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  1. There are not so many Christmas trees on planet Skaro. Thankfully, some Dalek volunteers are always ready to help. CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE!
  2. Illarion

    How did I...

    Fire and wind, the gates of Sepulchronicon must not be opened! In the name of Igor Ruzes.
  3. Hi, Jhonny Thunder fun!

  4. Not mine, but we share the ideas.
  5. Illarion

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    They promised to old funs that they would do much, that they will continue BIONICLE's glory on last year Comic-Con.And that's it. The big problem of this cancelling is LEOGs problem. In the 2015 there was a photo of information list and there was sais that BIONICLE sets are for children at the age of 9-12. I know, that on the boxes you can see another ages, but that is like a "mask" to hide original idea. So, they pressed on the story team much, look - protectors didn't have even names without books. There was one feature in G1. The story kept me buying all bohroks during two years. 12 (!) similar as clones models! And I collected all of them. Why? Because of a plot, personal identity of every bohrok and theit powers. The story and the atmosphere - the disigners and the "father" of BIONIICLE - Christian Faber worked so much and hard. In my language there is an interesting phrase - They worked with soul. That means they worked for the idea, trying to do all their best, making story and the universe more complicated and interesting. And now look at the beasts models, compare them with Toa-Uniters. Do you really suppose that designers did their best? How brilliant are Toa Uniters and Umarak the Hunter! And how these creatu Next, everybody knows that Lego tried to do the polt as simple as possible. Finally we got very common plot. Raider Windham was shocked then he understood that Protectors don't even have hames. He and JtO animaters were only interested people (and funs), and that... TLG - not. Look at journey to one. You can really see - animators really did their best - they show a lot of details, trying to tell us about Toa characters, thay never forget about background... The final was terrible. Like BIGBOSS came and ordered to make this series final. There supposed to be more...Next, the plot. LEGO was crared that children wouldn't understand it.BUT! children even at the age of 9-12 DO understand Remember yourself in your childhood - you didn't had problems with BIONICLE I suppose. They tried to get more money, they stopped people creavity and they lost a lot. That is not a BIONICLE problem. That is a TLG problem.Or there is somebody who hate BIONICLE and did everything to ruin these sets. Their policy was poor. They tried to listen to focus groups of children (too young children, I suppose - All people, who COULD got interested are older and so they lost the bigger part of their auditory and so they could do the plot more interesting) and advertize only ONE toa. But they could easily advertise less popilar Toa, make it "a sweet candy" to make bigger sales. But they didn't. They were lasy even trying to collect money. And that is really heartbrokening. Yes, they did a lot. Yes, they made my dream of returning BIONICLE true. But they didn't work on 100%, only at 20-30% they could do. Look at Makuta prototypes. I would like to say thank you for these two (1,5 actually, not even 2) years that I had some wishes about the story. But I will never say Thank you for what they finally had done. Do you know that some times ago only BIONICLE saved LEGO from Bankruptcy? the hole industry is now alive because of BIONICLE. And they couldn't even worked 100%. They could! Look at Ninjago, look at TV series - they are interesting, they can teach children something good and new, characters are interestimg, there is a lot of place even for drama ant Polttwists! And what stopped them from doing something similar with BIONICLE?! I cannot say I'm surprized. For the 1 world toy company it is a great failure. I suppose, it is the biggest LEGO failure for 21 century. Still, there were no sets or stories that could be enchanting but were destroyed. Gen 2 was so poorly handled especially compared to Gen 1. It felt really soulless, only created to try and get some money from old nostalgic fools like me. I only got 5 sets and don't have much interest in any more. If Bionicle gen 2 did anything it made me realize how special gen 1 was. It was just boring. I would like to say "thank you" for these two (1,5 actually, not even 2) years that I had some wishes about the story, Raider, thank you too for all you did trying to make the Okoto world more complex and interesting, thank you, animators for all your work. But I will never say Thank you for what they finally had done. I will never say thank you for your pressure on really creative people who really could do everything to return BIONICLE its' glore again! Now I feel completey at a loss. Thank you, TLG. You could even sell polybags with a MoAP with DVD but you will not. Thank you for this spitting in my and all BIONICLE funs faces from the money mountain.
  6. Illarion

    MOC: Artakha, the Creator.

    I know) This model was made for some project which tells the story after Spherus Magna was recreated. And I thougth - whi Artakha shouldn't build a new armour for himself. My friend, for example, introduced more canonic model for that project, but... I simply love the red, gold and black cоmbitation))
  7. Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce you Artakha, one of the most powerful creatures in the BIONICLE universe. Artakha appeared only on G1 storyline, so I tried ti made it more Oldschoolish and similar to the Legoset form. So, I hope, You'll enjoy) The shield is a symbol of eternal Creation - started once in the middle and never being stopped again, becoming more cmplex and adorable. With a hammer on his back. He is twice taller than a Toa Metru. - What is that? Seem like an unusial Kanohi Mask... - Adorable! - So, is that the way you proteck life?! - Come, I'll teach you to create... Everything. - Now, you made me angry, tiny one. Thanks for watching!
  8. A head and parts from Ekimu (golden), UmarK(claws and traps), Onua, Tahu and Kulta? Did he really consume them like Krekka and Nidiki in G1? And someone said about another model of Makuta with Ekimu's mask. Can he really?..
  9. Illarion


    Hi everyone! Do you know that you can use Scarriers as a head and second pare of arms to build more goblin-like creatures? Enjoy! ;) This is Zhmich-Shmyak, the Great Goblin Lord from Western Mountains. End yes, he really likes to eat something tasty.
  10. Hey, guys I have some news. In 2017 Ekimu repairs Golden Mask of Control and splits with his Mask of Creation. He is trying to find Mask of Absolute Power to become the supreme being and destroy the Island of Okoto (Umarak will help him that year - just look at official pictures) - to find something above. The total destruction can kill all living being and Toa try to stop him.
  11. Illarion

    MOC: Forfhuarú

    Super! She looks like real! Also, are you still making steampunk minifigures?
  12. Illarion

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Really. The HF-models have their back open and you always see the bones. That is not aesthetic. I do not talk about moc-makers, I talk about sets, so calm down, don't be so angry. Remember - everyone can say his opinion.
  13. Illarion

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    New Toa looks good only by Technic. HF-system can do nothing without technic, but old system can do a lot without HF-details. Is it a progress in building systems? No.
  14. Illarion

    Headhunter - Kohiwi.

    Hello! This model was made for project "Urbem-Nui" on Russian Fun-Forum of Lego. It's about times on Spherus Magna after MataNui's retirn. Urbem-Nui - is a name for huge industrial islands, with a lot of secrets uderground.... Underground there are a lot of colonies of matoran have to work for the rich society of Urbem. That is provided by despotic Turaga of Urbem-Nui - Turaga Espada. Matorans are trying to survive and work or they will be exterminated. All Toa died, send on impossible missions by Turaga. Espada provides his will by Dark Hunters. Underground there are a lot of mutants, dangerous Rahi, maniacs and other dangerous. Sometimes strange Crystal-like Rahi come out of the black-green mist. These creatures called Crystallixxes. If even one of them invade a matoran village, no one will stay alive. But sometimes someone came and propose his help with dangerous Rahi... He is well-known Headhunter - Kohiwi. He is Skakdi and he is ancient enough to remember Teridax Reign. Now he is hunting on dangerous Rahi for triumph or money. One time he met a Master of Crystals - Kristallix. The fight began, but in the end there was not a winner or a looser. Kristallix - was the first being, that Kohiwi couldn't kill. And Kohiwi was the first being who lived after he met Kristallix. That day Kohiwi was dramatically injured, he lost his left arm and his skin on the head, so that is the reason why he is wearing a hat. As Kohiwi is very ancient, there are huge horns on his head. In his left hand he has the Thok's Ice Cannon. He prefers to use it as a blade and he freezes his enemy only in dangerous situations. This Cannon helps him to control Ice without any other Skakdi. Kohiwi has X-Ray, Night and Heat Vision. After hunting he is looking for reward. If he saves someone by chance while hunting on his own, he will require a reward too. - Some say, you've got a problem? - (smiling) The problem is gone. And save you Great Beings from denying the reward... ... After that even the Great Beings wouldn't be able to help you. So, lets pay to him and, maybe, he will decide to pose himself. Target. Find footprint. Quarry is found. Repairing his weapon. In the mountains (before come underground). Interesting fact - HF-Protector look like matoran. Turaga Espada himself. Thank you for attention, good bye!