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  1. This Knight Bus is a combination of 4755 (1st Knight Bus) and 75957 (New Knight Bus). I like the design of 75957 because it has many features which are similar to the Knight Bus in the film. It also has a real "Head" in the driver's cabin. But the driver cannot sit in the driver's cabin. So I decided to combine these two buses to enlarge the Knight Bus. The driver can sit in the driver's cabin with the "Head"........
  2. Gaultier

    My bus city

    I took some pictures for my buses with some LEGO sets such as Speed Champions, Creator and Friends. I just have vehicles so there are no any buildings in my city.
  3. This is the prototype Streetdeck double decker bus for KMB, Hong Kong. It also is the first Streetdeck in Hong Kong. Wrightbus Gemini All buses
  4. This is my first time to build a left-hand drive lego bus. ENVIRO 500 SuperLo is the longest and has the lowest height in the ENVIRO 500 series. I have never been to Canada. I searched some pictures about GO TRANSIT on the internet. If there are some mistakes on the bus. Please let me know to improve it. Thank you! Compare with Hong Kong ENVIRO 500
  5. 12m and 12.8m ENVIRO 400 and ENVIRO 500 All buses Plus LEGO London Bus
  6. Some parts have no Dark Tan colour so I made stickers for them. But the colour is not the same as LEGO Dark sad KMB buses Euro 6 buses
  7. Gaultier

    My Lego buses and Lego sets

    My Lego buses are just only fit for Speed Champions sets or some large scale City sets only. They cannot be combined with usual town vehicles and road plates. I think 8w bus is more suitable for combining with usual town vehicles and road plates. But some Lego parts are too large for 8w bus such as indicator light (Plate, round 1x1). So, 10w bus is my final decision. The scale of my Lego buses is about 1:31.25 (4 studs = 1 metre)
  8. Gaultier

    My Lego buses and Lego sets

    Thank you !!! The decals are stickers. It is the LEGO CITY set 7900.
  9. Gaultier

    My Lego buses and Lego sets

    This is my first time to take some pictures for my Lego buses and some Lego sets with same scale together. It's quite interesting. ^v^
  10. The newest and the oldest, the longest and the shortest.
  11. Gaultier

    ENVIRO 500 MMC facelift 12.8m in Hong Kong

    ENVIRO is the product series of Alexander Dennis Ltd (ADL). ENVIRO 500 is 3-axle double decker bus. ENVIRO 400 is 2-axle double decker bus. ENVIRO 300 and ENVIRO 200 are single decker buses. They have diesel version and hybrid version.
  12. Products of DENNIS / Transbus / ADL My LEGO buses 3 ENVIRO500s
  13. I changed the advertisement to "Shop2gather" and made a little modification on the front of my VOLVO B9TL bus.