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  1. Brickimad

    Community House 12V Layout

    A single transformer will be enough, but on long runs will be a problem. I've got a long 12v layout upstairs, and what I did to rectify voltage drop is to run the power to a Busbar Terminal block, then add seperate wires to the corners of the track. (remember to observe polarity, when on opposite sides of the track!) So when the motor is in that location, voltage drops are minimized. I found the train goes constant speed all way round. When I remove a wire, the drop is noticeable...
  2. Brickimad

    Beginnings of a LEGO Train Mountain

    I don't get it... However, Vincent Van Gogh exacerbated himself for his wacky artwork, and look what it's worth now. Really if it is a tunnel, it needs to be a tunnel, to be under this theme...
  3. Brickimad

    How Do You Disassemble a 12v Transformer?

    Please be careful on this. There are high voltages on the mains side, even when the power is off, there could be a charge in the primary side of the transformer coil. Also if you're not sure about electronics, or young, please get an adult-or electrician to help you out. Even 110v can kill, or start a fire...
  4. Brickimad

    How many trains run on your lego layout at a time?

    I can run quite a few on the 12v system, but they get slower the more one puts on. Reckon 5 is the max off one controller. About the same with the 9v system. This is an older video showing the 12v system... My 12v trains
  5. Brickimad

    Old Lego 12V Trains

    Regarding long layouts, I've added extra power pick-up points into the layout. The main power goes to a busbar, or a chocolate block, with connections for adding outputs. Every now-and-then, add a pick-up point to that section, which does two things: Increases the voltage, overcoming voltage drop (resistance) and if there is a "dead" bit, that would sort it. p.s. make sure polarity is correct!!! The full-size electric trains also use the same system, every few miles, a different sub-station powers a few miles of line, until the next section. Have you noticed when on a train, power being switched off and on. Of course the train has it's own internal power, both to run the lights, and prevent overloads when coming into a new section.
  6. Brickimad

    UCS Sandcrawler MOC

    One word: WOW! I'm really impressed with the detail. Literally everything has been incorporated. I reckon this must be the most impressive Star Wars model ever made. You should get in touch with Lucasfilm, to get it recognised. I mean it...! Again very impressive and I reckon everyone will share my views..
  7. Brickimad

    Flex Tracks & 10219 Maersk Loco

    Solution: 1. Pick up flex track. 2. Put in to this container: Simples! I also hate flex track...
  8. Brickimad

    Building Lego Train Track

    I have all types of track. Reckon that 12v and 9v were the best. Both have pros and cons, the blue era was a good idea, although not robust enough. 12v sorted that out, and I reckon was the "Golden Age" of Lego trains, as you have so many options, such as stop signals, level crossings, etc.
  9. Brickimad

    Big train setup ready to unbox - how to config it?

    I bought just the new cargo train engine, only off ebay. Don't want the tracks or PF gear, as I have bought a few 9v motors, and will use them.
  10. Brickimad

    MOC Museum

    A nice touch is the smaller things, like the electrical switchroom and plantroom - a vital componant to any building, where lighting and power is concerned. talking of which, are you going to add little lights to the exhibits. I reckon Fiber-optic cables, would be a good idea, simulating spot lights.
  11. Brickimad

    Pros and Cons of the various types of trains.

    [quote name= As I child someone made me touch both contacts of a 9V battery with my tongue. I don't know who played this trick on me. I can't remember. The feeling isn't nice but it is far from being dangerous. ...You didn't do it again!!! Seriously, PC has gone too far. It if carries on, there will only be push lego trains left, as 9v is far too dangerous - might blow up the world. Oh dear. I never injured myself, on 12v trains, now my day job is handling 400-11,000 volts as an electrician. Taught me common sense, not going through life with blinkers on, the kids will learn nothing, until it's too late.
  12. How do I add train inventory on posts? I noticed that some people have a 45 degree pictures of the trains in their collection, displayed on the bottom of their posts, which must be saved in the user settings, and don't know how it is done, or what the application it comes off. I want to do the same. Please can someone help? Thanks
  13. Brickimad

    Big train setup ready to unbox - how to config it?

    Go on, crack open the boxes!!! Seriously, though, today's Lego boxes are not a patch on the older 80's stuff. The boxes then were a work of art, seperate componants, spaces for the motor, etc... Today, it's just bags thrown into a empty box, with paper work. An empty (Vintage) Lego Train box is going for £50 GPB on ebay!!! Enjoy...
  14. Brickimad

    Train Tech Art

    Apart from the logo, you also need music. Que: Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express. They even did a logo, in the same theme as the art here. Very retro, like their videos are, coupled with electro.
  15. Brickimad

    MOC: Rapid Transit Underground Train

    I don't normally comment on the good work displayed on the forum, but am quite impressed how close the model is to the full-size. Glancing between photos, it is more like spot-the-difference, as most attributes have been incorporated into the model, as features have been faithfully reproduced. I Make/fly Scale Model RC planes, as well, and trying to emulate the full-scale is not always easy. It would make a good next model for TLG, being easy construction, but having presence.