has been caught by the evil Persian Orc mercenary and is awaiting for the ransom from the King. Being held near the cage and the side of the campfire, the Princess is frightened and hopes she can be rescued soon. Little did they know, the brave mighty Spartan Warrior is on his way to save the beloved Princess from danger. More images can be found here.