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  1. That would be something new(er), but keep in mind telehandlers are usually referred to around Europe as "telescopic loaders".
  2. You're thinking of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Marc Isambard Brunel's son.
  3. In the interest of accuracy, I feel the need to point out that ripper blades are called "shanks".
  4. Woah-ho! Nice work! Fortschritt machinery has a rather unique shape and you've captured it brilliantly. Great use of olive green as well - looks like that colour was made for a model like this.
  5. It's even been described as a Technic set, so odds are that it's gonna be a Technic set.
  6. Going by the price point, I'm guessing this is gonna be like 42121's B-model; if the 9R designation is correct, though, it'll have wheels rather than tracks.
  7. So creative and unconventional, and a perfect recreation of the original machine! Amazing work.
  8. Don't be discouraged. You might want to try the generic help topic if you need any further pointers. Maybe try and get a little further first though.
  9. This means that the actuator will be situated off-centre. Remember that you'll have to find a way of powering it as well - are you hooking it up to a motor directly, or using a gearbox?
  10. I honestly think using a different design would help. Plus you can always integrate a PTO and similar structure so the attachments used with the Xerion will still work.
  11. Maaboo35

    Power XL motor vs Control+ XL motor

    Only if you have a C+ battery box. Plus you'll need to reconfigure both models to fit it and the motor.
  12. Well done, Jon! Great to hear you're enjoying yourself with the D11. The smaller tracks actually look pretty decent as well.
  13. No, you're going in the wrong direction. Plus you don't need so many U-joints. One or two should suffice. Like @Jurss says, a little more info on your overall design would help.
  14. Yeah. With the manual axle out of the way, you could use these pins on either side of the input end of the actuator to attach it to the beams.
  15. I'm not sure if anyone has actually managed to motorize the 42054 hitch, but here's a video you might find helpful. It features a different solution.
  16. Maaboo35

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think the B-model in 8459/64/39 is better than the main model.
  17. Maaboo35

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Come on Animal Crossing! Also Totoro.
  18. The two sections (cockpit, undercarriage) can separate, with the cockpit section becoming a boat or aircraft of some kind (it's not clear what it's actually supposed to be). I know it's probably not a literal interpretation of the new set's functions, but it's the closest analog I can think of given the description.
  19. Right now this thing sounds like a redo of 8229.
  20. Brickset is running an article based on the new pin types that have cropped up this year. Wonder if any of them will show up in the 2022 sets?
  21. Maaboo35

    Rebel's Lego Room

    The DAF logging rig is brilliant! Definitely my fave.
  22. Agreed. I'm not a car person by any means but the Mustang almost tempted me.